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part three

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the pary part one

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Part 3
Gerard's point of view

Tonight, there is a party on our tour bus, cause the guys have been annoying me to accept.. they don't seem to understand how hard its gonna be for me. No drugs, No beers, just water or diet coke ... They started asking me two weeks ago, the tour wasn't even started...

[ flashback]
"Hey Gee!"
"Hey frank ! how are you ? "
"oh I'm good! I would like to know if you are ok with a party we want to plan during the tour ?"
" ummm When it would be, cause you know that i don'T drink or anything .."
[ end of the flashbak]

I went cleaning up my bunk and hide some of my cds so they wouldn't be destroyed if the party was really hard... I had heard that some girls were coming at our party, so I started cleaning the whole bus so they wouldn't be disgusted by the state our bus was in ... I still doesn't understand how we do to be alive linving in this bus ... anyway.

When I stopped cleaning i realise that there was only an hour till our 30 minutes show so i jumed into my stage clothes and ran to the stage.

[ at the party still Gee p.o.v. ]

So that was it, one of the worst night on this tour. I couldn't escape our tour bus so I decide to play the game, staying in the back of the " living room" drinking water and laughing at mikey and franky drunk dance and the others play some video game.
Thats when I saw her, she got on our bus watching around to see where everybody was, and when her eyes pass on me she stopped, she totaly froze, not moving anymore, blocking the door to her friend. her friend had to push her a little and talk to her to "wake her up"

"Gaby! whats the hell ? you just froze, come on. Its just a normal party"
I couldn't heard what "Gaby" answerd cause the music was loud and she was wispering, but she kept looking at me.

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