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"Morning MAkeovers&Shared Secrets"

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Gerard is a 20 year old gay male who has a son with the local slutty girl in town. He works 3 jobs one of them being a local Kroger. Then one day after his shift ends at Kroger he meets a high-sch...

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Frankie's P.O.V

Happy dreams. I love happy dreams. Especially about a beautiful man like Gerard. Happy dreams. I rolled off the couch of a man I had met the night before but for some reason I felt so at home. Gerard was at the table drinking coffee.
"Morning." He said. I smiled.
"Good Morning." I said cheery.
"Hey, um I have some clothes in the bedroom I laid them on the bed and I am not sure if you noticed but you are missing a shoe not to worry I have some old boots you can have." Gerard said in one breath.
"Um... okay." I said. I waddled to Gerard's bedroom and looked around. This too was covered in art. He had a desk too with a lamp that also had some drawings. HE also had random horror movie posters and miniature statues. I also saw something odd a scary bat inside heavy glass. I grabbed the clothes and changed in the bathroom. It was a pair of black pants and a shirt with a mummy on it. I got the impression Gerard liked art and horror movies. I really like this guy. I thought to myself. I put on Gerard's boots and met him in the living room. He studied me for a while.
"What time does your school start?" He asked.
"8." I answered. He curled his lip.
"How would you like a complete make-over?" He asked me.
"Sure." I answered.
"Go into the bathroom and have a seat." He directed. I obeyed and he came in. He opened his second drawer and inside was a lot of makeup. I noticed Gerard liked make-up. He liked to be dramatic. When I thought about this I noticed I was entirely to obsessed with this man. Everything about him I pried on and I paid close attention to every detail about him. I was intrigued by Gerard-absolutely intrigued.
"Anything you don't want me to do to your face?" He asked. I shook my head.
"Okay." He said. Soon he was making me over with all kinds of makeup. He did some red eye shadow and eyeliner and added some dramatic touch. He studied me again.
"Your hair doesn't work with this." He said. I raised an eyebrow.
"Wow, you really are gay." I said. He laughed. "You can do whatever to my hair; cut it if you want."
"Are you sure?" He asked. I nodded. "Okay, you asked for it." He grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut a lot a lot off the sides of my hair and trimmed in the front. He finally finished and looked at me the cut a little more. Once he finally finished he grabbed the hairspray and began more maintenance. He finished studied me and then held the mirror in front of me. I was amazed. I looked very different but in a good way. I looked so...
"Awesome." I said. He smiled.
"Good I am glad you like it." He replied. "Now I think we should get going.


The car ride was fun. Gerard and I chatted away about this or that.
"So um... remember that story you saved for 'another day'? Is today that day?" I asked. Gerard sighed.
"Do you really want to hear it?" He asked. I nodded. He sighed again. "Okay I will tell you the story." I shifted myself in my seat and Gerard watched the road with both hands on the wheel as he told me.
"See, I wasn't exactly the 'cool' kid in high school." He explained turning down Cherry Street. "I was a lot like you, actually. The 'fag' they called me. Plus to make it worse I wasn't very uh... skinny either."
"YOU WERE THE FAT KID!?" I exclaimed in question. He stopped and looked at me raising an eyebrow. "Oh, I am sorry it's just hard to believe." He laughed.
"Anyway, I wasn't the fat kid but it added to my humiliation. I wasn't even that fat thank you very much." He added. "Well, all the kids called me 'fag', 'queer' or 'homo', but what made it worse was that I felt like I was and I tried so hard to make those feelings go away."
"I get that." I said. "It's like most people who are made fun are made fun of because of things that usually aren't true or things that they can fix. When you realize it's true you feel ashamed like you deserve it.
"Yeah." Gerard agreed. "Anyway, so I thought if I had sex with a girl-going from what I heard from all the guys-it would be so great I would realize I was straight."
"Why did you think that?" I asked. He stopped at a red light and looked at me.
"I was afraid to be gay. Looking back I think it's stupid but the idea of that just frightened me to death."
"It's called 'homophobia' and its very gay." I explained. He laughed as the light turned green and we sped away.
"I know, I know I was an idiot." He replied. I nodded. "Anyway, I found the sluttiest girl could get myself... in. That girl was Lisa Mascarani."
"Ah I see." I said.
"Well, anyway she took my virginity and lied to me about being on the pill." He said.
"Didn't you use a condom?" I asked.
"Yes. They aren't 100% effective but if she had been on the pill then I doubt Aiden would have ever been born." He answered. "But honestly, he is the best thing in my life by far." I smiled at him.
"You sound like a great father." I commented.
"You want to know a secret?" He asked.
"Sure." I answered.
"I think having Aiden was... fate... I think that if I didn't have him I would have killed myself a long time ago. He is the shining light in my life and I love him." He told me. For some reason I felt like crying. It was that moving. I think I am falling in love with this man.
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