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Chapter 4

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September 1st came and Harry greeted the day with both happiness and sorrow. Sorrow that he would be leaving home and his parents, yet happy to be going to Hogwarts. He was going to revel in every moment of his new status and looked forward to shocking almost the entire student population of Hogwarts. There were only two things that he currently had to take care of and by the time the train was halfway to Hogwarts he should have received his answer to one of the problems. The other would only require a small spell on Ron Weasley to keep the git from blabbing anything; Goyle, who was pretty talented at charms, was taking care of that since Harry and Draco were going to remain out of sight until the welcoming feast. They hadn't seen the need to worry about Hermione, she knew how to keep a secret.

"Isn't that Hedwig, Harry" Crabbe asked pointing to the window.

Harry smiled and opened the window "yeah, it's Hedwig. What do you have for me beauty?"

Hedwig cooed prettily to them and stuck out the claw with a piece of parchment tied to it. Harry relieved Hedwig of her burden and stroked her majestic head softly before presenting her with an owl treat. Quickly he read the parchment and nodded to himself, good, things were going to work out.

"Well" demanded Pansy "are you going to tell us what it says?"

Harry passed the parchment to Draco and allowed his brother to read it and the others crowded around. When they finished reading smirks were firmly plastered across all their faces.

"Very strategic" Blaise complimented "you keep the wizarding world happy and get what you want at the same time, the other privileges are not to be faulted either."

They spent the rest of the ride enjoying sweets, playing games, and discussing whatever topics came to mind. No one bothered the Slytherins either until the announcement came echoing through the train that they would be at Hogwarts in a few minutes and for students to don their robes but leave their luggage on the train. It was then that Millicent burst into the compartment. She was a quiet sixth year Slytherin whose unobtrusive demeanor made her the perfect one for spying and they had employed that talent by posting her in the compartment across from Ron and Hermione.

"What do you have for us Millie?" Harry asked as he finished pulling on his robes and fastening them.

"Tons of activity in the compartment" Millie told them all "it must have made it around the train that you hadn't been seen with your tag-a-longs and people are worried. Of course Weasley could only glower at people when they mentioned your name and Granger said that she didn't know where you are, which is true, she doesn't know that you are sitting with us. Longbottom, Lovegood, and the Weaselette sat with them the whole time trying to speculate on where you were. I cast the charm on the Weaselette earlier as well to make sure she didn't let anything slip."

The train came to a smooth stop and even though it was dark Harry and the other Slytherins pulled up hoods of their cloaks in order to hide their identity as they made their way to the first few carriages in line before anyone else could. Harry wanted to be in the Great Hall and sitting at the Gryffindor table absorbed in a book before anyone else came in. He was going to avoid answering questions as long as he could and sitting at the Gryffindor table would also show the Gryffindors when the truth came out that he was still willing to sit among them and be considered a part of their house. Hopefully that would be enough to convince most of them that he wasn't betraying them.

Whispers did indeed fill the air though when Harry was seen sitting at the Gryffindor table and pretending to ignore them as he read his book, his hood still covering his face from sight. In reality he was taking in every word he could and his eyes were scanning the crowds of students around him. Only the Slytherins weren't joining in the rumors going around and that was because most of them were already in the know. Most of the whispers were about him, the stranger sitting at the Gryffindor table, but others were worried questions on where Harry Potter was. The hushed and worried conversations continued even as the students took their seats at their house tables. The Gryffindor's took their seats as well though a great many glances were sent his way and the ones that sat closest to him were Hermione, Ron, Neville and Ginny. He suspected it was more to keep an eye on him than anything else; he was an unknown factor to them and in these dark times, a threat. It would be hilarious when they realized that it was him.

Things did settle down slightly during the Sorting, but the whispering started up again when the hat still stayed upon the stool and Dumbledore did not announce the beginning of the feast right away as he usually did. Instead the aged Headmaster made his way to stand next to the Sorting Hat and he swept his eyes over the crowd before speaking.

"A time of darkness is trying to overcome us, but even in such times hope is still to be found and dreams can be realized if one does not give up. You have sitting among you tonight one such person who has had one dream realized even at a great cost. I ask them to come forward so that they can be reintroduced to the population of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Gracefully Harry rose and walked towards the Headmaster, hood still covering his face and book held loosely at his side. He was the very picture of secretive grace.

"Good evening Headmaster" he greeted politely and received a smiling nod in return before he turned to face the assembled student body.

