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Well I thought I heard you say you love me

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alicia and helena get into a mini argument, and so do gerard and mikey.

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Gerard saw the knife. During the entire time at The Olive Garden he tried to hurt himself any way he can. Tonight I will try to get the reason why out of him. He might not give in, but it is worth a try.

I ordered the pasta with fettuccine, Mikey got soup, Alice got a chicken salad and Gerard got the steak. The entire time he was cutting it he kept slipping the knife on the porcelain plate, making scratching noises. He was trying to make it slip, causing it to jet into his wrist. He kept cursing under his breath when he missed his wrist, but only I could hear it.
"So," Alicia started. Everyone but Gerard turned their attention to her. "How was 'tryouts'?" Now they were looking at me.
"Alicia, can you just drop it? Okay? Stop being suspicious because there is no reason to! You're both just acting like your jealous because its mine and Gerard's love life and you wish you had one like it but you don't!" I snapped. They both looked taken aback; I had never said anything to them like that before. Alicia was my best friend, and I never hurt her like that. Gerard had stopped cutting his steak, and was looking at me, also.
"You are so right." He agreed quietly. I smiled, happy that someone was on my side. It grew silent again, and it slowly became awkward. Gerard excused himself to the bathroom. I sighed, hoping that he wouldn't cut in public. Mikey stood up.
"Yeah, I think I will go too." He said, and then trailed off.
After a couple of minutes of staring, Alicia slammed her hand on the table, snapping my attention.
"Okay. Tell me what's really going on." She ordered. I felt a tingle in my stomach. Was I really going to tell her about Gerard cutting?
"Did you sleep with Gerard or not?" She asked, going completely off topic on my thoughts.
"No, I would tell you if I did!" I reassured. She looked relieved.
"Oh, good, because that's what Mikey thinks, too. And I told him that if you were you would so tell me," Alicia told me.
We went back to eating in silence. Mikey and Gerard finally returned, and they both stormed back into their seats.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Nothing, never mind," Mikey mumbled. Alicia and I looked at each other. Then I looked at Gerard. He was playing with his sleeve, his eyes focused on the knife. I noticed that his sleeve was wet, but I didn't say anything. Stupid question to ask at a time like this.
We finally got the check, deciding it was time to go home. Gerard and I went in my car and Mikey and Alicia went in Mikey's car. We decided it would be easier this way, for some reason.
"Hey, im going to drop Alicia off," Mikey called from the parking lot. We were already walking towards our cars.
"Okay," I answered. I knew Gerard wouldn't say anything.
Inside my car was cold and dark, the way it was earlier. I glided my hands along the leather seats.
"Gerard," I said sweetly. He glanced up at me from the floor.
"I love you, you know. I don't understand why you are doing this to yourself." I mentioned, inching closer to his face. He looked at me with his dark hazel eyes, and I got caught in them.
"You would never understand," he said before he reached in and kissed me. After several seconds I broke away. "Then tell me why your sleeve is wet," I asked, making it sound more like a statement than a question. He just laughed quietly, and then reached in to kiss me again.
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