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*Can you take this spike? Will it wash away this jet black now?

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*another special chapter in gerard's point of veiw! YAY!

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Her car keys jingled and swung around on the ring. I longed to see them cutting deep into my wrist. I could see the blood pouring out, cutting through my veins, bringing out the pain. My favorite part: when I felt numb. I grew into the pain, I have gotten used to it. Now I can't stop.

Helena saw me staring at her keys. Yet, I couldn't look away. Every time I looked at something, it had a connection to my habit. I was drawn to everything sharp or harmful.
"Gerard," Helena said slowly. My gaze couldn't leave the keys.
"Hmmm?" I nodded.
"Don't you think going out to dinner with Mikey and Alicia would be fun?" she asked. She was trying to distract me from the keys.
"Sure," I said quietly.
We sat in silence again. The only sound was the slow sound of the windshield wipers, tossing the water back and forth. I gently touched my wrist, the one with more cuts on it. I feared to pull back my sleeve and see how much blood would spill out. My thoughts were concentrated on the keys.
I have to get those keys.
Helena made a sharp turn into the gas station. The pressure forced me to put my head up, looking around the outside. She turned the car off, the heat stopped flowing. Now I could really hear the rain.
"Gerard, don't hurt yourself again. I am leaving you alone, but this will be fast."
I nodded, my vision flowing back to the keys. I slowly reached over to the ignition while she was digging through her wallet for money. I barley grasped the smooth metal when she suddenly reached in front of me, pulling the car key out. I jerked back in my seat, surprised at what just happened, but my brain couldn't process it.
I saw her smirking as she stepped out of the car, holding her keys in her hand triumphantly.
"Fuck!" I yelled, smashing my hand against the dashboard.
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