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Great Gig in the Sky

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Chapter Six: The Great Gig in the Sky:

The next day seemed still. Hm. Perfect set-up for another "trip."

This latest episode occurred in the Tiger Building boardroom. The Clover girls and I were debating on how to run the spring festival. Clover House was hosting this year. But, that's beside the point.

I never really thought much about the whole out-of-body experience. I have heard of it. I had never really witnessed or experienced one before. Well, that changed today.

While they were talking, my mind began to wander off. Why they insist on making this festival so lavish and expensive is beyond me! It's only a simple party. But, never mind that. Back to me.

I was lost in my thoughts when it happened. I don't really know how in particular. But, I felt myself rising up out of my body into the high sky. I was silently confused and freaking out. This is so creepy! I looked down slowly. I saw my body just sit there still like normal. Those snobs are too busy talking to notice. Sigh How typical. Sweat drop

Then, I felt myself being pulled higher and higher into the sky. Worry swallowed me. Where was I going now? I flew up through the ceiling. I shut my eyes as I kept flying. This was going to be a rough trip that I had no control over what so ever. All I could do was ride to my next destination.

I kept rising faster and harder. I shut my eyes tighter. Oh Kami! When will this journey end? Why am I out of my body? Where was I headed? When will I return to my body? Will I return to my body?

Finally, I stopped so abruptly that I was jerked upwards. I quickly snapped my eyes open. I found myself... nowhere. (Surprise! Surprise!) But I found it pretty peaceful. I looked around in curiosity. Stars were everywhere around me. They were like little fireflies. I was tempted to reach out and grab one of them. But then I remembered that I probably a ghost and didn't.

This was mind-blowing. I felt like a goddess in the sky. This "sky" was a velvet royal purple. It was as if I was in a planetarium. I even wished I could wear the stars in my short black hair.

I looked down from this quiet paradise. The world was at my feet-literary! I was really blown away. I saw everything. The oceans, my academy, trees, city lights, fish, animals, flowers, clouds, people walking from place to place, wars, you name it, I saw it bright and clear. I tried to channel some sound with the image but to no avail. I was too relaxed to concentrate.

Then, I began sinking downwards. Where was I going now? Part of me wanted to stay up there forever. But, I knew that was impossible. I would get bored and lonely over time. So it made sense.

As I sank lower and lower, sound returned to me. It was soft at first. Then the sounds of life grew louder and louder. It was like a TV on mute and someone was turning up the volume. I noticed I wasn't sinking as fast as I rose. It was surprisingly decent. In fact, this whole trip was pleasant compared to my other little "trips."

Finally, my trip ended and I floated back into my body. I came back to earth with such a jerk. I saw a hand close to my face. I looked out to its owner. Hazel stood in front of me scowling. "Hello," she said strongly. "We're waiting on your decision, babes!"

I looked around me. All of the other snobs were all staring at me, waiting as well. Oh crap! I hate it when their decisions depend on me! If I choose "wrong," I become Jezebel. If I choose "right," I become a sell-out. So what to do? What to do? Never mind, just pick something and don't show them that you were out of your body. Otherwise, you'll be shipped off to the funny farm and you'll loose everything.

I looked behind Hazel and saw a blackboard. "Flowers for the Festival" was what it read. The debate was between mums and lilies. The result was tied. And it was all up to me.

"Why not both?" I asked. They all stared at me like I was crazy. "What?" they all asked in shock. Hazel looked at me in concern. Just spin it faster. You'll have 'em and keep your soul. I sat up straight in my chair. "Well," I began. "Why just have one kind of flower there? Spring is about renewal, yeah? So why not have both mums and lilies? A heavy pause rode in fast. The snots thought about my logic. I kept a stone serious face. Please buy it.
Finally, Hazel stepped forward. I watched in anticipation. Hazel looked around sternly. To my surprise, she smiled. "Fine," the landlady replied. "We'll order both mums and lilies for Saturday!" The other women seemed decent about it. I sat back and breathed out easily. Dandy. All I have to do is to try and stay in one piece with my head. If only it was that easy.

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