The hall was silent as the Headmaster addressed them once again "I would like to reintroduce to you Harry James Potter reborn in blood as Harold James Lucas Potter-Malfoy."

At the last Harry reached up with an elegant hand and pushed the hood carelessly back to reveal his face. Gasps filled the hall before silence reigned. If the Headmaster had not announced it and the eyes had not shown with the same green luminance then most of them would never have believed it. Where they were used to seeing black hair they now gazed upon the white-blond hair of the Malfoy's with hints of gold highlights that shined in the flame of the candles, and his hair was no longer short and messy but fell in a silky wave down slightly past his shoulder blades. His carriage was also more aristocratic and proud; he no longer looked like a young boy that was thrown into danger, but a warrior that would bravely face the troubles that came his way. Here before them was the Savior of the Light.

Professor Snape stepped forward then.

"A petition has been set before me" he spoke to the Headmaster but loud enough for everyone to hear "and as Head of Slytherin house I allow for a case to be made to give the status of Slytherin house to one Mr. Harold Potter-Malfoy."

Dumbledore inclined his head "Petition accepted and case granted pending judgment. Harry, please put on the Sorting Hat."

Harry did as instructed but unlike his first year the Sorting Hat did not keep the comments between itself and him. It spoke to the whole hall.

"In first year this child, this teen, asked to be placed in Gryffindor though it was not where I was so inclined to put him at first. I now gladly accede to the request made and grant upon him a second house. By dint of original Sorting you are a Gryffindor and have proved it time and again, but there is also more to you than your brave tendencies so I add upon your house placement and grant you another home in Slytherin!"

Snape gave him an encouraging nod as Harry stood from the stool and bowed slightly to the Sorting Hat before allowing Dumbledore to charm a second house badge onto his Hogwarts robes. Now next to the proud lion crest of the Gryffindor house rested the cunning serpent of Slytherin.

"See me after dinner" the Headmaster instructed softly "and we shall discuss your new arrangements."

Harry walked over to the Slytherin table and said a few words to his friends there before heading back to the Gryffindor table and resuming his seat beside Hermione. They had decided earlier that Harry risked alienating the Gryffindors too much if he sat at the Slytherin table directly after his new Sorting and they couldn't afford to lose their support in the upcoming war. As he sat Hermione looked to say something, but waited until Dumbledore announced the feast and food appeared upon the table. Then she launched straight in but was cut off by Ron, who was surprisingly ignoring the abundance of food set before him.

"Why are you sitting here you traitor? Why don't you go where you belong with the rest of the slimy snakes" Ron hissed.

Harry's eyes were shuttered as he looked upon Ron "you should know above all the others here that I am not a traitor; you were there when I explained to Dumbledore. If you could manage to get over your prejudices you would be able to see reason. It is choices who make us what we are and in first year I went against the Hat and chose to be placed in Gryffindor over Slytherin; now I am listening to the Hat and trying to unite the houses and following my beliefs. I am proud to be both Gryffindor and Slytherin for while each house has its faults they also have their good points. Perhaps though I made a mistake by sitting here tonight and thinking that you would believe my sincerity. I'm starting to realize where the true backstabbers are, and it isn't Slytherin. You would do well to remember Wormtail, Ron, I believe you should be well acquainted with him."

Harry made to stand and leave but Hermione laid a hand on his arm and glared at Ron.

"Please stay Harry" she said "you're still our friend. Ron just needs time."

Ron snorted at that but did not deign to comment; in fact he ignored them for the rest of the feast, preferring to shovel food into his face than look at those sitting around him. The other Gryffindors did not follow Ron's example but showed an uncharacteristic fairness by hearing Harry's side of the story before judging. They had known Harry for years and knew his beliefs in the war, he had been a leader of their house even if he had acted like he didn't realize it and they weren't about to write him off as a lost cause as easily as Ron was. By the end of the feast those in Harry's year as well as Ginny were pretty much comfortable with their friend as well as the new changes he had undergone. They had also agreed to a tentative truce with the Slytherins for Harry's sake, but that wasn't to say that any changes were going to be made right away; there was too much animosity between the two houses for it to die overnight. Before anyone knew it Dumbledore was giving his end of feast speech and the prefects were leading the younger years to their dormitories. Harry though loitered behind to wait for Dumbledore to finish speaking to the professors and it seemed as if his fellow year mates in both Gryffindor and Slytherin were intent on waiting for him as well. Unfortunately Professor Snape had other plans and thwarted them.

