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Chapter Numero Dose.

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just a bity break up.

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Brendon's POV

What a fucking drama queen. He was moaning like Keltie while they stitched up his god damn foot, baby.

Even I didn't make that big of a deal when I literately died.

I sat around the house, Kendal wasn't home. No telling were she was. Who knows with that girl these days anyway.

I sat on the couch, eating Pringles, and watching season one of the OC. Ever since it got cancelled, I filter out my depression with watching it all over again, and eating Pringles and chocolate.

Soon, Kendal walked through the door, her hair was frizzy, and she was giggling. Then she saw me on the couch, I was in mid chew, just staring at her, with a confused 'what the hell?' face on.

"Oh, when'd you get home?" she said, in a skimpy voice.

"Uh, I dunno." I said, mouth stuffed with food, putting my eyes back to the TV.

She wobbled over to me, I could tell she was wasted out of her mind.

She sat next to me on the couch, and started sucking on my neck. I just stared at the screen, shoving more food into my mouth, which was already stuffed to compasity.

I actually am beginning to think girls in general just don't appeal to me, period. Maybe I am gay.

"Brendon. Hehe, fuck me." she laughed.

"Not right now, babe. Can't you see I'm watching this?" I told her.

"Uh, but I'm horny." she groaned. I rolled my eyes.

"And I'm not." I said, fixing my eyes on the TV.

She stood up, and stormed into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Whatever, who the fuck cares. I don't even think I like her, at all. She's a tool. A tool for sex, and a tool for jealously.

Ryan can have Keltie, I can have Kendal. It's as simple as that.

Soon, my cell phone rang.

"IS THAT THE GIRL YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME WITH?" Kendal screamed from the other room. I rolled my eyes, she was so dramatic, just like Ryan. So god damn dramatic.

I picked it up.

"Hey Brendon, blue, or light, light purple?" a familiar voice said. It was Taylor. She was obviously asking me about bridesmaid dresses.

"Uh, I'd go with blue, but light blue, like baby blue, not anything darker. Got it punk?" I told her.

The whole baby thing had gotten us closer.

Her and Pete's wedding wasn't until next year, but you all know Taylor, she needed this to be perfect.

We talked a little more, and soon I heard myself saying goodbye.

When I hung up, I shoke my head.

Everything happened, because of her. It made me almost smile.

We had found her at that little bar, Ryan lost his virginity, I fucked her, and apparently knocked her up. Me and Ryan confessed our undying love for each other, as did Pete and her, and Ryan found out about the knocking up.

Now, everyone's lives are upside down, all because of lovely miss Taylor. I love her, though. She's literately my sister...the kind you can have sex with. Or so, had sex with, and have it be alright.

Kendal walked out.

"Bitch! Why don't you love me anymore!" she screamed, slapping me in the face.

"Jesus woman! Calm down! Just because I'm not gonna fuck you at the moment?" I screamed back.
She was really getting on my nerves.

"Stop yelling at me Brendon!" she screamed.

My face went blank, and I shoke my head.

"Whose the one yelling, Ken?" I asked, calmly.

She breaks down crying. "You sniff we're sniff yelling at me sniff" she whimpers.

I roll my eyes.

"Sorry Kendal." I sigh, putting my arms out for a hug.

"NO! I'm not going to accept your pity! I'd rather have Ryan as a boyfriend, at least he cares about Keltie. He buys her nice things, Bren. Where are my nice things?" she asks.

"Don't compare me to that basterd, Ken. You have money, buy your own god damn 'nice things'!" I say, or so scream.

"Fuck you Brendon! I'm breaking up with you!" she screams, picking up the lamp that sits on the stand near the door, and whipping it at my head. I duck, and it flys over me, and she storms out.

Oh god, now I need a new jealously tool.

Damn you, Ryan Ross.

just a short little thing. Review you sexy fucks, I love you all. =]=]=]
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