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Chapter Numero Tres

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Ryan's POV-

We had an early meeting, about a new music video today, so my alarm clock went off early. I slammed the snooze button and rolled over, hurting my tender foot in the process. "Ahh." I moaned, quietly.
Keltie wasn't in the bed, which made me was five, and she wasn't there...and she wasn't awake, because the house was quiet.

So she must have left last night, probably to cheat on me. Whatever, I could care less, I'm pretty used to being cheated on. Taylor, and Brendon toughened me up just fine, thanks.

I got up, and took my crutch from its spot, leaning against the bed, and hosted myself upright with it, and hobbled to the closet.

I picked through every article of clothing, smiling at my rose vest. Ha, haven't worn that in a while.

I picked out a green v-neck, and a grey dress jacket, and some tight jeans, and got dressed, then hobbled out to the living room. Just to make sure, I said, "Kelt?" but no answer, and he car was gone. Yeah, no telling where the fuck she was.

I searched the cabinets, and found pop tarts, so I took one, and headed out to the car, getting in, and driving to the studio.

When I got there a while after, I hobbled to the room, and stood in the arch of the door, and saw Jon, Brendon, and Spencer sitting at a table. Brendon was sipping from a coffee coolatta, and looking up, and Jon was poking around with a pencil, throwing it up in the air, and catching it a few times, another one tucked behind his ear, and Spencer was just looking around the room, looking clueless.

Brendon looked up first, when I hobbled in. "Hi guys." I said, almost in a whisper. They all looked up.

"Hi Ryan." Spencer said.

Jon nodded, looking at his pencil, and Brendon said nothing, he looked kind of sad, to say the least, but it was a fake kind of sad, I could see right through that boy.

"Ry, be a little easy on the hatred to Brendon today, him and Kendal broke up." Jon said, putting a hand on Brendon's shoulder.

Brendon looked up from sucking on his beverage at the mention of his name, raising an eyebrow.

"Sorry." I said, quietly to him, trying hard to be polite. At least I don't have to deal with fucking "emo" bitch Kendal anymore, that's good.

He nodded. "Thanks." he said.

Whoa, wait...did he just say something to me without the words "okay" and "ryan" in them.

He must have seen my bewildered look, because he smiled and said, "Okay Ryan?"
I smirked. "Okay Brendon." I said, jokingly, as I took a seat next to Spencer.
Soon, Adam walked in.

"Hi boys." he said, smiling. "Hi Addie." Brendon said, twirling around in his chair.

"What?" Adam asked.

"Addie, it's your nickname from now on." Brendon said, smiling to himself.

"Uh, alright then. Anyway, what new song do we want a video for first?" Adam asked.
Brendon's POV.

I spun in my chair, as Ryan did his thing, the talking. I didn't even care, I just spun, clutching my drink. Hey, they can pick the song, and the music video theme, dress me up, and tell me what to do, whatever.

Me and Ryan interacted, I was sort of afraid of making a joke of something in front of him, but he took it well, and we laughed about it, which was good.

I came up with the perfect plan last night, lemme give you a hint, it begins with a "j" and ends with a "walk."

Yeah, Jon. He's going to make Ry SO jealous, because we'll be just like him and I were.

I just hope Jonny boy still likes me.

After they finished talking, and Addie left us, we all just kind of sat around, discussing it among ourselves. I decided to take a chance.

I yawned, and put my arm around Jon. He looked down at it, and Ryan stopped mid sentence, just to stare.

Jon looked at me, and smiled.

"Well hi there Brennie bear." he said, a small blush rising to his cheeks.

"Hi jaywalk." I said, smiling back at him. I glanced at Ryan out of the corner of my eye, as I held the reason that he had quit the band before, and got us stuck in a hurricane, almost killed, and his look was priceless. It was a mixture of 'Holy shit, I totally forgot about that option' and 'that basterd, after all that...'

Spencer clapped his hands together, and waved one in front of Ryan. Ryan shook his head.

"Oh yes, as I was saying..." he said.

Jon chuckled a little, and looked over at me. I smiled at him, and we both looked at Ryan as he talked. It looked a little hard for him to get his mind focused, because he kept tripping up on words. Haha.

Jon grasped my hand under the table, and it actually sent jolts through my body, maybe they were, 'Bren you're a genius' jolts or maybe they meant more, but I liked where I was right now.

"Hey, we should all hang out tonight, at my place." Spencer said.

