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I Set Myself Up

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This is just a little extra something for me. It does have FOB in it, but it's not really about them. It's about a girls life being flipped upside down and never being able to be fixed. A hopeless ...

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This is just a little side note. I needed to just write it down somewhere my family wont see it. It's nothing bad or anything. It's just too personal. (that makes no sense, i'm sure cause I'm writing it on the internet for god knows how many strangers to read.) It's just easier for strangers to read something i wrote that they could never understand than someone that could understand it and would just judge me. Obviously this is kind of symbolic and connected to some problems in my life right now. But I just needed to write it all down. maybe than I'll stop thinking it. So thanks for putting up with my ramblings.

Alexia stood in front of her mirror, taking slow deep breaths.

"I'm such a little kid, getting all worked up like this over a concert." She laughed to herself.

She applied her lip gloss one more time before looking down at her cell phone.

"Dad! Its 4:30!! The concert starts at 7 and the venues an hour and a half away! Lets hussle here!" She screamed throught he house while she walked toward the front door and putting her shoes on at the same time, tripping in the process.

Her dad trudged down the stairs and smiled at his flusstered little 15 year old sprawled out on the entrance floor.

"Honey, please dont yell. I was coming." He picked her up with little effort and hugged her shoulder. He got his jacket on and walked with her out of the house.

"I know dad. Sorry. It's just that it's embaressing enough that I need a ride to the concert. I just dont want to be late."

"It's alright. Lets just go pick up Tiff and get this show on the road." He said. standing in front of the car.

She smiled up at him and hugged him as tight as she could before letting go and sighing.

"What was that for?" He asked, slightly surprised by the extra affection, not that hugs and stuff were to rare around there house or anything.

She just smiled up at him. "I just really missed you dad. I'm so glad you're home. I've missed your hugs." She didn't want to get all teary-eyed so she just walked over to the passenger side and got in. He smiled back at her and got in the drivers seat.

He just sat in there for a second and Alexia was getting impatient.

"Dad! Can we go?!"

"Seatbelt." He just said calmly.

She sighed and rolled her eyes before buckling her seatbelt.

"Ok. Im all buckled up. Lessgoooo." She sang.

He laughed and started the engine after buckling up himself.

They backed out of the driveway and started toward Tiffany's (Alexia's best friend, and only one at the moment) house.

"Dad, can we listen to some music?" She asked, messing with the window. Up, down. Up, down. Up, down again.

He just smirked at her and pulled out a cd and put it in.

Alexia's face erupted in a larger smile while the music filled the vehicle.

"When the lights go down in the city, and the sun shines on the bay...." Alexia sang along to every word, smiling occasionally at her dad sitting next to her. He laughed every time she went for the big dramatic high notes and those killer low notes.

"You're sooo talented Alexia. Such a soothing voice." He stated sarcastically.

She just lifted her chin in pride of her amazing pipes, sensing his sarcasm in the compliment.

"Why thank you father. You know its all hereditary. Mom says I get everything from you." She erupted in a fit of giggles when he poked her side playfully.

"ok, ok, ok dad..I...can't..breath...We're here!" He stopped as they pulled up to Tiffany's house. That gave Alexia time to get a full suply of oxygen to her deprived lungs.

A girl came running out of the house and up to the car.

"Bye mom!" she screamed behind her before jumping into the jeep.

"Hey Mr. S." She smiled broadly toward him.

"Hello Tiffany."

"Hey. Dad, I'm gonna move back there, if thats alright."Alexia said. She started getting in the back before he even had time to answer.

He laughed. "Sure, I don't care."

"Hey Ex, Are you ready to get your face melted off by amazingly talented, extremely sexy rockstars!?" Tiffany asked, almost screaming in Alexia's face. Alexia laughed and nodded her head and squeeled.

"I've been waiting for another fob concert since the last one we went to."

Tiffany nodded her head in agreement.

"Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour.....amazing memories.." She sighed dreamily.

Alexia looked off in the distance, reminiscing the crazy time they had at the concert they went to together.

"Yes. Hot dogs, flying water bottles, and big fat sweaty guys rubbing up against you...thats a real concert experience.." Tiffany stated, rapping her arm around Alexias shoulder.

Her dad raised an eyebrow, watching them from the reer view mirror.

"What was that about fat sweaty guys and rubbing?" He asked curiously.

Tiffany and Ex burst into laughter.

"What? Seriosly Lexy, what?"

That just caused their laughter to get louder as she and Tiff wiped away each others tears and tried to calm themselves down.

About an hour and a half later...

"Oh dear. We're here Ex. Really. Like ohmygosh..."

Alexia laughed at her friend. "You sound like a total prep dude. Don't say that every again with like in front of it. Just do it for me. please."

Tiff smiled and nodded. "Alright. Lets go. Thanks sooo much Mr. S. for the ride. I'll be forever in your debt!" He chuckled and turned off the engine.

"Lexy, hun. Remember to call when the concerts over or your having problems and wanna come home.
I'll zip right down and pick you guys up." He said. She reached across to hug him after she took her seatbelt off.

"Dad, don't worry about it. We're big girls. And this IS a big venue, but I think we can handle it. Thank you sooo much daddy for dropping us off. I'll call you when it's over." She said, scooting out of the open door.

"Wait, Lex, do you have enough money?"

"I got about 50 bucks. That should be enough, right?" She asked, looking over at Tiffany who was now standing outside next to the door.

