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Chapter 3

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Dumbledore burst into the room along with McGonagall and Snape just in time to see and hear the charmed letter go off. The old man shook his head sadly.

"I am sorry Harry but the wards never stood a chance without the blood magic being reinforced by your return to the house. Order members are securing the area now; as the last living member of the household you will be required to go to number 4 Privet Drive to give statements and see if anything is salvageable, though I fear it will not be much. Your cover story is that you were staying at Mrs. Figg's and caring for her while she was ill but that you were woken by the sound of sirens and came to see what was going on."

A burning feather appearing out of nowhere in the air spurred everyone into action. Moving faster than an old man should be capable of Dumbledore snatched the feather out of the air and pressed it into Harry's hand before he could protest, McGonagall and Snape grabbing on at the last second in order to hitch a ride. It took a lot of Harry's willpower not to change the magical structure of the portkey to make the whirling ride smoother and more agreeable to his stomach. He hated portkeys, mainly because they could force you to go where you did not wish and the whole journey was rough and faintly nauseating. Yet familiarity with this form of travel enabled Harry to land with a stumbling grace, just managing not to fall as he had the first few times he had been jerked around by the hook-like sensation behind his navel that took him from one place to another.

They had landed outside of Mrs. Figg's house and even from that distance they could see the leaping flames as the acrid smell of fire filled Harry's mouth, nose, and lungs with hotly burning ash. For a moment guilt threatened to rush up, not because the Dursley's were dead due to the fact that Voldemort was targeting him, but because he was glad they were. Morbid curiosity spurred him on then and he ran towards the house he had reluctantly stayed at as a child, Professor Snape hurrying to follow him on Dumbledore's command while the Headmaster and McGonagall stayed to talk to some of the gathered Order members.

Harry was abruptly stopped at the edge of a police barricade where he was told he couldn't go any further.

"They're my relatives" Harry had injected a wild note that encroached on panic into his voice "I live here."

The officer turned away to call to his superior and then let Harry through the barricade with a terse "I'm to let you in since we will need to talk to you later, but don't get too close to the fire kid."

Harry slipped through and went to stand upon the front lawn near the end of the driveway, the heat of the flames rushing across his flesh with a tingling burn. He could see the darkened bodies of his relatives lying out in the grass; it had been too late for rescue personnel to save their lives, but they had managed to preserve the charred remains. Firefighters were spraying water on the burning house, but the blaze did not want to seem to abate as the flames continued to dance upon the breeze that wafted the scent of burned flesh towards the bystanders. The whole atmosphere reminded him of the time when he was little and had slightly burnt the roast that was to be his relatives dinner. Uncle Vernon had been so mad and had beaten him severely before locking him in his cupboard.

"I know you didn't like them and they treated you horribly, but I'm sorry."

Professor Snape was at his side now, a comforting hand resting on his shoulder. It wasn't a gesture many would think of synonymously with Snape, but they had come to understand each other over this summer and were perhaps close to becoming friends. The Professor had also dared address some of the memories he had extracted from Harry's mind from the ill-fated Occlumency lessons during fifth year. He had told Harry that he had been wrong to ignore them at the time and had come to admit that Harry's childhood hadn't been the pampered existence he had expected, a fact that had eradicated any remaining dislike Snape might have held for Harry no matter how deeply suppressed it might have been. Harry had seen no point of telling his professor that he had allowed his mental defenses to seem weak so that those memories would get through during their lessons, such an admission could have perhaps ruined the understanding they had worked so hard to gain.

Harry's tone was devoid of all emotions as he softly spoke into the night, some perverse demon inside prodding the words free.

"Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. The Dursley's are burning and s'mores are a must."

Snape's hand tightened on Harry's shoulder at the words, perhaps he knew what s'mores were or thought it to be some muggle prayer, and the house collapsed upon itself in a pleasing shower of sparks. Only then did Harry reached out with his mind to remove the enchantments the Death Eaters had put on the fire to keep it burning strong, allowing the firefighters to finally begin to subdue the raging blaze. The main magical signature had belonged to Bellatrix Lestrange. At least it hadn't been Lucius who had been forced to carry out this task. Not that Lucius wouldn't mind torturing the Dursley's after the way they had treated him, but killing them in such a manner as this would have been another matter entirely. He did not wish for Lucius to have more deaths upon his conscious.

