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But this time, I mean it. I'll let you know just how much you mean to me.

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Okay what is the point in summaries? They ruin the story!!

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I walked out of the bathroom, quickly checking myself in the mirror. Their was no visible blood or water on my uniform, that was good. I speed walked back to my table, where my friends were sitting.

"Helena, you were gone a long time! Are you okay?" Alicia asked the moment I sat down.
"Uh, yeah I just had to go ask our teacher what the math homework was..." I lied. They just shrugged and continued eating. I started shaking my leg, a habit I did when I was nervous. Then I was looking at the clock.
Come on, stupid clock! Move!
Jamina caught on. "Are you okay?" she asked.
"Yeah..." I said quietly.
"Hey, you, Gerard, Mikey and I should all go on a double date tonight!" Alicia exclaimed. She was Mikey's girlfriend; they had been dating a little longer than Gerard and I.
Grateful for the distraction, I quickly agreed. "Yeah, ok I will tell Gerard later and we will get ready."
The bell rang, letting us leave the cafeteria. God, I have to get out of here.
I threw out my uneaten food in the trash, and then dashed out the emergency exit where no one would see me leave.
Cold air swung in my face, blowing away my hair. It flew behind my ears, a place where I never put it. I walked to the back of the building as a bus came up.
Stupid bus. Why can't I ever go anywhere without people catching on?
I steadied my vision on a tree, not taking my eyes off it. I walked closer to it, sensing someone else. My pace began to quicken as rain streamed down my face and onto my uniform jacket. My shoes were getting covered in dirty mud, running the polish. But I didn't turn back, their was no way I was after how far I got myself in.
I slowly got close to the figure, and I started running.
"Gerard!" I screamed, whipping around the tree.
He was standing their, staring at the horizon. I walked in front of him to get his attention.
"Hey," he said quietly, shifting his eyes to the ground. His shirt still had blood on it.
"Gerard lets go home. I can't let you remain like that." I pointed out his shirt.
He looked down at where I pointed. "I don't care. Can I have my pen back?"
"No," I quickly answered. "Enough hurting yourself. You don't want Mikey to see you like this, do you?"
He shook his head. I felt like I was talking to a five year old.
"Let's go to your house, and we can get you cleaned up. Alicia wants to go on a double date tonight." I told him, suddenly remembering what Alicia said.
I started walking back, to the parking lot. I heard him dragging along, stepping on twigs and soaked leaves.

I took out my keys, unlocking my car. I hoped no one saw us. We could easily be spotted by a teacher or student looking out a window.
"Come on!" I rushed.
Inside my car was cold. The leather seat froze my legs through my skirt, and my arms through jacket even though it was soaked anyway. Gerard was getting faint traces of blood on the black seats. Great.
I started up my car, my keys jingling and swinging happily. I looked up at Gerard. He seemed to be staring at my keys.
Oh, no.
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