"Okay." me and Jon said in unison.

"Uh, okay. One sec." Ryan said, pulling out his phone.

Tonight, will be fun.
Ryan's POV.

I whipped out my phone, almost in a angry manner.

I dialed Keltie, and she picked up.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hey, where were you this morning?" I asked.

"Oh had dance." she said, obviously lying. She has dance on Fridays and Wednesdays. Today was Saturday. Stupid whore.

"Oh, well, I'm going to Spencer's tonight." I said, giving her the whole night to cheat on me, what a great day for this chick, huh?

"Oh, okay! Have fun!" she said, hanging up. I closed my phone.

"Okay, I'm good to go." I said. Spencer got up first, and then I painfully glanced over at the other two, who where hand and hand.

Damn you Brendon. He knows damn well what he's doing. He's smart. I wish I was as surreptitious as this kid, I'd kill for that. He's trying to do this unnoticed, only me and him are suppose to notice, along with Jon, whose suppose to notice differently.

We all headed out to our cars, and followed Spencer to his house.

We all arrived, and got out, headed up his steps and into his house, I took a little longer then everyone else, considering my handicap.

"Hayley's away visiting family, so we have the house to ourselves tonight." He said, as he unlocked his house, and we all went in.

Brendon and Jon sat on the couch, and I sat next to Spencer on the love seat.

We sat in total silence for about 20 seconds, then Spencer said,

"So! What do you three wanna do tonight?"

"Movies and candy." Brendon said, still starring at the ground.

"And popcorn." Jon added.

"And games." I added.

"Okay, Bren, pick a movie on demand. You're the movie critic, you and Tay must have seen every new movie and picked it apart by now, so I'm sure you'll be able to find a good one. Jon, go fish through the second cabinet to the right in the kitchen and get all the candy out of my stash, and Ry, go pop some popcorn. I'll uh, write down a list of games." Spencer ordered, throwing the remote at Brendon, as we all got up to do our jobs.

When I hobbled back, trying to hold the bowl of popcorn at the same time, Spencer looked up at the tough time I was having.

"Sorry Ry." He said, grabbed the bowl from my hand. I sat down on the love seat, leaning my crutches against the seat.

Soon, Jon came in, his arms filled with candy, and Brendon set the remote down.

"We're watching The Departed, it was good." he said. We nodded.

We watched the movie, in mostly silence. I watched in agony as Brendon and Jon watched, hand in hand, stuffing popcorn and snowcaps in each other's mouths.

When the movie ended, we all looked to Spencer for relief.

"Okay, the games I have on this list are, Guitar Hero, then I Never, then Shots, then Truth or Dare." He said.

"Aw, man what about DDR?" Brendon asked, as he handed out the guitar controllers.

"Oh, I forgot, yeah add that on there." He said, as Brendon turned the Xbox 360 on.

"Okay remember guys, I'm god at this." Brendon said.

We all rolled our eyes. "We know, Brennie bear." Jon said.

After about 2 hours of guitar hero, Jon went and got some rum, gin, and brandy, and we played a simple, fifteen minute game of I Never, followed by a small game of shots.

After a while, they were kind of hammered, I don't drink, remember? But anyway, the hammering was to an extent where we knew exactly what was going on.

"Truth or...d...dare time!" Brendon slurred.

"Okay...I go f..firstest." Spencer said, raising a hand.

"Okay." I said, rolling my eyes at the drunk people I had to spend the rest of the night with.

"I dare...Brendon to eat a plant." Spencer slurred.

Brendon laughed.

"Okay..." he said, crawling over to a flower pot in Spencer's window, and plucking a leaf off, followed by devouring it.

"Whose the champ?" he said, putting his hands up, wanting an appraise of some type.

Jon clapped, like a stupid monkey.

I rolled my eyes.

After hours of just daring each other to do stupid things, I was so done.

"This is getting boring." I whined, starting to fall asleep.

"No it's not mister." Brendon said.

"What?" I asked.

" this." He said, as he pulled the dizzy looking Jon towards him, and kissed him square on the lips.

Jon moaned with confusion at first but then gave in, and soon they were making out at a pretty good pace.

Spencer was laughing his ass off next to me, and I couldn't bear to watch.

I buried my head in my arms, and fell asleep.

Jaywalk and Bden? Omg. Haha, yeah...haven't updated in a while, so though you all deserved something nice, so here it is. Hope you love it.
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