Only when the blaze was finally put out did someone approach Harry and begin to question him. Harry was asked to establish his relationship with the members of the household and his whereabouts during the evening when the fire had started. When hearing that he had been staying with the 'sick' Mrs. Figg who lived a few streets over an officer was immediately dispatched over; he reported back that the woman was indeed ill and Harry had been staying there for the past few days in order to take care of her. The questions seemed endless but Harry answered them all as honestly as he could, it was tempting though to answer that he was enrolled at St. Brutus' Center for Incurably Criminal Boys when the officer asked him where he went to school at. Unfortunately he knew it would make him a suspect and he wasn't about to give his relatives any sort of post-humus satisfaction so he answered that he attended Hogwarts School for Gifted Teens. It was the cover story for all the muggleborns who went to Hogwarts and Harry figured it was the best one for him to use. Then Harry was shown to the bodies and asked to identify them before being left alone with them to say his good-byes. As he bent over the charred remains, only distinguishable by size, he could hear his interrogating officer being obliviated behind him and knew it was Snape. But that didn't seem to matter to him as his attention had been caught by a sparkling pendant around his aunt's neck, a pendant the fire had not touched. He had never seen her wear it before and highly doubted she would have ever owned a pendant that was a serpent wrapped around a sword clasped in a phoenix's talons. He reached forward and at his touch the necklace unclasped itself and fell into his hand.

"That was Lily's" professor Snape spoke from behind him "it must have been what Albus used as a focus for the warding. It's time for us to go; I'm to apparate with you back to Hogwarts. Double apparition feels awful but the Headmaster insists that this will be more discreet than making an illegal portkey without the wards of Hogwarts to hide the magic. Focus on me or the gates of Hogwarts."

The rushing sound of air filled Harry's ears as he focused his consciousness fully on the professor who he was currently pressed tightly against to minimize the chance of splinching. There was a moment of wrenching blackness during which Harry felt like he was going to puke up his guts and then he found himself staring at the gates of Hogwarts, Severus still holding onto him to steady him as dawn approached. It was a new day in which Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived, was an orphan. He had no living relatives and no legal guardian, yet he knew he would not be allowed to emancipate himself as most in his position would. A guardian would be found for him and a great amount of the wizarding world would be clamoring to fill the role once they found out about his situation. Harry couldn't wait to see the headlines in the Daily Prophet for he had no doubt that his plight was already known.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Indeed the Daily Prophet was having a field day the next morning when Harry received his copy of the paper. The headlines shouted 'Murdered: Relatives of Boy-Who-Lived!' They rehashed the whole story of his life in the article, or at least what was publicly known about it, and in the picture the Dark Mark hovered over a burning house. It was the first open move that Voldemort had made since making his presence known in the Department of Mysteries and people were going to be frightened. By lunch time the owls were pouring in with some going to Dumbledore and some to Harry. Many were offers of adoption or guardianship while others expressed their joy that he was still alive. A few were even nasty saying that he should have done the decent thing and died with his relatives in the fire. After that his letters were being screen by the professor's for hints of dark magic. With all the confusion the teachers were too busy to screen Harry's outgoing mail and he managed to sit down and write a letter of his own, sending it off with one of the more decrepit school owls that no one would miss if it did not return.

Naturally the Weasley's arrived en masses with Hermione in tow just to compound the situation when all Harry had wanted to do was return to his room and see what his friends were writing to him in the communications book. Instead he was being crushed in a motherly hug by Mrs. Weasley before being swept away by the twins who pumped his arm jovially. Percy thankfully was absent and Mr. Weasley only nodded a greeting before turning to talk to Dumbledore with his wife. Bill and Charlie pulled Harry into a brotherly hug, leaving Ron to pat his arm awkwardly. Then before he could prepare himself he was dealing with the two over emotional girls who were sobbing about how they had been so worried about him when they heard the news, and they kept asking him over and over again if he was alright. Harry finally disentangled himself from them just as an owl dropped off yet another letter for him while Mrs. Weasley could be heard saying that they wanted to adopt Harry and that he had been a part of their family for years. But Harry wasn't paying any attention to this; he had turned his head sharply to the doors of the Great Hall that had just swung open. The letter in his hand simply read:

Put on your Slytherin colors, your wish has been granted.

"That will not be necessary Molly Weasley for Mr. Potter has already been adopted."

