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Kantaro wakes up to his birthday, but none of them ( Haruka and Yuko ) remembers it!! And lately, they have been ignoring him a lot...

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Chapter one: Ignored

'Wake up, Kan-chan!!!' a voice roused him from his dreams. 'It's already twelve in the afternoon.'

' you have to wake me up this early, Yuko...?' Kantaro groaned.

'Early!? I said it was twelve in the afternoon!!!' Yuko said angrily. 'Now get up.'

', afternoon, then. I suppose Haruka's up?' Kantaro rubbed his eyes and sat up.

'You bet! He's not as lazy as you,' Yuko threw down as she went out of the room. 'Lunch's getting cold if you're going to take your time.'

'Um...' Kantaro replied.

It took Kantaro about ten minutes to get himself down to the table, and another four out of the ten for him to remember that it was his birthday today. However, it seemed that neither Yuko nor Haruka was aware, for both was going about the same things as usual. No preparations for a celebration, or anything at all. Yuko was still bustling around with the housework, and Haruka staring out of the balcony quietly, minding his own business. He knew that he should have expected this all along, and he thought that he was ready for such situations, but it seemed that he wasn't really ready. He felt a deep disappointment settle in him, and then somehow, pain at being ignored, and loneliness. Familiar feelings, he would say. He should be used to them by now. Anyway, he couldn't have expected them to remember his birthday, can he? After all, they all have been treating him rather distantly and coldly nowadays. Or was it just that he felt that he was being ignored. Being ignored all these years sure builds up, he told himself, but he simply couldn't stand being ignored by the two persons that he viewed importantly, and yes, loved. Especially Haruka. He loved Haruka, and after all, Haruka was the one he had dreamt of freeing and being friends with. However, looking at the situation now, whether Haruka views him as a friend is a very far way off.

Forcing himself to smile and pretend that all is well, he looked down at his breakfast ( lunch, really ) and somehow forced himself to eat and chew without even tasting a single bit of it. He had finally settled on only drinking his soup when Haruka only then noticed him. 'You're awake,' Haruka said disspationately. 'Yeah,' Kantaro put on a faked bright smile and said cheerfully. 'Looks like i overslept.' 'Huh,' replied Haruka with the i-don't-care and bored look on his face. 'So what're you going to do today?' 'Eh...i'm not sure. I'm full, so i'll be excused for now, hm, Haruka? If you're going out, tell me just in case,' Kantaro said hurridedly as he got to his feet. Haruka didn't even say anything in reply as Kantaro slid the sliding doors quietly close, and merely resumed staring at the garden. Once out of the room, Kantaro leant against the door and sighed deeply, then trying to look at the bright side of things, walked back to his room. There was no indication from the both of his 'servants' that they even remembered his birthday at all for the rest of the day. Thus, Kantaro shut himself in the room and continued his scripts for folklore and blowing balloons whenever he felt depressed. In the afternoon, when Kantaro had went into the living room to look for Haruka and Yuko, it happened that both of them had went out shopping-without even informing him!! It was as if he didn't exist at all. 'Do they even regard me as their master?' Kantaro muttered as he went out to the back to do the laundry, something he did not do usually. But he couldn't keep still and this was the only thing he could do right now to stem the pain and also to stop himself from crying.

P.s: Something dangerous is lying in wait!! in the next chapter!!!
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