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Kantaro is attacked!!!

Category: Tactics - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Haruka - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-10 - Updated: 2007-04-10 - 892 words

When he was almost done hanging up all the wet clothes, a strong gust of wind blew over the garden and at the same time, a sharp pain tore through his chest. A demon! And right in the garden. It was in the form of a man with horns on its head and deadly talons. Another vengeful demon as it seemed, and the third he had seen in this week. Alert and wary, Kantaro reached for his beads. 'Kantaro...' the demon rasped, it's eyes covered with lust-of killing him? Possibly. 'How have i searched for long..Now i will get your powers..the powers of the One!!' 'The one?' Kantaro repeated, brow knitted as he watched the demon's every move. 'You should have shown up at a better time-not when i'm doing the laundry.' The demon threw back its head and laughed. 'You are not aware of your powers then, human? Haha..what irony. The One...with the power to destroy the world, or to save it, no?' The demon laughed again, a horrible screeching sound that hurt Kantaro's ears badly. ' You are destined to die for the world, Kantaro...and many are seeking your life and power. And yet you are ignorant!!' 'I don't know what you're talking about,' Kantaro said as he quickly muttered a spell to bind the demon. 'But you're trespassing.' Kantaro has heard of the One, but he didn't know it was him. He suspected it all along, but he never really took it for real. Until now. 'You underestimate me!' screeched the demon, who had somehow gotten behind Kantaro's back. 'What the-!' Kantaro began as he whirled, but the demon had already scratched him with its claws right across the back, leaving a deep bloody gash that yawned from his right shoulder to his left hip.

'ARGH!!!' Kantaro screamed as he fell to the ground, blood flowing quickly through the wound, pain racking his frame.

'Hehe...not so great as they say, hm?' the demon sneered. 'Time to die, Kantaro...' And it raised its hand, the claws pointing straight down at him, glinting in the sun, the tips stained with his blood. Kantanro closed his eyes and muttered a spell that seized the demon unaware and seizing the chance, Kantaro quickly shouted the words that would banish the demon, and with a final scream of fury, the demon dissolved into smoke and disappeared. Panting, Kantaro gritted his teeth and sat up. The pain on his back was great, and he was sure the claws of the demon was poisonous- the pain was eating deeper into his flesh. It would take a long time to heal. 'Unlucky things one after another...' Kantaro cursed. 'Kantaro!!' a voice came from above him, and he looked up as a great gust of wind came down and Sugino landed neatly in front of him with Muu-chan latching on to his shoulder. 'Where's Haruka? What happened? You're bleeding!!' Sugino knelt by his side and examined the wound as Muu-chan latched onto Kantaro instead. '...i'm fine,' Kantaro said through gritted teeth, and Sugino actually was impressed that Kantaro didn't even look like he got wounded, but the smile on his face was regretful and sorrowful. 'Haruka went shopping with Yuko. I expect they'll be back soon. Or so i hope.' And without a second word, Kantaro got up and made a beeline for his room where he will tend to his wound. Enough for today, Kantaro wanted to scream. Just leave me alone. Sugino looked puzzledly after Kantaro as he disappeared back into the house and shook his head. 'What is wrong with him today?'

Sugino never told anyone what happened that afternoon to the request of Kantaro, and that night, because Sugino was happily chatting with Haruka and Yuko, no one really noticed that there was something wrong with Kantaro, who was more quiet, and his face paler than usual. No one will care whether he is dead or alive, Kantaro decided. No one. Not wishing to spoil the mood for Haruka, who was seldom so happy, he retreated into his room quietly and tried to sleep, but the pain was bothering him a lot. And besides, already he could guess that the blood was seeping through the banadages. 'So much for a birthday,' Kantaro sighed quietly to himself as he watched the various balloons that he had blown ( They had already covered every inch of the floor and more than that ) move slightly around and bump each other around cheerfully. Lying around just like some abandoned party. So in the end when the rest of the house turned in ( Sugino had decided to stay overnight ) Kantaro was still lying awake and blowing even more balloons to amuse himself and to pretend that he was holding his own birthday party. No one will remember, just like when he was a child. Not even Sugino, or anyone. Not even when he hinted to them last week. He felt anger that he was being ignored and not cared for, and grabbing the balloon nearest to him, popped it with a pin. What the hell was he doing? He didn't know. Curling into a ball, he sobbed quietly to himself. Why couldn't someone accept him one day, and care for him? Why? He thought again and again as he cried his heart out.
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