Lucius' silky voice cut across the hall and drew everyone's attention to where he stood proudly with Narcissa and Draco. Dumbledore moved out in front so that he was facing the Malfoy's clearly.

"I think you need to explain yourself Lucius" Dumbledore's voice was calm and collected.

"It's not that hard of a concept Albus" Lucius was clearly enjoying himself "Mr. Potter has already been adopted so the Weasley's request will not be necessary. I have brought the paperwork by."

The two men met each other in the middle and Dumbledore began to read through the lengthy paperwork. It was an upset Molly who finally broke the silence that had only been punctuated before that by the rustle of parchment.

"Who adopted Harry?"

"Patience Molly" Albus said holding up a hand "I have not yet gotten that far. If you would give me a moment?"

"No need Albus" Lucius broke in again, his eyes fixed on Harry who had remained where he was throughout the whole exchange with his green eyes dancing in veiled happiness "I can inform them of who had adopted Mr. Potter. My wife and I have."

If wizards were in possession of muggle bombs someone would have said a bombshell had just been dropped in the Great Hall. Gasps were heard as well as vehement protests from the many red-headed children and Molly Weasley. Harry though said nothing and Dumbledore's only visible reaction was the tightening of his hands around the adoption documents.

"It can't be" Ron burst out into the silence that had once again fallen over everyone after the initial protests "no one could be stupid enough to let the Malfoy's adopt Harry. They're Death Eaters, they'll hand him over to you-know-who the first chance they get. I bet the only reason Malfoy isn't in Azkaban right now is because of his money."

Now it was Draco's turn to take offense.

"Be quiet Weasley. We do not support Voldemort and anyone with half a brain will realize that Harry being adopted by the Malfoy family is for the best. It's not like your family could decently support him and take care of his needs."

Further argument was forestalled by Dumbledore.

"You are aware that according to the law if a witch or wizard is of the age of thirteen or older than they must give their consent to an adoption in the case that there is no living relative or legal guardian available to sign for them. I think it is time that we allow Harry to speak for himself."

The old man looked smug, the twinkle back in his eyes now that he thought that he had won and Harry snorted at the thought of how if anyone Dumbledore approved of tried to adopt him then he wouldn't have been given a choice. The look told him everything, Dumbledore did not think that Harry would accept the Malfoy's offer of adoption and he could once again go back to controlling the life of the boy-who-lived. Harry walked towards the group consisting of the Malfoy's and the Headmaster, all the while anticipating the uproar that was going to sweep through the hall.

"My wish has been granted."

"You can't be serious mate" Ron cried out futilely once the implications of the phrase had sunk in, but Harry didn't care because Narcissa had forgotten all of the pureblooded propriety she had been raised to observe and had swept him up in a gentle hug.

When Harry turned around there was surprise written on every face and a few even held looks of betrayal, but Harry stood firm with the family he had long considered his own and could now openly be a part of.


It was a simple yet convoluted question that Dumbledore wished answered and Harry knew that his response would tell whether those in the Hall at that moment in time would still consider him a friend and ally, or if he would become someone who wasn't to be trusted and had to be watched. Draco had moved to stand beside him and Lucius and Narcissa rested loving hands on his shoulder as they stood behind him, supporting him as a family should. Harry bowed his head briefly, as memories overtook him.


"Get in your cupboard you little freak" Vernon Dursley hollered, delivering yet another blow to the small child.

Barely able to see through the blood coating his face Harry stumbled blindly towards the cupboard just as a resounding boom sounded behind him. Unable to see what that sound had been Harry curled himself into a ball, flinching as hands reached out to touch him.

~End Flashback~

"When you placed me with the Dursley's you did so in hopes that I would be shielded until it was time to come to Hogwarts, but there were many determined to find me and some actually had the means to do so. The Malfoy's found me first and, contrary to popular belief, they are not a family of Death Eaters. If not for them coming one day to meet me I would be dead by now. They took me home with them and healed me. Draco and I became friends, brothers, and Lucius and Narcissa were the parents I no longer had. I was at Malfoy Manor more often then my relatives as I grew up. Then we came to Hogwarts and I had to pretend to loathe Draco and the other Slytherins because by dint of a Sorting they had been labeled evil and I was a beacon of hope in the wizarding world. Yet they were there for me when others weren't and they love me for myself, not for being the boy-who-lived. Draco and some of the other Slytherins came to visit me when my own best friends wouldn't. I know how hard Mrs. Weasley tried to get me every summer, but Ron and Hermione would only write, they wouldn't even try and visit me. They couldn't understand. I don't wish to hurt anyone here, but I've been wishing for the Malfoy's to adopt me for years; they've wanted to but have only been able to now that the Dursley's are gone."

