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*A drink for the horror that I'm in

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special chapter again!! yay!! Mikey nearly catches onto Gerard!! haha i almost made it a cliffhanger, but im too nice to do that. XD

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I don't know what is happening to me. Every time I see something sharp I picture myself staking it in my wrist. Usually in a few minutes the vision comes true.
Helena is the only person who knows; the only one I can trust. I know if I told her the reason in doing this she would understand. I can tell she wants to know the reason; but I can't tell her yet. It's not time.

The smell of salty, warm breadsticks and Italian salad dressing exploded around me as we walked in The Olive Garden. We briefly stopped at Helena's house a few minutes before this, so she could change. She was now in a black hoodie and dark jeans. God, what is up with everyone wearing dark jeans and black shirts?
I looked down at myself and laughed. Was in that too, funny, I didn't even remember putting that on, because I was in such a rush.
Mikey suddenly pulled my arm, right on a fresh cut. I winced quietly. He pulled me into the bathroom. He swung me so I was standing face to face with him.
"Okay, Gerard, tell me something." He stopped; letting a thousand worries go through my head. Helena told him? How could she? Did he find out? Was it that obvious? Why didn't I hide better?
"What were you really doing during lunch today?" he asked slowly. I felt my stomach drop./She did tell him./
"Uh, why?" I asked nervously.
"Because, I think it is kind of weird that you two were gone at the same time, and at the same place." He said, referring to earlier. I relaxed a little, now that he was going on a different track.
"Uh, no, Helena really did have a, um, that thing after lunch," I stammered. Where did she say she went? Tryouts or something?
"Erm, tryouts," I decided to give it a try. Mikey looked at me like he didn't fully believe me.
"In the rain?"
"Um, yeah. It was indoors." I lied further. Shit, I forgot about the rain! "Hey, I think they are looking for us right now," I said, dashing over to the door. I left Mikey standing their, surprised that our conversation was put on hold.

Alicia and Helena were standing outside the door. I smiled, knowing that I was right for once.
"Are you okay?" Helena whispered so Alicia wouldn't hear. She must have seen me smile.
"Yeah, Mikey wanted to know why we left early," I explained.
"So did Alicia," she gasped.
"Wow. That's getting annoying," I laughed.
We stopped laughing when Alicia and Mikey walked up to us. They looked a little mad. I pulled down my sleeves, making sure they covered the scars. Alicia put her hands on her hips, and Helena folded her arms. Mikey pretended to be peeling the sticker on the buzzer, while I played with my sleeves.
The buzzer went off, making some of us jump. Mikey walked over and handed it to the girl at the counter, and she smiled at me. "Follow Jenna," she said, pointing to a girl with short blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. She walked over to a booth, and Helena slid in first, me following after her. Jenna handed us our menus, giving me a smile before she walked away. God, what is up with all these girls here? Why do they all smile at me?
Helena was looking at me with jealousy.
"What?" I asked, feeling guilty.
"Nothing," she turned her head, looking at Alicia. I looked at Mikey and shrugged. I was starting to feel happy, returning to the old me. Helena busied herself with unrolling her silverware, bringing out a fork, spoon, and a knife.
My eyes brightened with desire as I looked at the sharp, jagged edges, craving for it to be shot right into my wrist. The best part is that I wouldn't feel it, but I could see it, along with all the blood filling in the emptiness in my life. I watched as she carefully placed it down, and hid it under a napkin. She saw me look at it.
I looked up as I hear my name being called.
"Huh?" I asked, still in a daze.
"Gerard, what do you want for a drink?" They asked at the same time.
"Oh, uh, a....coke?" I told them, feeling unsure. That is not what I wanted. I wanted that knife. Our waiter, a different one this time, nodded, writing it down and walked away.
I saw a little paper in my lap. It took me a few moments to realize it was a note. I read it, and bit my lip. I looked at her and nodded.

You saw the knife, didn't you?
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