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Through her Tears

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Karenas is thrown into something that she can't comprehend

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Kyo, Mine, Shigure, Tohru, Yuki - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2007-04-12 - Updated: 2007-04-12 - 593 words

Authors note:
I hope you like this, I apologize for for any grammer mistakes, my computer stinks.(i've vow never to say it sucks anymore because of my newfound knowlage of it's meaning)

Karenas looked at the Manga book one last time, remembering it's ups and downs, before she droppedit into the 'drop box.' She walked out of the library with nothing but the cloths on her back and the sholder backpack on her sholder. She walked to her house.
On the outside it looks like the perfect abode ever. Only it's inhabitents really knew what went on inside the yellow house.
She dropped her bag on the floor beside the door and trudged to her room. to det there she hyad to pass her parents' open door. As she did she heard them screaming at each other, again. Hot tears blurred her vision before they rolled down her cheek. Even in her room the fighting was heard clearly. karenas quietly shut the door, the shouts were muffled as she did. She threw hershelf onto her bed and drowned out there voices with her own sobs. She turned to face the ceiling.
Through her blurred vision she saw the posters above her bed. She closed her eyes and bit her quivering lips to stop the tears.
Karenas stared at Yuki's picture.
It blinked. Her eyes widened. Yuki blinked? Kyo's head (in a poster to the right) faced towards him and glared. The posters moved together, Shigure's from the left, and melded. Tohru was walking into the middle, past Yuki.
"Come." a strong but sweet and a high but low voice echoed through her head. Karenas wanted to hear that again, but all she heard was silence.
That is until Shigure's poster's mouth started moving, mainly his mouth. "Come here my wonderful housewi..."
"...fe." Karenas found herself in some bushes.
"Tohru?" she heard a sweet voice call out. Footsteps were going everywhere and she saw three males through the bushes needles. an orange headed one started jumping up and down.
"Yep, it's solid."he said dully.
"No, you stupid cat, the ground is just afrid of your solid bone skull," another, gray-haired, said.
"WHY YOU!" No No Nooo.
ACHOO. She sneezed. The gray haired male pulled back the bushes.
"Yuki?" she asked in a squeaky voice.
"Yes, come out now." he reached for her hand. She walked into the sunlight.
"Your not my housewife," the taller of the three said.
"Grr" that orange headed must be Kyo. Another, taller, figure walked around the corner. She realized they had a resemblance to the manga books.
"Yuki...? the tall man said, "O my..."
Everything started duplicating and she felt dizzy. Then, all she remembered was darkness.

Tohru turned to Shigure as he said, "Come here my house wife." Then she blinked. Instead of walking, she found herselfsitting downon a bed. Where am I? she thought. Above her head she saw three posters of Manga characters. They were vaugly familer. Tohru squinted.
She gasped, Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo! On the whote door was a full sized picture od Kyo and Yuki back to back. Kyo was glaring, and Yuki was smiling. They had their arms crossed. Posters around the room had the other zodiac members on them.
Suddenly she noticed about 10 books on the small book shelf across from her. on the bindings they read Fruits basket. On the first cover, it was her. She was surrounded by bubbles with pictures of small animals.
"Eh." she managed. Tohru backed up and fainted.

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