Harry's words lay heavily on everyone's minds and the only one that still felt truly betrayed at the end of the speech was Ron, but the red-head could only glower at Harry thanks to his twin brothers having silenced him a few minutes ago. Dumbledore looked to have aged greatly as well.

"I am sorry my boy. I didn't realize. I had never thought that your relatives would not accept you and when the blood magic took hold-there is no excuse for what happened and if this is what you want I will not contest the adoption."

"I think this calls for a celebration" Professor Flitwick announced in his excitable voice and surprisingly Professor Snape concurred.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Meanwhile a skeletal figure sat brooding on a stark throne in an echoing, bloodstained hall of dark marble. Shuddering from the chill of the room, or more likely cringing in fear, was Wormtail cowering on the floor in his place at his master's feet. He did not like the look on the Dark Lord's face, it did not bode well for anyone and currently he was the only one around for the master to vent his rage on. They had attacked the home of Harry Potter's relatives that day, hoping to give the boy his birthday present in person, but had found only the muggle's there. In a fit of rage the Dark Lord had turned the muggles over to Bellatrix, instructing her to kill them and destroy everything before he had apparated away. Unable to find the boy to kill him Voldemort had decided to send the hero of the wizarding world a letter informing Harry of his relatives demise, but even this slightly vindictive action had not satisfied Voldemort's need to hurt the Potter boy. Therefore Wormtail could not help but tense when his master, the Dark Lord Voldemort, screamed out the killing curse in a high pitched shriek. But death did not claim him and Wormtail looked up just in time to see a ragged owl falling as if in slow motion to the blood-crusted stone floor, losing it's grip on the letter it bore as it died nearly instantly.

"Wormtail" the cruelly impatient voice snapped "fetch the letter and bring it to me!"

Nearly pissing himself, Wormtail scurried to carry out his master's bidding and offered the letter up with shaking hands. Yet the ever paranoid Voldemort did not take the letter until after he had cast numerous spells on the folded parchment to make sure it hadn't been hexed or cursed. Finally satisfied Voldemort cracked open the unknown seal, hoping it was a missive from some fool hoping to form an alliance with him and join the ranks of the Death Eaters, only to be sorely disappointed. Rage entered the blood red eyes as they scanned the neatly penned letter:

Dear Tommy-boy,
I would like to thank you for my birthday present and would like to add that I could not have asked for a better sweet sixteen gift. You have saved me the trouble of killing them myself and allowed me to keep my light-oriented reputation intact. You cannot imagine how pleased I am, though I do wish you had told me there was to be a fire so I could have brought marshmallows along. S'mores would have tasted so good at the time. Thank you again for the birthday present, you must let me know when yours is so I can return the favor.

Harry James Potter, the boy-who-still-lives-to-annoy-you

P.S. Don't bother to send the owl back as I am sure you have already killed it in your paranoia, it was about to die anyhow and Hogwarts will not miss one old owl.

"Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh!" A scream of disbelief and unnatural rage ripped itself free from the throat of Voldemort and Wormtail whimpered, not even having a chance to realize his mistake in uttering a sound before the scream became something much worse.

"CRUCIO!" Voldemort shouted right after hitting the rat with a cutting curse, taking insane pleasure in watching Wormtail writhe in the pool of his own blood that was rapidly spilling across the floor in a grim parody of paint.

It took next to no time at all before the house-elves had things ready for a party and Harry suspected that most of it had already been ready to celebrate his birthday. Even Mrs. Weasley was trying to appear glad that the Malfoy's had adopted him since it made him happy, but she continually stressed that he was always welcome at the Burrow anytime if anything should happen. The rest of the Weasley's seemed prepared to accept the adoption as well and congratulated him, except for Ron who wouldn't even speak to him. Bill was the most accepting of the lot though since he had already known of the Malfoy's true loyalties; Harry had asked the curse-breaker to work with him to find a way to remove or hide the dark mark on those who had been branded with it and so Bill had gotten to know the side of the Malfoy's society didn't see. Hermione appeared glad, but said that she would need time to accept his new family; she needed to reconcile some things within her mind first.