"There is no need for you to wait for Mr. Malfoy" he said moving up behind Harry and eyeing in amusement the space the two houses had left between each other as they stood on either side of Harry "there are many arrangements that need to be made for Mr. Malfoy and he will see you in the morning. Curfew will be starting soon and I do not think you wish to start the first day of classes in the negative."

Reluctantly the others bid Harry goodnight, knowing Snape was serious about taking the points. The last two people to leave were Hermione and Draco who eyed each other before hugging Harry, one as a friend and the other as a brother before joining their housemates heading to their dorms. Harry couldn't help but grin, no insults had been traded but he still had a lot of work cut out for him.

"To my office I think Harry" Dumbledore said coming up behind him "we shall be more comfortable and Severus and Minerva shall join us shortly."

The Gargoyle jumped out of their way as Dumbledore uttered yet another password out of a long list of candies, 'milkduds', and they found themselves riding the revolving staircase to the Headmaster's office. Once there they made themselves comfortable and Fawkes flew over to land on Harry's knee, trilling happily at him. It was a soothing sound yet the words Harry could hear in the music were even more heartening. Fawkes foretold of companions that were to come and join him in the battle, ones that would bind themselves to him in the purity of love. His family had already joined with him and his friends surrounded him; but Fawkes spoke of his familiars, teachers, and a lover that had yet to formally bond with him. Between all of them would be a bond of blood with Harry at the center of them all. It would be with these people beside him that he would face down Voldemort and hopefully secure victory. But for now he would wait and prepare as he tried to enjoy what little bit of a normal life he had.

Fawkes finished his song of prediction and promptly burst into flames upon Harry's lap, his power spent. Gently Harry stood, keeping his robes folded into a cup so as not to spill the precious ashes over the floor as he walked to Fawkes perch. Gently he lifted the ragged newborn form of Fawkes and perched the baby phoenix on his shoulder while he tipped the ashes in the dish present for when Fawkes went through a burning day. Then he carefully set the bird on top of the ashes, smiling as he watched Fawkes burrow down into the ashes as if they were a nest before the tiny phoenix gave a happy chirp. Even though the chirp was no where near able to be compared to Fawkes usual robust song it was still beautiful and comforting.

"Funny" Dumbledore commented as Harry retook his seat "I had not thought Fawkes so close to a burning day."

Harry chose not to reveal what the phoenix song had imparted to him and instead shrugged, turning to face his two heads of house as they had just joined them.

"Ah, there you are" the twinkle was back as the Headmaster offered around lemon drops "I believe I have an excellent solution to Mr. Potter-Malfoy's situation and only need for you to point out anything you see as a problem. Harry will continue to use the rooms he stayed in over the summer, an option I was already going to present to him though now it will be a definite thing. He will also have open access to both the Slytherin and Gryffindor common rooms and any points received or lost will affect both houses. As for meals it is his decision on where he wishes to dine. Minerva, you and I shall draw up a class schedule for him though there shall not be many conflicts as the sixth year classes are not all divided according to a students house. Is there anything I have missed?"

Neither head of house were going to argue with the Headmasters plans as he had basically stated that it was how things were going to be but there was one important topic that had not been discussed.

"What about Quidditch? Harry was to be Gryffindor's captain this year."

It was a given that Harry was the best Seeker Hogwart's had seen in a long time and Gryffindor would have held the Quidditch cup every year since Harry had joined the team if not for a few unfortunate circumstances. It was also known the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams were the biggest competitors for the Quidditch cup and Harry couldn't play on both teams at once. Dumbledore pondered over the question for a moment.

"I believe it would be prudent to leave Harry as the Gryffindor Seeker as Slytherin already has Draco Malfoy playing that position, at least in the games where Slytherin and Gryffindor face off. Slytherin is however able to substitute Harry in any games that are not Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. It gives both teams a fair shot. The only other alternative I could think of would be to sit Harry out of any games that are Gryffindor vs. Slytherin though I do not believe that would be accepted favorably by many parties."

