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Secret Girls

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Upon hearing of Patrick's engagement, Erica, his close friend, has to come to terms with her own emotions for him, and let them go. Should she give up on Patrick or confess all her heart desires be...

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Part 1

Erica sat back on her sofa. Placing the phone down. Letting her fake smile and fake joy fade away. Annoyed at herself. She bit her scarf as she realised that she had fallen in love. 6 months of close friendship. And she had fallen in love. She rubbed her forehead out of suffering. This couldn't be happening. Not now. The worst time to realise her feelings. She knew Patrick didn't feel the same. And besides he was engaged now. Erica was focusing on keeping herself together. Forcing herself to feel happy for Patrick. She closed her eyes.


"No no no no no."

Erica screeched as the top boxes that she was carrying tumbled onto the floor. She helplessly tried to pick them up with her feet. Kicking them around on the carpet. Erica sighed. Wishing that she hadn't moved. Actually, wishing that she had taken her parents offer for help. But no, she had protested her indepence. Besides, they lived in England where she had grown up. America was going to be so different. Erica left the keys to her new apartment in the door and bent down to pick up the fallen boxes. Only dropping more on the way.

"Oh for the love of god." she sighed.

"Oh here let me help," came a voice from behind her. She hid herself behind her blonde looks. Recognising that the voice was male. Erica was crawling on the floor when a man bent down over her. She looked up and instantly met his green eyes. She blushed slightly. He began to pick up some of her boxes. And soon he was carrying all of them. She smiled at him as she studied his appearence. He looked smart and casual. Mind kind of guy. Slightly smaller than her though. He looked like he was struggling.
Erica opened the door graciously and let him in. He placed the boxes down.

"Thank you," she said in barely a whisper.

"Anything for a damzel in distress" he winked at her. "Just moving in?"

"Yes, seems that way."

"Hey you're british," he said noticing her accent. "Awesome."

Arsehole, she thought immediately. Erica felt about 3 ft tall. The amount of people who had complemented her on her British accent, which she hated, since she had come to America was outstanding. She knew that they were all being friendly, but she couldn't help but feel patronized by it all. It made Erica feel even more of an alien.

"Yes, yes I am." she said definiantly, "Just like you are American."

Erica rolled her eyes at him. He could sense by her tone he had pissed her off. Which he didn't want to do. She seemed like a stunning, down to earth girl. He cursed himself.

"I'm sorry,"

"No it's ok, I'm just stressed that is all. Would you like a cup of tea? My way of saying thanks."

"Erm tea no, coffee would be fine though."

She felt embarrassed. Holding out her hand to him. "I'm Erica by the way."

"Oh" he took her hand. Squeezing it as a sign of friendship, "I'm Patrick, I live just down the hall."

She shut her door and moved over to the kitchen area. Searching through boxes. Unwrapping bubble wrap.

"Cool," she replied.

"So just moved to America?" Patrick asked as Erica found her kettle and plugged it in.


"Why the change of scenery?"

Patrick had taken the liberty to just scan the apartment. It had not been finished yet. Decorated though, artistically with music posters on the wall. He grinned at an obvious Prince one. Good taste. Unopen boxes with room names on them lay astrewn. She smiled as he took in each detail of her new home.

"Have you tried living in England?" she rose an eyebrow,

"Er no"

She interupted the conversation. "Sugar, Milk"

"Just black please."

She nodded at him. She had made him a coffee and passed it to him. Patrick beamed at her.

"Yeah, as I was saying, England, on the whole, is shit. I just needed...." she struggled to come to a word suitable. Erica had only just met Patrick, so maybe a confession wasn't necessary. She was starting to like him though. "I just needed some space, you know?"

"Yeah I totally get that," he laughed, "but why America?"

"Fell in love with it when I was travelling as a student."


"Yeah I suppose so."

There was a bated breath silence that had followed.

"What do you do?" he enquired.
"Me?" she giggled, What do I do? "I have a degree in English, yet no job. I'm going to look around soon. Once I've settled."

"I'm sure there are plenty of jobs around." he looked at his watch. "Dammit, I have to go, I gotta meet my girlfriend. It was nice meeting you, see you around."

"Thanks for the help."

"Anytime, don't forget, just down the hall."




Patrick walked out of the apartment. Shutting the door slightly. Erica felt her heartbeat rise and then sink.

"He has a girlfriend." No big deal she thought, and unpacked, feeling that she had made an allie in this strange world.


Erica placed the memory at the back of her mind.
"Fuck" she whispered. Bursting into tears. She sobbed into the night. Realising, Patrick was never going to be hers.
Ciao Bella
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