Snape managed to get his two knuts worth in as well by commenting "truly a Slytherin Harry, or you could be should you so desire it."

Snape was of course referring to the fact that Harry could petition for a new Sorting once his adoption was completed. The paperwork was done so far, but as Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, and Harry wished for the adoption to be more than in just name a blood ritual would be performed later on. Professor Flitwick was next to talk to Harry but it wasn't about his new family. The charms professor was not about to pass up a chance to prank the twins, which was something he could finally do since school wasn't in session. Flitwick had already charmed the drinks it was up to Harry to get the drinks to the twins and make any additions to the spells that he wanted. Flitwick had charmed the beverages to cause the twins to spout off in bawdy song, Harry had never asked where the diminutive professor had heard such raunchy lyrics, and in the end leave them standing in nothing but their boxers while they would think themselves in the nude. Harry tweaked the spell by layering a physical changing spell on the twins and slightly modifying the professors clothing spell.

"Gred, Forge" Harry called to the twins and offering up two of the Butterbeers in his hand "I heard the joke shop has been a great success so far, especially since many of the products made Umbitch's life hell."

The twins grinned and accepted the Butterbeers, each knocking half back in one go. Perfect. Harry couldn't wait for everything to begin. The twins just had to say the magic word.

"You'll have to come to the shop we've set up in Diagon Alley. As our investor you are entitled to profits as well as merchandise. We wish to present you with some of our latest inventions, pranks that haven't gone public yet."

The twins had been switching their speaking roles throughout the whole spiel and Harry was not disappointed when the word 'pranks' came up. The twins had about five minutes of what consisted of as normal for them before the prank kicked in so Harry excused himself, he didn't want to tip them off on his involvement in the prank so quickly by sticking around.

"Dray" Harry whispered to his brother "keep an eye on the twins but don't be obvious about it. Things are about to get amusing."

In sync the twins began spouting off the lyrics to a tavern song that left many of the men in the hall spluttering and blushing in embarrassment, while the women were scandalized to the point of nearly having heart-attacks. No one had yet noticed the physical changes the twins were undergoing since their robes would hide the alterations until the last trigger of the spell.

Charlotte the Harlot lay dying,
A penis supporting her head,
Around her three poofters lay crying,
As she rose on her left tit and said:

"I've been shagged by the League of All Nations
The Japs and the Germans and Jews,
Come ten thousand miles to Australia,
To be shagged by three poofters like you.

So roll back your dirty old foreskins,
And give me the juice of your nuts."
So they rolled back their dirty old foreskins,
And filled her right up to her guts.

Charlotte the Harlot lay dying...

As the twins brought the song to a close their robes fades away to reveal that both of them were supporting a full pair of breasts covered by black, skimpy bras made of lace with thongs to match. Harry was laughing so hard that tears were streaming from his eyes and he had to turn away, it was just too horrible to see. Evidently someone else agreed because by the time Harry dared turn back the twins were fully clothed again and flat-chested. Glancing at Draco who still stood next to him he saw that his brother looked positively green. Come to think of it the twins looked positively green as well but once they got over their embarrassment they would most likely try and figure out a way to duplicate the effects. An ill-looking Lucius came over to the boys.

"We must be going now boys. Make your excuses so that we may collect your belongings Harry. We really must be going now."

Dumbledore of course told Harry that Hogwarts would always be open to him and McGonagall took him aside long enough to remind him to keep practicing partial limb transformations so they could continue his lessons when he came back to school in September. Professor Snape gave him a civil nod and told Harry to have the potions in his tome corrected by their first potions lesson of the year and to contact him with any questions. Professor Flitwick didn't know whether to call Harry brilliant for his alterations to the prank or to comment on how disturbing the results had been. Thankfully the Weasley's were a bit preoccupied after the twin's show and Harry was able to call farewell to them and slip away without being detained by their concern. Even out in the hall they could still hear Mrs. Weasley shrilly berating the twins; it hadn't occurred to her yet that the twins had not pranked themselves.

With the aid of a little magic Harry's belongings were packed in no time and he was lifting a handful of Floo powder to follow Draco through to the house. Narcissa was already there, waiting to help them gently brush the soot off of their clothes, and Lucius was smiling as he took his now complete family into his arms.

"Welcome home my family."