The annoying technicalities worked out, Harry was finally allowed to depart for his rooms where he found his trunk already waiting for him and the bed turned down. He was glad that things had worked out as they had and he had been allowed to stay in the rooms he had inhabited for most of the summer. It didn't matter to him that it was the Headmaster's way of trying to show favor to him; it was making things easier for him by making it so that he did not have to chose between which house to make his home in, a choice the Gryffindor's would have seen as a betrayal, and it also granted him privacy he would not have in a dorm. No one could enter his rooms without his permission except for the Headmaster and though some would call this favoritism, Harry was able to excuse it as the only logical conclusion to his status as both a student of Gryffindor and Slytherin. Harry fell asleep not long after that thought, pleased with how his life was beginning to turn out for the better.

"There you are" Draco greeted Harry with relief when he sat down at the Slytherin table for breakfast "I'm guessing that you're stuck sleeping with the Gryffindorks?"

"No" Harry replied casually as he served himself breakfast "it was decided that I should keep my summer rooms on the third floor."

Draco nodded and allowed his protective brother side to show.

"Good. I don't trust the Gryffindors not to try something, especially the Weasel."

Harry had to agree with Draco, when Ron got angry or felt that he had been slighted he did foolish things. If Harry had found himself sleeping in Gryffindor Tower he would have been forced to place strong wards around his bed and belongings to ensure his things weren't riffled through or tampered with, though to tell the truth he set up wards on his possessions anyhow. It was always better to be safe than sorry. As breakfast progressed the occasional bout of laughter would erupt from the Slytherin table and many in the hall would turn to look only to find themselves on the receiving end of many disturbing smirks. A few of the first year Hufflepuffs, and even some of the older students, looked ready to wet themselves at seeing the Slytherins so cheerful. Harry especially was enjoying himself and was working on perfecting a smirk that could rival that of the more practiced Slytherin's.

The only true damper to the morning was when the post arrived, the headline screaming about Harry Potter being adopted by the Malfoy family. They had managed to keep the whole affair hushed up over the summer but had expected the news to come out to the general populace of the wizarding world within Harry's first few days back at school. Even though they had prepared for this, Harry still winced at the attention this would bring down upon his father and hoped that Voldemort would accept the cover story that the adoption was a ploy to gradually sway Harry over to the dark side. He had tried to convince Lucius not to go back, that he could completely remove the dark mark, but his father had insisted that they needed him as a spy within the ranks. Harry's train of thought was interrupted by the handing out of the schedules.

"Your schedule Mr. Potter" Snape's voice drew Harry's attention to the man and professor McGonagall who was standing slightly uncomfortable at his side.

"Thank you professors" Harry nodded and turned to pursue his schedule as the professors moved off to hand out the schedules to the rest of their students, McGonagall gladly heading to the Gryffindor table and away from the Slytherin one.

Monday, Thursday
NEWT Potions 8-10:50 a.m.
NEWT Defense 1-3:50 p.m.
Training (McGonagall) 4-5:30 p.m.
* Once complete Training will switch to Defense Room 3 as well unless otherwise informed.

Tuesday, Friday
NEWT Charms 8-10:50 a.m.
NEWT Transfiguration 1-3:50 p.m.
Training (Defense Room 3) 4-6:30 p.m.

NEWT Herbology 8-11:50 a.m.
NEWT CoMC 1-4:50 p.m.
Astronomy 11 p.m.-1 a.m.

Breakfast 7:00 a.m., Lunch 12:00 noon, Dinner 7:00 p.m.

Harry groaned at the thought of training, he knew it was something Dumbledore had assigned especially for him and it was taking away his free periods. Other than that he really couldn't complain about his schedule. He didn't have Divination or History of Magic anymore. He also glanced at Draco's schedule and realized he would have Potions, Defense, Transfiguration, and Magical Creatures with him and a few other Slytherins as well as a mix of the different houses since the sixth and seventh year classes weren't taken in house groups.

The rest of his classes would be like that as well but Draco wasn't in them as he like most of the other sixth years had free periods that Dumbledore hadn't taken over, he would have to do something about that. With the work load the teachers had promised them last year when discussing their NEWT level classes Harry knew he would need more free time than what he had to survive and not exhaust himself. At least he had Snape's word that his Potions class would be all Slytherin except for Hermione. Snape had been adamant on keeping his sixth and seventh year Potions class sorted by houses to keep the numbers how he wanted them. Or, as Harry had bluntly stated, he wanted one class of mainly Slytherins so that he could give them more of his attention during class without having other houses present to witness it.

Hesitantly Hermione approached Harry as he left the hall with the other sixth year Slytherins heading for the dungeons.

