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Breathe Reprise

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5th track.

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Chapter Five: Breathe Reprise:

Moments later, I awoke in the nurse's office. I felt paranoid. Okay... Am I still out of it? Or...

I slowly raised my right arm. To my surprise, I did so with success. Now, I had my answer. I was back to my senses again. But for how long?

I wanted to lift my head up and look around but I was too weak to do so. Instead, I lied in the bead and stared at the dull grey ceiling.

I began to remember what Seb had said to me in the Tiger Greenhouse days before. "You hear everything. You see everything. Every secret of mankind is in you. That is a universal mind. You can either accept this truth or be content to be driven into eternal madness." he said.
I shut my eyes in painful confusion. After four whole weeks, I still didn't get it!

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