Dinner was a comfortable if silent affair as all were mentally preparing for the blood ritual they would perform that very night, they saw no point in waiting or thinking it over more, it was something they all wanted and conditions were perfect. The ritual they were performing would bind Harry by blood as a Malfoy and extend their pureblood status to him. Physical changes were common in the ritual and he would also gain any magical abilities inherent in the Malfoy and Black lines yet still retain those passed on to him from the Potter and Evans lines.

The four of them dressed for the occasion that night in their finest ceremonial robes, runic symbols of power weaved in the fabric only served to add to the mysterious air as they made their way to the sacred clearing situated in the woods behind Malfoy Manor. It was the Dark of the Moon that night, the night of death and rebirth, so they carried pure white candles lit with the fires of their inner magic to guide their way. In the clearing symbols were already inscribed and shimmering candles formed the spell circle they would be working in. Narcissa entered the circle first, followed by Draco and Harry, Lucius entering last and they placed their candles with the others already present to seal the circle with fire. With great ceremony Lucius began to chant in the language of his ancestors and the magic in the air built until it wrapped around them like a gentle blanket. From the tiny stone altar in the center of the circle Lucius picked up an athame and motioned for Harry to hold out his right hand. With deft strokes Lucius sliced both his palm and Harry's before clasping them together over an indentation in the altar allowing blood to drip into it.

"Blood of the Father, I claim this child as my Son and bestow upon him the grace of the Malfoy."

Lucius unclasped their hands and Narcissa sliced her palm. Clasping Harry's hand as Lucius had done she too mixed her blood with Harry's before allowing it to join the blood already in the altar's depression.

"Blood of the Mother, I claim this child as my Son and pass onto him that which proclaims me a Black."

Following the examples of his parents Draco mingled his blood with Harry's and allowed their combined blood to finish filling the small depression.

"Blood of the Sibling, I claim this boy as my Brother and seal that which has already begun."

Draco stepped back next to his parents and Lucius began to chant again in melodious tones. The combined blood of the four began to bubble and change, forming a ball of magic that flew at Harry and bathed over him and seeped into his very flesh. It wasn't painful though; it was warm and accepting and the blood of his new family became his blood, he became their child in flesh, blood, soul, and magic. The power in the clearing dissipated back into idle energy.

"Harry James Potter you are reborn as Harold James Lucas Potter-Malfoy, the child of our making" Lucius finished the ceremony with the renaming and closed down the circle of fire leaving only the four candles they had brought burning.

Proudly the new family looked upon each other and picked their candles up with smiles before heading back to the house. It was done, the adoption could not be contested for there was no longer an adoption, Harry had willingly been reborn as a Malfoy and according to law he was their biological child. Harry stumbled as exhaustion over took him, the ritual had taken the most out of him as he was the recipient of the blood spell. Almost as if in a dream he saw his father pass his candle to his mother while Draco took the one slipping out of his hands and then strong arms were lifting him, carrying him to bed where his mother tucked him in and gave him the first goodnight kiss of his new life.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"I have blond hair" Harry was shocked, overnight his skin had taken on a lighter tone and his hair had turned blond as well as grown out to past his shoulders. He had become taller as well.

Narcissa smiled at him in the mirror, during the night the blood spell had done its work and made changes to Harry so that he was more visibly a Malfoy. She had come to check on him that morning and found him staring at the mirror, her little fey child with white-blond hair streaked in gold and bright green eyes. His bone structure was also slightly altered to give him more aristocratic features. He also couldn't be called skinny anymore, he had filled out slightly and his built was perfect for him. The changes didn't appear as if they would hamper his being a Seeker, which would make Harry happy.

"Yes you have blond hair" she replied running a brush through it before expertly securing it with a silken band "but there are hints of gold shining in it that Lucius and Draco don't have. That must have come from myself or Lily, you kept her eyes after all; I don't really see anything of James in you anymore though. Your vision has even corrected itself. With the hair and your eyes shining without the glasses to hide them you remind me of some ethereal creature, my fey little son. It will be interesting to see how your magic changes as well. Not only do you have the magical gifts of the Malfoy family and the Black family, but you still will have the gifts passed to you from Lily and James. Let's go show your father and brother your new appearance."

Together Narcissa and Harry entered the dining room drawing the attention of Lucius and Draco. Both stood and looked at Harry in something akin to awe.