"Harry, what classes do you have today?"

Her voice held the slight tremor of nerves. Harry suspected she had discovered during breakfast that she was the only one from Gryffindor to make it into Snape's Potion's class and that the rest of the class was comprised of Slytherins. Or perhaps she didn't have any classes with Ron, he had done miserably on the OWLs after all, and Hermione wasn't as close to anyone as she was with him and Ron.

"Potions and Defense today, you can walk with us if you are heading to the dungeons."

Hermione sagged in visible relief even though she appeared to be uncomfortable joining the all Slytherin group, for Harry considered himself a true Slytherin.

"Welcome to sixth year potions" Professor Snape's voice ghosted over them as he swept into the room exactly at eight "Each of you have proven that you are not the dunderheads I was forced to start teaching in your first year. I told you then that I would teach you to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper on death. Do not make me regret giving you this chance."

The speech was more for Hermione's sake Harry knew, Severus wouldn't have tried to act so intimidating if she hadn't been there. He did have an image to maintain around non-Slytherin's though. The next half hour was spent on notes and a barrage of questions on various ingredients and their reactions. Finally the instructions to a potion were scribed on the board in an elegant yet precise hand.

"Examine this potion" Snape warned them "not all of the instructions I give you will be correct. By the end of this year I expect you to be able to distinguish and amend any faults in the instructions without using your texts. Begin."

The professor had given Harry a meaningful look throughout his speech and Harry couldn't help but smirk when he saw the potion. It was the Bezovis potion, which would save you from most poisons, and Snape had written the instructions exactly how they were in Harry's book, Potions of Potential. Everyone would be able to brew the potion correctly, there was no trick in the instructions that would cause explosions if they were followed correctly but none of the resulting potions would be effective unless mixed with five drops of the Vivari Potion.

"Your Slytherin nature is showing" Harry whispered softly as he passed the professor on his way to the supply cabinet "I do hope you have some Vivari Potion on hand so that I won't be brewing this for nothing."

Harry merely got a look as if to say 'what kind of potions master do you think I am' as Snape slipped him a small vial of the Vivari Potion as he made his way back to his table with the ingredients needed to start the potion. Many followed his lead after realizing that there was nothing wrong with the instructions already on the board, but a few like Draco and Hermione realized that there had to be something more to the potion for it to succeed. Draco kept researching because he instinctively knew that without something else the potion would have no effect, though he wasn't quite sure what was needed, and Hermione because she suspected some trick. Within moments Draco nodded to himself and went to gather his ingredients, he too came back with a small vial of the Vivari Potion. Harry decided to help Hermione along slightly; she was nearly frantic as she flipped through her book, so with a thought he had her book flying to a page that would help her. Having done enough good deeds for one class Harry turned back to preparing his ingredients as precisely as possible.

"Sprinkle in the powdered bezoar stone while stirring counter clockwise, ten slow rotations. Repeat every minute for ten minutes. The Potions will turn dark blue. Remove from heat and cool" Harry softly read over the instructions.

It was the last step on the board and the bezoar stone would stabilize the potion and act as an anti-poison while also deepening the color. With a steady hand Harry gently shook the bowl he had ground the bezoar in so that some sprinkled into the potion as he stirred. Carefully he counted the time, using his watches second hand to check himself before sprinkling in more of the powder while making sure he had enough to last until the tenth set of stirring. With a satisfied smirk Harry watched the potion turn a dark blue and removed it from the flames after the last stir before he extinguished the magical flame at his work station. In about eight minutes or so he could add the five drops of the Vivari Potion and bottle the finished product. In the meantime he would clean up and revel in the fact that he had made a perfect potion in class thanks to the work he had done over the summer with Snape and the fact that Ron wasn't present to distract him.

Ten minutes later found Harry ladling the last of his Bezovis Potion into a labeled set of unbreakable crystal vials and taking it along with the remaining Vivari Potion up to Professor Snape's desk.

"Very good Harry" Snape commented as he examined the vials critically, no longer finding the need to insult the boy "leave two here with me and keep the other three for your personal stock. In NEWT level classes you keep any potions that are correctly brewed to start your own stores for when you need them although at least two vials are automatically forfeited to the school's supply."

Going back to his table Harry stored the potions safely away in his school bag before he finished cleaning his area and scouring his cauldron so he could leave it on a shelf in the back where sixth year students could store their potions materials if they wished; it was much better than lugging a cauldron around like they had the first five years.

