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part 2 you'll see

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I finally chose a job i was sure i would like to do. Sell t-shirts on the vans warped tour, i already went to one of those shows in Montreal and i really liked it, because of the music and also because vans warped tour in my head equals liberty... so here i was with my bags waiting for the bus to come. i was going to do my dream job selling t-shirts for a band. I didn't even know which group i was going to sell for, actually the only thing i was sure of is that i will have a bunk every night on the same bus with the same people ' am i going to be happy? are they ganna like me ? what am i gonna do if i don't like it ?' were questions i was asking myself every minute of my life since i had to choose my job but i didn't have more time to think about it coz the bus arrived right away.... so here was my new crew :
Sarah : tall blonde, chewing gum like a cow but still looks cool and nice which is [ according to me] usually impossible shes the older like 23
Tom: Sarah's boyfriend well dog is more like it he is following her everytime she moves and they are always stuck together i think you didn't get me .... STUCK like glued to each other ... eewww [ according to me : he is ugly ] he's 25
Lydia: Short, red hair ( mohawk ) always listening music, always ready to party and nice she is 21 years old

" Ok kiddo get up ! " Sarah scream in the bunk area where Lydia and me were still asleep. it was the first day of the 2007 vans warped tour and we were in Columbia, MD
so i get up slowly with Lydia following and we went out to eat. the day before i had found out that i was selling t-shirts for Billy Talent with a guy called Matthew. i never saw this guy before, i was told he was a kind of punk-emo guy kinda cute. our stand was relatively near the two main stages so we could hear music all day long it was awsome. In every music magasine i've read before going on this tour was talking about THE vans warped tour party... HELL YEAH ! but ... not on my bus ... coz the now nicknamed perfect couple by me and Lydia wants to be able to relax ... where on the planet do you think you are ?!?! its vans warped tour damnit make some noise ... HELL NO ! since this moment they hate me ... and Lydia.
[a week later in a place i can't remember the name ...]
"the "perfect" pissed me off so much more now then i told them that they were boring" i told Lydia one night going to a party for the first time on the My chemical romance tour bus.
" i know, its the same for me. we should ask Kevin if there is a almost empty bus we can go on coz we really don't get very well with them" she answer laughing and thinking about us asking THE big boss to change bus like 3 years old babies :]
and we laugh all the way to the mcr bus. i was so pleased to go there they were one of my favorite band ever and they were so perfect according to me.
Getting on the bus, i saw Mikey dancing with Frank and ray, bob and 4 other dudes playing nintendo, it was really funny coz everybody was pretty drunk. looking further in the bus I saw him, standing alone in his corner drinking water ... Gerard Way.

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