"Harry?" Draco asked and Harry nodded, shyly awaiting their reactions "you look good."

Lucius meanwhile had come up and gently fingered a strand of Harry's hair.

"You were fine before Harry, but I must say the Malfoy features suit you better. And with your eyes-" Lucius trailed off, reveling at how completely Harry had become one of them; with the strength of Harry's magic he had almost been afraid that the spell might have been rejected somehow.

"Just wait until everyone sees you Harry" Draco grinned "they're going to be shocked."

Diagon Alley was teeming with life when the Malfoy's flooed in by Gringotts. Their first order of business would be to inform the managing Goblins of Harry's new status as a Malfoy and set Harry up with an account for his monthly allowance to be deposited in. Harry had thought to protest this, he still had his vault after all, but had been reminded of the vast Malfoy wealth and that their family took care of its own. An hour later and the legalities were taken care of and Harry wore upon his right hand ring finger the Malfoy crest that was charmed to be a magical signature and act as the magical form of a muggle bank card, allowing Harry access to pay from either the Malfoy family vault or his new personal vault. Each of them bore a ring and their rings were also linked together as well which allowed them to send a summons to each other. Harry would have no need for the Potter vault currently and it would be mainly unused except for deposits from the twins joke shop so he did not bother to get a signet for it.

"I will leave you to your shopping" Lucius announced to them "and attend to the things I need to. I will alert you when it is time to meet, at Fortescue's I believe would be appropriate."

Narcissa turned happily to the boys as Lucius left "both of you need new robes and some everyday wear would not be amiss either."

They left Madam Malkin's later after Harry's Asp, Nyoka, nearly gave the Matron a heart attack by slithering out of Harry's robes, Draco and Harry parting ways from their mother. Both had gotten new school robes of the finest quality offered as well as everyday robes of the same. Their dress robes were made of spun silk. Both had bought one robe of ash grey embroidered with silver while Harry got another of a deep midnight blue trimmed in silver while Draco's was a dark forest green trimmed in blue. They had also gotten casual clothes, all dark colors, and made of a variety of materials. Each was proudly wearing one of their new outfits out. Draco wore comfortably fitting black silk pants with a silken shirt of emerald green, Harry's pants were the same but he had chosen a dark blue shirt. Elegant black robes left open at the front completed their outfits and their white-blond hair fell to their shoulder, or down past in Harry's case, free from any ties and setting the perfect contrast to their ensembles. They radiated power and influence as they confidently walked through the Alley.

It was in Flourish and Blott's that Harry and Draco first ran into some of their classmates.

"Hello Hermione, Ron" Harry said startling the two.

Both looked on in surprise, not really recognizing him though Ron was scowling at Draco and not really paying him any attention.

"Do I know-" Hermione began before she caught sight of emerald green eyes of such intensity that only one possessed them "-Harry! What happened to you?"

Ron turned his scowl from Draco to Harry and his eyes widened "he did a blood adoption."

Hermione's eyes widened in comprehension but before she could say anything Ron was dragging her away.

"He's one of them now" Ron was saying and Hermione only had the chance to mouth out 'sorry' before they were gone in a crowd of people.

"Well that went well" Harry commented lightly before heading in to the store to purchase his books as well as some others that caught his interest that he couldn't remember seeing in the library at home. But Dray could see the hurt in his brother's eyes even though they had been expecting something like this to happen; true Harry found Ron to be annoying most of the time, but he had still held onto some small hope that at least some of their friendship had been true. At least Hermione appeared willing to be a bit more open minded on the whole situation.

Thankfully the rest of the people that they ran into in their quest for their school materials approved of and welcomed the new Harry; they were Slytherins and his true friends. It was Pansy though that brought up the one question that was on most of their minds.

"Are you going to petition to be resorted?"

Harry was saved from answering when the Malfoy crest grew warm against his finger and Draco motioned to him that it was time to go. Draco though did not let the subject drop and Harry could only sigh.

"I don't know yet Dray, a resorting now could ruin everything we've worked for. I just don't know" he whispered softly.

Draco frowned in unhappiness but didn't say anything else as they joined their parents for an ice cream while making sure they had purchased all they required before Flooing home. He knew that Harry detested his fame and had reveled in the relative anonymity of his new look that day, now he also had to chose between doing what he desired to do and the reactions from the wizarding world should he petition for a resorting.
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