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The collision of your kiss that made it so hard

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The second chapter!!

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This is the second day I have caught Gerard cutting. He seems to never stop; I tell him the consequences all the time, he always says I am wrong. But I know I am not. Today I came over his house, it was dark and quiet. I caught him again. Something is wrong with him, and he won't tell me.

It was lunch time at school, and I just sat down when I saw Gerard exit the cafeteria. I sighed, and stood up.
"Hold on, I will be right back." I told my friends.
They nodded, and continued talking amongst themselves.
I walked away, dismissing myself. I sprinted to the bathrooms, my ponytail swinging behind me. I smoothed it back, and calmly waked into the girls' bathroom. I made sure no one was in their first, looking underneath all the stalls. Then I slowly lifted myself on the sink, grasping onto the slippery vent. I looked through it, trying to look for Gerard.
I spotted him, through the bars. He was standing at the sink, and I could hear low talking. Their was no one else around. Suddenly I saw the deep red color dripping off his black sleeve, his uniform for school. It dripped into the floor, leaving a little pool of blood. I cringed, fighting back the tears coming into my eyes. I jumped down, my skirt fluttering along with me. I quickly ran out, and into the boy's bathroom.
"Gerard!" I screamed.
He looked up at me, his eyes squinting in pain. He dropped the pen he was cutting himself with. Their were scars on his face, and he was trying to cover it with his hair. But they stood out against his pale face.
"Helena," he whispered. I cut him off by sliding the pen out of his hands, and then by throwing it on the floor.
"Gerard, why are you doing this to yourself?" I whispered, wetting a paper towel. I patted it on his arm, letting the water soak up the blood. I waited for an answer. He stared at me with his bloodshot eyes, it was clear he was in pain.
"Gerard, I don't want this to happen to you. I love you."
He dropped his arm from my grasp. He quickly kissed me, leaving me speechless. Then he looked sat me one last time before running out of the room, leaving tiny drops of blood in a trail. I quickly ran behind him, following him out into the rain. He didn't hear me.
He was sitting with his back against the brick wall, washing off his arms in the rain. It soaked his hair, patting it down onto his face. I still didn't know what to do. I sighed, closing the door. The warm air quickly replaced the cold that had been floating in the air moments before.
I walked back into the boy's bathroom, looking for the pen that he was cutting himself with. The entire front half was covered in blood. He seemed desperate to cut himself with whatever he could find. I walked out, and back into the girls' bathroom. Lunch was nearly over, my friends would be wondering where I was. I took my little journal from my purse, and sat in the corner of the bathroom. I started writing with Gerard's blood.

Gerard cut himself again. I can't let this go on. I am writing in his blood, yes this is how much he is desperate to kill himself. I feel like I can't tell anyone. But if this continues, it will not end up well.
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