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Holding on

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Unbelievable!! Sugino actually lets Muu-chan away from his side!!

Category: Tactics - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kantarou, Muu-chan, Sugino - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-12 - Updated: 2007-04-12 - 657 words

Something bumped gently against his hand, and he ignored it, thinking it was another balloon, since the room was already full of them. He didn't look up until he heard quite a familiar voice say,'Moo~.' 'Muu-chan...? What are you doing here...?' Kantaro looked up with blood streaked eyes, tears threatening to flow again, and was about to pick Muu-chan up and drop him/her out of the window when Muu-chan bumped against his hand again and he noticed that it was holding something in it's hands. 'Moo,' Muu-chan said again as it nudged Kantaro with the package wrapped in a leaf. 'This is...for me?' Kantaro asked, surprised. Muu-chan nodded as the boy took the present from it and then latched on to Kantaro's shoulder to see his reaction. Kantaro opened the leaf which was tied with dried grass and found a shiny black pebble inside which looked more like a gem than a stone. Despite the fact that it was a rock, at least least Muu-chan remembered his birthday. Clutching it tightly in his hand, Kantaro felt as if his throat has closed up. '..Thank you...' he choked out as he reached up to touch Muu-chan on the head, who scampered down to hug him for he knew the boy was crying. 'Thank much. You remembered...' Then curling into a ball again, he started to cry all over again, but at least Muu-chan was there to comfort him. Outside, Sugino was looking for Muu-chan, and had already half guessed where he went. 'Muu-chan!! Where are you? You'd better come out before i-,' Sugino called, then as he passed by Kantaro's window, indeed he found Muu-chan there on his shoulder. And he was about to call out to Muu-chan and demand that Kantaro not near Muu-chan again when he stopped. If his eyes weren't tricking him, Kantaro was actually crying. All this time Kantaro had been smiling and all and who knew what he was feeling inside, actually? He never told anyone what was wrong, but only bears it himself in silence. Sugino hid under the window and listened, not wanting to interupt. 'Moo,' said Muu-chan as Kantaro sobbed away quietly. 'Moo.' 'I didn't expect you to remember while the others didn't...' Kantaro's voice was heard saying. 'I guess...birthdays are not at all significant to them...but thank you.' 'Moo,' replied Muu-chan to show that he was listening. Kantaro poured his heart out to Muu-chan about how the others have been treating him, and how he felt all along and the pain of not being able to even let the others now without knowing that Sugino was outside his window listening all the time.

'You see...they think i've no problems with life. But i do...Haruka's been so cold to me all along these days. Both of them hardly even adknowledge my presence. It's as if i don't exist at all...or maybe, it would be much better if i didn't exist in the first place. I know Yuko probably hates me.'


'Ha, little fellow...i guess you wouldn't really understand? But still...i'm feeling more than lonely tonight..will you sleep with me for tonight?'


'...but what about Sugino..? Nevermind, i guess you can go back to him before he starts worrying. I know he cares a lot about you. I think i can handle it on my own...don't let Sugino worry too much...'

'Moo!!' Apparently Muu-chan bumped him really hard since there was a muffled 'oof'.

'Alright, then. I'd really appreciate it...' Kantaro's voice was muffled again.

Sugino quietly left the two alone knowingly and for once, allowed Muu-chan to be away from him all night. He understood that sometimes there were feelings that no one can easily heal other than Muu-chan, who was always a faithful companion by your side in need. 'Perhaps I should mention this to Haruka...' Sugino thought. 'But I promised...'
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