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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6. Last chapter:)

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Brian made the icing from scratch, something Frank hadn't even considered because he was too busy trying to keep his sanity intact. He took the cake out of the freezer when it had sufficiently cooled and spread the vanilla frosting on it with a speed only acquired from years of practice. The whole process was complete in about five minutes.
"Always have to do everything myself around here," he said through gritted teeth before exiting the bus. He barged through the door, almost whacking Gerard in the face and tripping over Mikey. Brian managed to keep his footing and his dignity, though, and stalked away from the bus. Ray looked out the door after him, still confused.
"Hey, Brian, how come you never told us you could do that before?" he shouted after the manager.
"You never asked!"
Then he looked down and saw Gerard staring up at him blankly. Ray shook his head.
"Don't ask. You can come inside now." He retreated inside, where Frank was staring at the completed cake with pure shock on his face. It was nothing short of a miracle.
Gerard cautiously stepped inside the bus, where the other band members were standing next to each other and purposely blocking his view of the table. He raised an eyebrow, but was unsure of what to say.
"Gerard Arthur Way, we proudly present to you...YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE!" Frank said grandly, motioning to the freshly finished treat. Gerard tried not to laugh as he approached the table and looked at it. His name was spelled out in Skittles across the top, and there were only three glowing candles stuck into the vanilla frosting. He sat at the table and smiled.
"Guys, I said I didn't want a birthday cake."
"Fine then, it's not your birthday. Happy Cake Day," Frank said, trying to keep one eye from twitching. Ray reminded him of the importance of breathing, and he calmed down within a few seconds. Bob held up his iPod.
"I was going to play The Happy Happy Birthday Song for you, but I guess since you don't want it to be your birthday today..." he said with a smirk. Gerard shook his head.
"I've heard enough Arrogant Worms to last a lifetime, Bob." Mikey placed a hand on his shoulder, remembering their conversation, then looked at the rest of the band members.
"Guys, let Gerard do what he wants, please."
"NO!" Frank suddenly shouted, unable to control himself any longer. "We worked all day trying to get this thing to work! You're going to eat that cake, Gerard, and you're going to like it!" The lead singer suddenly started to snicker, and that quickly turned into a full-fledged laughing fit. His eyes began to water.
"I knew you guys were up to something, but I didn't know it was going to take all day!" That was as far as he got before his laughter took over again. Ray and Bob tried to hide their laughter as well, but it wasn't working.
Frank didn't find any of this funny, however, and quickly concocted Plan B. He slid the cake closer to Gerard while they were all laughing insanely, making sure no one would notice. He pushed past Ray and stood directly behind Gerard. 'Where was that one nerve cluster again?' he thought to himself. 'Oh yeah. I remember.' He jabbed Gerard at the base of the neck with two fingers, and the lead singer's laughter instantly stopped. He fell face down into the cake. Frank, thoroughly satisfied with a job well done, gave him the finger and nonchalantly walked down the hallway to his bed. The others' laughter began to die down as they realized what had happened.
"Happy Cake Day."
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