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"A New Outlook"

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Gerard is a 20 year old gay male who has a son with the local slutty girl in town. He works 3 jobs one of them being a local Kroger. Then one day after his shift ends at Kroger he meets a high-sch...

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I got out of Gerard's car and he said he would pick me up after school. I threw my bag over my shoulder and headed inside the building. Suddenly I realized something. I was smiling-brightly and widely. I was happy for the first time in a long time. I saw Mike and ignored his 'fairy' jokes, and just smiled all the way to my homeroom. I daydreamed about Gerard all day and kind of ignored the world around me. I saw Mikey after 3rd hour and he knew something was up.
"What's with you today?" He asked as I shut my locker.
"What do you mean?" I asked. He put on a fake smile and pranced around mimicking me.
"That." He answered.
"Ha ha ha." I said sarcastically. "Nothings up really. Let's change the subject. I met your brother, Gerard."
"Really where?" He asked.
"Kroger." I answered.
"Oh." Said Mikey. "He works there."
"Oh he's a Kroger-Boy that's so cute!" I exclaimed then suddenly I realized what I was doing. Acting like a girl while talking about a guy-something Mikey knows very well I only do when I like someone. I continued rummaging through my locker as Mikey studied me with one eye brow raised.
"You like my brother don't you." He said.
"What? No." I lied.
"Yes you do you want my brother!"
"You like him!"
"You speak lies."
"Oh, you really like him!"
"LIES YOU SPEAK!" I exclaimed. Mikey stuck his tongue out immaturely.
"Ha-ha you like my brother-wait EW! You like my BROTHER!" He shouted.
"Mikey, don't say anything to him."
"So you admit it."
"What? NO! SHUT UP!" The teasing continued. It was true Mikey did not speak lies, but I wasn't willing to admit I liked Gerard. I didn't have a chance with him. He was 20 years old, and I am still in High School. He has a child, and I am too immature for him. The truth was I had known Gerard for only a day and already I have a whole new outlook. I don't care about all the bad shit I go through. I mean Gerard's been through a lot of shit and look at him! He helped me-a strange high school kid in a parking lot of Kroger. He wasted his time to help someone not even caring about all the shit going wrong. I loved that about him.


Frankie. Wow. Why do I constantly think of this... this kid? Today all I have been doing is smiling today. I have been happy and even rather girly about him. Do I possibly like this... kid? No. No I can't he is only in high school. I can't like someone so young. That's not right. I shouldn't like someone so young it's rather creepy really.
"Excuse me, sir?" Said a voice from afar. But Frankie is so beautiful, and so sweet, and adorable, and not to mention 100% my type. He is so compassionate.
"Um... Sir?" I bet he needs someone like me. Someone who can love him. I bet he'd be a great lover. What the hell, Gerard!? QUIT THAT! He is a HIGH SCHOOLER! That's NOT RIGHT! OH but he is just so...
"SIR!!" I snapped back into reality and helped my customer. That was all that was going through my mind today just one word... Frankie. God Frankie is soo damn cute. God Frankie is so damn sweet and adorable and beautiful and aw fuck!


I was walking outside to meet Gerard with Mikey when Mike approached us.
"God, look at the little fairy." He mocked. "Makeup and everything." He said. I ignored him and continued to walk then Mike crossed our path and it was unavoidable.
"Mike, just leave him alone." Said Mikey.
"Shut up, nerd! I don't want to hear from you." Mike shouted. Mikey bit his lip.
"Don't call him a nerd!" I ordered. Mike jumped up to my face.
"Why are you standing up for him is he your new boyfriend?" Mike asked.
"Ew no." I answered. "He is my friend. My best friend actually and I am not going to sit here and let you call him names." Mike scoffed.
"Oh so tough. I'm so scared." He said sarcastically. He got up in my face and looked me in the eye. "Your friend... is a nerd." I shoved him hard and he fell and then Mike's friends grabbed me and it felt like the incident in Kroger all over again. I kicked and screamed and Mikey yelled. They slammed me against the wall and Mike got in my face and spit in it. I closed my eyes tight waiting for it. I felt a punch in the chest. Then the stomach-which hurt like hell. It knocked the wind out of me and I hunched over. Realizing I was weak they let me go, but Mike kicked me profusely in the ribs and I started to throw up. He shoved me and then they ran off. Mikey grabbed me as I threw up some blood. It didn't faze me much-I was used to it. My vision and thought came back and I looked around. Gerard was running to me.
"Frankie, oh my god!" He exclaimed. I gasped for some air. Him and Mikey pulled me up and I started to calm down a bit. The only sentence I could speak was a question for Gerard.
"Why did you come?" I asked. He looked at me a bit puzzled.
"Oh um... I kept thinking of you today. I guess I wanted to make sure you were all right. I am glad I did you are coming back home with me." He said.
"Back?" Asked Mikey. Gerard said nothing.
"Mikey watch him a sec I will be right back." Said Gerard wandering off. Mike and his crew walked toward him-laughing.
"You guys think your real fucking funny, don't you?" He asked. They laughed again. He looked at Mike.
"You are that son of bitch who hit me other day aren't you?" He asked. Mike laughed. "Are you 18?"
"Yeah." They answered.
"Good." Gerard replied. "Then I can do this." Then Gerard punched him across the mouth and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.
"I bet you'll think twice next time huh, bitch?" He asked. The other guys looked wide-eyed at Gerard but didn't dare move. The leader of the pack was out-they had no power now. I shoved Mikey away and ran to Gerard.
"Gerard we have to go now before you get into trouble." I said.
"I don't care." He replied.
"Please! Let's go!" I cried. I pulled his arm and we rushed to his car. We got in and drove out as fast as possible, Mikey jumping in the back seat. We drove far enough then pulled into a nearby gas station then sat in silence for a long five minutes. The silence was broken by a burst of laughter coming from all three of us.
"Gerard, that was so awesome!" Mikey yelled. "Right across the mouth, shit!" Mikey and Gerard laughed hysterically. Practically holding back tears.
"Yeah funny except all of us could have gotten into a lot of trouble." I said.
"Oh Frankie you know you enjoyed that." Said Gerard. I thought for a minute.
"Okay yeah." I replied. We all finished laughing and pulled out of the parking lot.
"Mikey you wanna come home with us?" Gerard asked still laughing.
"Sure." Said Mikey. So we all drove home.

We hung out at Gerard's for a while. Laughing having a good time, picking on Mikey. All fun. Then after Gerard drove Mikey home we were both faced with a decision.
"So um..." Gerard started.
"What?" I asked.
"Well, I know that you are 18 and that you don't like it at home..."
"... Well I wanted to ask you if you wanted to stay with me for a while... instead of your parents." A fire burned inside me. Yes I wanted to, of course! I was so happy and then I wondered. Did Gerard maybe feel the way I did?
"I'd be like a father to you..." The thought disappeared. However I wasn't to upset. I mean I finally had a place to live where I could be happy. This could really make my life better.
"Of course." I said. "I mean I'd love to." He smiled and we drove home. Suddenly I had a band new outlook.
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