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i suck at summaries. really.

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"Gerard?" I asked, standing up from the chair I was sitting in. It has been about ten minutes since I asked him if he was ready.
"Uh, what?" He dimly responded.
"You okay?" I asked. I heard a car door close and people walking up to the door. I walked over, seeing Mikey and Alicia walk through. They stopped laughing when they looked at me in shock.
"What are you wearing? You aren't going to where that to the restaurant, are you?" Alicia asked. I looked down at what I was wearing.
My white school shirt was soaked to a faded out color, my shoes were drenched in mud, and some of it got on my socks. My skirt had mud on it also, from sitting in my car.
I looked at her outfit. She had clearly changed, since she was now in a black V-neck with a red cami under it. She had on jeans with a dark wash, and Etnies to match. Her hair was tied back, showing off her red highlights in her black hair.
"Well, yeah I was planning to, but Gerard wanted to stop here..." I lied. Well, some it was true, but we had to stop here first. Not like we wanted to.
Alicia nodded, looking at Mikey.
"Where is Gerard? I haven't seen him at school today." Mikey told me.
"Yeah, same with you, Helena," Alicia caught on. They both looked at me. Their eyes flashed to Gerard as he stood at the bottom of the steps. He was in a fresh black hoodie, dark blue jeans that looked almost black, and his hair was combed and pushed back. I smiled. That is the Gerard I always knew.
Alicia pointed between us.
"You both, gone at the same time. Hmmm, very suspicious!" she teased. She and Mikey broke out laughing. Gerard and I coughed a tiny laugh, just to go along with it. If only they knew.
"So, where are we going?" I asked, breaking the laughter.
"Well, Mikey and I thought about The Olive Garden, but you guys can chose something else." Alicia answered, her tone changing to serious. I was fine with The Olive Garden. I looked at Gerard, waiting for anything he had to say. He wasn't paying attention.
He was gently rubbing his wrist, staring at the silverware draw. [sp?] I watched him as he started scratching and poking at his wrist. What if he cut while I was down here?
I turned my attention back to Mikey and Alicia.
"The Olive Garden is good," I announced.

haha if i did i would be rich! That place rocks!!
i love the breadsticks...
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