"I just want to be sure. Here's 40 more. Thats all I got on me."

"Dad! No, don't worry about it. I've been saving up." She assures him, pusshing his hand away.

"Alexia, I'm your dad and I'm telling you to take the money."

She smiles and grabs it reluctantly.

She hugs him again and starts talking again. Tiffany sighs loudly outside of the car. Lexia turns around and glares. Tiffany shuts up.

"I'm really glad your back daddy. It was really tough at home without you."

He smiles at her and hugs her tighter. "I know hun. But I'm here now. And I don't have to go back again, unless something huge happenes over there, which isnt really likely right now. So don't worry your pretty little head." He says, patting it.

She giigles and waves goodbye. She jumps out and links arms with Tiffany.

"We're at the fob concert bitches!!!" Tiffany screams.

Alexia laughs and they skip toward the entrance of the venue.

So they waited in the suprisingly short line. More people started lining up behind them. It was getting really long. Tiffany heard from someone that the line was wrapping around 2 blocks worth of sidewalk. And it was still about 45 minutes until the doors were supposed to open.

Lexy was just excited for the guys! She was proud of how far they've come in the past few years. And she was really excited to see them live again.

"Tiff, I'm frickin hungry. We should have eaten before we got here!" Lexia whines.

"Stupid ass! I did eat. Your just dumb. You shoulda ate something." She laughs.

Alexia just pouts.

She cheers up though when the doors open and they start to get closer and closer to the entrance.

They're only about 50 people back and were totally siked!

When they got in, they went straight for the front of the stage. Well, as close as they could get(which was the barricade).

It started to get more and more crouded as the opening bands came and went.

By the time the lights dimmed once again and they both knew it was fnally them, the whole room was pumped and ready to "have their faces melted off", in the words of Tiffany.

It went quiet and everyone was dying in antisipation for the boys to run out on stage.

All of a sudden, a curtian fell and the music for Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldnt Be Sued and everyone started screaming and bouncing around like crazy. Tiffany and Alexia sang along to every word. Tiffany is obsessed with Andy so she was screaming obscene things to him all night (which honestly embaressed the fuck out of Alexia. She kinda grew out of that whole thing after looking back on her first concert. She was a total teeny bopper back than).

Alexia couldnt take her eyes off of Patrick. She loved his voice and thought he was the most talented musician she'd ever seen. She actually saw him looking at her once and she almost died right there in the mosh. But it was only for a breif second. He smiled at her and than looked away at something else and kept on playing.

It wasnt like one of those moments where the whole world stops and all he sees is her, and vis versa. It wasnt like he took one look at her and knew she was the one. It was just a quick glanse and that was it.

But it was all the same to Lexia. She would remember that eye contact they had forever and even after that.

A few songs and elbows to the face later, they slowed it down and Patrick played Golden. Lexia kept her gaze on him and just swayed to the sound of his voice.

Everything was perfect. She found herself smiling for no aparent reason. She was just happy about everything. She actually apreciated the music this time around, so she was really enjoying herself.

Just than, her cellphone vibrated in her pocket.

She pulled it out and looked at the screen.

It just read: Mom

She sighed and pushed the talk button.

She held a hand to her other ear as she yelled into the phone.

"What mom? I'm at the concert."

"Hun, I just wanted to tell you something. I'm so stupid. I shouldnt have called. I should wait till you get home."

"No mom, what is it. Just say it. I'm not in trouble or anything, am I?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"No, no no no honey. I just...I'll wait till you're at home. Don't worry about it."

She sighed loudly into the phone to show how annoyed she was getting. "MOM! no, you already called me. Just spill it. This is a quiet song so just hurry up and tell me before it gets to loud again."

Her mom started to protest again but Alexia had enough.

"Mom, you always do this! What the hell? Just tell me what you needed to tell me. Quit beating around the bush!"

"Ok honey, fine. If you really want to know right now.''s about your dad Lexy...."

She continued to listen to what she was telling her until it was getting hard to breath. Tears were welling up in her eyes and things were getting blurry.

"Mom, uh...I gotta go. I don't feel so.."


She fell to the floor and no one seemed to noticed she was sprawled out on the ground until someone spoke over the speakers.

"Hey! Pick her up! You guys, get that girl!"

It was Patrick pointing to where she had fallen. The music had stopped and everyone looked in the direction he was pointing at.

Patrick yelled at some people backstage for a peramedic.

Tiffany turned around and screamed. She fell to the floor and pulled her friend onto her lap and stroked her forhead.

People had actually stepped on her and still, no one had seen her until Patrick said something.

"Somebody get some help!" Tiffany screamed around her.

Pete jumped off the stage and jumped over the barecade. He ran throught the crowd and ran up to them.

"Is she alright?" He asked, panting.

Tiffany was almost in tears.

"I don't....I don't know. She's breathing. But she's hurt."

She was trying not to cry but she was getting scared.

Pete went and picked her up and walked over to the side entrance and was seen talking to a body guard. The large man took her backstage and Tiffany ran over as close as she could to where Pete was standing.

"Hey! Where are you taking my friend?" She screamed.

He turned around and directed her to where she was being looked at.

Oh my goodness. My sisters a freakin psyco and now i have to get off. I guess I have to cut this into two parts. Damn her. I'll finish tonight for sure. At this point though I'm not really doing this for others to read. It's pretty much for me. Thanks though, if you review. I'll update the Wipe That Smile Off Your Face soon too. Don't fret C:
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