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Pete stood up and put his hand to his head... finally letting reality set in.
"How am I gonna explain this to the guys?"

I leaned back in my chair "Well - you don't have to tell them you're a fraud. I mean, I don't know how you can live with yourself pretending to be someone you're not... but you can still pretend if you want. If you want to live a lie. Just tell them that I was in a coma and blah blah blah and now you've decided to make me partner since this is what we always wanted."

"Okay, but I don't have to tell them that those lyrics are yours, not mine?"

"Pete... if you don't want to, you don't have to. Trust me, me being your boss of your life is total satisfaction for me."

He shook his head. I made him squirm and I was enjoying every second of it. "You're evil."

"Oh sweetie, I am not evil. This could be a whole lot worse for you and I think you know that."

He pressed his lips and nodded. "We're leaving tomorrow for New York City, so we'll pick you up and we can start then. Life's about to get crazy, so be prepared."

I smiled "And prepared I will be. And, your mother gave me your numbers so if you stand me up, you can't hide. I will sue you for using my lyrics."

"I won't stand you up... I owe this to you."

He pulled out his cell phone and made a phone call. "Patrick... get the guys and Bob together and meet me in the dressing room, we need to talk about a few things."

"Can I be here for this talk?!"

Pete sighed and leaned against the counter... I've never seen him looking so defeated.

"I don't think that's a good idea..."

"Well I think it is." Maybe I was being too cold. I never act like this... I was beginning to taste power and I couldn't stop. And this was only the beginning.

"Fine, you can stay."

I softened my expression. "I'll be nice, I promise. It was just a hard truth to learn Pete. I mean, do you not care about me at all?" I was starting to be valnuerable... like I used to be. "I never did anything to you. You were the one who stomped on my heart and then you steal my lyrics from me. My lyrics were my journal, they were all my secrets, my life... and I let you in and you do this while I'm in a coma."

I sat at the table, arms to the side, and stared down at the tabletop.

I could feel the presence of Pete's apology, and although I couldn't tell if he was being genuine or scared shitless of being exposed, it still was there either way.

The door opened the 4 guys walk in. Patrick, the two from earlier, and a bald man. I started to get a little nervous... it wasn't just me talking to Pete now. I didn't feel like being judged by these guys, I didn't feel like being hated from the start. I took a breath and smiled at the guys.

Pete started. "Hey guys - this is my good friend Rachel." I smiled and waved and the guys smiled back at me. Pete continued. "Rachel and I dated and while we were dating she actually taught me how to play bass and introduced me to music and all that stuff."

The boy with the hair and the glasses laughed "Dude a chick taught you how to play bass... you said you taught yourself."

I snickered and rolled my eyes.

Pete continued "Yeah okay I lied, whatever. Anyway - it was also her idea to do a clothing line and even the name Clandestine was her's. So now that we've uh, reconnected... I'm making her charge of the clothing company, as well as the label. She's my new partner and will be coming on the road with us."

Patrick sat down. "No offense Rachel, but Pete do you think it's smart to make your old girlfriend your partner just because you guys are getting back together?"

I put my hand up in defense. "No Patrick... you got it wrong. Let me explain - Pete and I aren't together and we are capable of working professionally. Pete stole my ideas and I'm not bitter, not enough to sue anyway, but I need this. I need to have a say in my project, I need the money."

Patrick continued. "Well Pete's idea of the clothing company and label have been around for years. Can I ask where you've been through all this?"

Little Patrick was having an attitude. He was turning into a businessman... and I had to admit, it was kind of sexy. Whatever, I had no time to get distracted by sexiness at the moment. "Where have I been all this time Pete, why don't you tell them."

Oh I was back baby! I smiled and cocked my head, raising my eyes. Pete felt uncomfortable, everyone could feel it.

He rubbed his sweating forhead "Uhmm... she's been in a coma for 4 years and just got out of hospital. It's true, I took her ideas."

I looked around at the room. Everyone looked shocked and confused. Pete couldn't look at them. My face fell. I just crushed this boy so I spoke up. "Well, they were OUR ideas. I promise I just will be along to make enough money to get out of debt. I know it'd be easier to just get the money, but this is something I was so passionate about. These ideas were my babies and I want to be apart of it."

Patrick looked at me. "Well I think what you're asking is extremely realistic and I'm sorry made assumptions, and thank you for not making this into something more serious."

"No Patrick, I would never do something to hurt someone that I once cared for. I just would really love to be apart of this and that's all I'm asking. I promise you that that this won't go any further than this room, on my end at least and you don't have to worry about me making accusations against Pete or suing the company."

The bald man laughed. "Well do you even have proof that these ideas are yours anyway? I'm the band's manager and I have every right to kick out of this room right now, matter what Pete says."

I narrowed my eyes and raised my finger to give this cat a piece of my mind but Pete interjected. "Actually Bob, there is proof and this isn't something I would lie about either. I wouldn't deny it if we were being taken to court. What I did was wrong and Rachel deserves at the very least what she is asking for, and then some."

Boy with the glasses spoke up. "Bob come on! Pete stole things from a girl in a coma... she totally deserves this, not to mention she's pretty hot." He turned to me and I smiled. "Welcome to the band Rachel."

I smiled and shook his hand. "I'm sorry and you are again?"

He shook his hair back and laughed "Oh I am offended... being in a coma for 4 years is no excuse to not know the name of Fall Out Boy drummer extraordinaire." He un-puffed his chest and smiled politely. "I'm Andy."

I giggled. "It's very nice to meet you. And you're Patrick, they call you Bob I guess even though I don't exactly know who the fuck YOU are, and I'm sorry you're..." I looked over to fro boy.

He pointed to himself and up-nodded his head. "Joe. Hi." He laughed and pointed to Bob. "And Bob's our manager."

I cocked my head. "Oh yes right... the man who can 'get me kicked out of the room this very instant.'" I mocked the bald man, I wasn't afraid and this clearly shocked him.

He scratched his neck. "Ugh yeah I'm sorry... I get heated sometimes. Uh welcome aboard."

I smiled. "Thank you Bob." I stood up and looked at everyone. "Okay I'm gonna go home now and sleep. I will see you all tomorrow. Pete, I'll give you a call."

They all broke out into a chorus of 'Bye Rachels' and 'It was nice meeting yous.' and 'See you tomorrows.'

I walked out of the venue smiling. This was it... I finally get my revenge on Pete Wentz.
Yeah sorry this chapter takes the same place/time as the last one. It'll get more exciting. Keep reading, keep reviewing, keep LOVIN'!!! :)

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