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Lonley Old Joe

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heres chapter threeeeeeeeee.

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On the ride home from their performance, all Pete could think about was that girl. Her image seemed to be stuck in his head. Not like he cared. He could think about her all day if it were possible. Just somehting about her seemed different from all the other girls he's ever met, which was weird, since he only talked with her a few times for only a few minutes.

"Kate...Kate...That's a nice name...." He thought to himself. He was quickly interupted by Joe.

"Pete. Pete." He repeated. He waved his hand across his face.

"Wha...What?" Pete snapped back to relality.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?"

"Huh. Oh, nothing." He lied.

"He's thinking about that girl back at the club." Patrick said.

"Oh...There was a girl huh? Was she pretty??" Joe asked

"Well, yeah, I mean she was pretty."

"Pete's got a crush on someone!" Joe said loudly.

"Do not." Pete lied.

"Yess you dooooooo." Joe teased.

Pete shoved Joe away "Shut up!"

"Yes you do." Andy joined in.

"I saw you exchanging phone numbers at the door."

"So? What's the big deal?" Pete said as he looked out the window.

"C'mon, you must have liked her if you asked for her phone number." Joe teased.

"Ok fine! So she seemed nice and she's pretty and so what if i exchanged phone numbers!? At least i get girls phone numbers!" Pete shot back.

Joe looked shocked.

"Geeze louize. I get girls phone numbers." He finally answered.

"Yeah, from women who are one hundread years older than you are!" Andy laughed.

"That was one time! And she wanted to know if i would babysit her kids...."

"That was the only time you got a phone number!" Andy yelled.

Pete and Patrick began laughing hysterically.

"Shut up!" Joe yelled.

"Joe dates old ladies!" Pete taunted. Patrick laughed even harder, along with Andy.

"Do not!!" Joe yelled as he pulled into their driveway.

"Hey Joe, maybe if you give the old ladies a spongebath they'll pay you extra!" Pete laughed.

Joe was really starting to get annoyed.

"ALRIGHT! GET OUT OF MY CAR!" He screamed and pushed Pete out onto the driveway. Pete
continued laughing along with Patrick and Andy.

"GET OUT!" Patrick and Andy quickly hopped out of the car and went racing towards the house with Pete following behind.

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