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A rat's tears

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Karenas is seeing another side of the Sohmas, one without their flower, Tohru. And one of them is lost in this loss.

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Disclaimer: I will never adimit as a adoring (not obsesive fan) that I don't own this series! Oops.
I hope you like this chapter, It took me forever to write it!. Please reveiw, and sorry for my good friend Ayumi's interjection. (MyMind IsMyDarkSancutary)
OnTo the Fic!

Karenas woke up. Everything seemed fuzzy, and then cleared. The girl was lying on a couch. A blanket covered her body. She sat up and the world started spinning. A sigh emitted from her mouth and she fell back.
"Whoa there." A male voice filled her ears. Her eyes opened wide in fear. "Don't worry, I don't bite. My name is Hatori."
"Hatori?" Karenas sat up. "You're Hatori?"
"Yeah, Dr. Hatori."
"This can't be happening"
"WHERE'S MY HOUSEWIFE?" Another male came stomping through the doorway, then carefully closing the paper door.
Hatori stopped the rampaging man, "Shigure, stop. She's weak from shock." he raised his eyebrows, "Wife?"
"Yes," he said with a quick nod, "she started to write love letters and..."
"Letters?" His eyebrows lowered and looked annoyed. "Show them to me."
"Fine, I'll get them from my secret place." he pivoted and walked out the door, opened of course.
"You do that." He turned back to her, "What's your name now?" Hatori asked.
"I'm Karenas Sir."
I'm Hatori. Sir makes me feel old."
"Okay. Do you like being year of the dragon, or would you prefer another zodiac. Don't worry, I won't hug you, I wouldn't want you to be without your clothes!" Hatori looked at her, his face pale.
"What?" he said meekly.
An orange haired guy walked through the door.
"See, that's Kyo, watch." She walked over and put her arms around him. A moment later, there was an orange cat on the floor.
"It's a dream; I should be waking up any second. Any second now."
"Karenas?" Hatori looked her in the eye.
"This isn't a dream."
"Wha..? So, I'm really in Shigure's house?" he nodded and Karenas collapsed on the floor.
Hatori's POV
Oh no, we're in deep trouble. Now there are two housewives.
Shigure walked in, fresh papers in his hands.
"See." I took the papers and scanned the first few lines.
"Shigure, this is your handwriting."
"It may seem that way, but she did that for safety."
"One more thing."
"What?" I handed the papers back.
"You signed them."
"Well, uh, I."
"Goodbye." Shigure hung his head and walked out the door.
I turned around, looking at the pale girl at his feet. In a poof, the orange cat turned into Kyo.
"How did she...?"
"No idea."
"Should we tell...?"
"No, not yet."
"Fudge monkeys, let me finish my sentences!"
"Fudge Monkeys, we don't have to!"
"Wow, she gets up fast." I said.
"No, I don't want to you jack monkey"
"What'd you call me?"
"Nice one. Hatori, who's the chick." Haru was stepping through the doorway, his two-toned hair so...two-tonedish...WHAT AM I THINKING!...Maybe I shouldn't drink coffee anymore...I'm beginning to think like Shigure...minus the perverted ness...although Haru's shirt is very...-looks side to side- shirtish! (Hi! MyMindIsMyDarkSanctuary here! Yup! I wrote this random paragraph! HUZZAH! Now you know it's me. Who else uses that word so obsessively...I know...I've got issues...)
"I'm not a chick, I'm a chichorita!"
"Isn't that a candy?" Shigure interjected.
"No, you perverted dog, that's chickeletts!"
"Hola chichorita."
"Hola ... not so fat cow."
"Wha... cow, where'd you get that from."
"I saw it in your mind Mr. Zodiac!"
"So your Hana's sibling..."
"No, I'm your worst nightmare."
"Oh dear me...I better go hide in a hole..."
"So much sarcasm...Losing...strength...destroying the very essence of my being...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She fell to the ground, adding to her theatrics.
"Are you done yet...?" Haru asked.
"Not yet" Her voice was casual."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She twitched violently and then her body went still, her tongue hanging out. "I'm done now."
"No theatrics," Yuki walked in. ", where's Tohru?" She sat up, confusion in her eyes. "I said where's Tohru?" I had never seen him so angry.
"He's right, where's my housewife?" Shigure said. Yuki and Kyo nodded. Wait, they're agreeing? Yuki walked over to Karenas who was getting up. He looked her in the eyes,
"Where is she?"
"I...I" he picked her up by the collar and a single tear fell from his face, he whispered something and put her down.
"Where's Tohru?" Kyo charged her.
Yuki tripped him and simply said, "She is no help to us." and walked out the door.

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