Soon after everyone was done, but only three others besides Harry had completed the potion correctly. Draco, Hermione, and Millie were placing their share of their potions in their bags while Blaise, Pansy, Goyle, and Theo were being informed by Professor Snape what they had missed before he added the Vivari to their potions. The potions were correct and usable after that, but each of the students only got to keep one vial of the finished product so that they had a sample for their stores since they had been unable to complete the potions without assistance. Unfortunately for Crabbe he had to throw his potion out, he hadn't ground the bezoar finely enough and his final product had been orange and lumpy as well as completely unsalvageable. It had been an excellent lesson in most of their minds, even the ones who hadn't gotten the potion correct. There had been no exploding cauldrons, sabotage, or yelling, and Snape had been in a civil mood though he was still stricter on Hermione since she was a Gryffindor. Harry just hoped all his classes would go so well.

Harry spent the hour before lunch outdoors soaring through the sky on his firebolt, eliciting tiny screams from Pansy as he pulled off dangerous stunts not to show off but because the thrills were exhilarating and his talent on a broom did not come as a result of his face. Draco and Blaise had also joined him in the air and the three of them were clowning around.

"Hey" Harry cried, diving sharply as Blaise and Draco decided to human bludger him "/Matraque/!"

Harry shot a bludgeoning hex at the tail end of both his attacker's brooms, spinning them off course. With a cry the battle was on as curses, hexes, and jinxes flew across the Quidditch Pitch. After a few ahem/-stray-/ahem curses hit the people still on the ground they started returning fire prompting a free-for-all that only ended when Vince's watch went off signaling lunch. The group trooped into lunch fifteen minutes after its start, still undoing the odd curse or two on each other while appearing as if nothing was wrong and ignoring the looks they were getting. Draco stopped suddenly.

"What about Quidditch Harry? Are they still going to let you play?"

Harry assured Draco, who was Slytherin's captain, that his ban from the previous year had been lifted as well as the fact that he could play on both teams as long as during any Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match he played for Gryffindor or sat out. Leaving Draco to discuss these implications with the Slytherin team Harry went to the Gryffindor table to eat and talk to those that remained for the Gryffindor team. When the Quidditch season officially started a meeting would be arranged for the two Quidditch teams to meet and discuss their mutual Seeker, for there was no way the Slytherin team was going to pass up having Harry play for them. Harry knew he would also have to work on filling the open spots on the Gryffindor team, but put off worrying about it until the time came.

"Come on Harry" Blaise called "we need to put our brooms away before class. We'll be cutting it close, but I don't want to take them to class."

Harry jogged over to Draco and Blaise, not realizing the ethereal picture he made as he did so with his unbound silky blond-gold hair gently floating around his face. Harry stopped them once they were out of the Great Hall.

"I have an easier way" Harry told his friends.

"Dobby" he called and the house-elf appeared with a small pop "could you place our brooms in my room please?"

"Dobby would be honored to Harry Potter, sir, and friends of Harry Potter, sir" Dobby was nearly falling over himself to bow to them and take the shrunken brooms at the same time before he disappeared, leaving the trio to continue to class unencumbered.

"Does anyone know who the Defense teacher is" Harry asked as they entered the classroom, class would be starting in five minutes and no one had any idea who the new teacher could be.

Dumbledore had instructed the morning class before them but rumor had it that they would be the first class to benefit from the tutelage of the new professor. A chorus of negatives answered him and their group settled down in the middle of the room. They had learned that it was best not to place themselves right in front of the Defense teacher's desk and possibly make themselves a target for any stray spells from incompetent teachers. The class was a mix of Harry; four Slytherins: Draco, Blaise, Millie, and Pansy; five Gryffindors: Dean, Seamus, Hermione, Ron, and Neville; three Ravenclaws; and a Hufflepuff. It would be an interesting class regardless of their teacher due to the mixture of the houses and the competitive natures between them.

The door to the room swung open and Dumbledore stepped in, greeting the class with twinkling eyes and a cheery smile.

"Seems like rumor was wrong" Blaise whispered "we have Dumbledore as well."

"Welcome to sixth year Defense Against the Dark Arts" Dumbledore began to be greeted with a chorus of "Hello Headmaster."

"I am Professor Dumbledore" he continued as if there had been no interruption though his smile seemed to grow wider "and we are going to be studying-"

"You're not Albus Dumbledore."
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