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Character description

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Kitty and her friend find a mobile phone but who's??

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Character description

Gender: female
Age: 17
Hair colour ad length: Black with bright pink streaks hair just about reaches the end of her ribs. dead straight
Nationality: English
Eye colour: a shimmering silver colour (everyone says they are creepy but amazing)
Figure: quite slim(not as slim as remi), petit has quite a good figure not flat but not hourglass shape.
Face: Pale skin smallish nose and lips. Large eyes(people say she is very pretty in her own way)
Fav colour: Black
Fav food: Cheese and salad (she is vegetarian)
Fav band: MCR (my chemical romance)she is obsessed with mcr
Fav clothes: black ¾ length jeans, plain black strappy top, DC's (large trainers) and a mcr hoddie
Loves: Gerard Arthur Way lead singer of mcr
Make up: Black eyeliner (lots) black eye shadow and black mascara.
Nick names: kit, Kit Kat, mosher

Gender: female
Age: 17 (looks around 20 but then when she was 12 people thought she was 18)
Hair colour and length : light brown with pink streaks shoulder length wavy
Nationality: South African /English
Eye colour: Blue/green
Figure: Very, very tall, hourglass figure
Face: tanned small nose (had a nose job when she was 16) medium sized lips and eyes.
Fav colour: Pink/green
Fav food: Japanese food and chocolate
Fav band: FOB (fall out boy)
Fav Clothes: Pink tank top, green mini skirt and pumps
Loves: Pete Wentz bass player in fob
Make up: foundation, green or pink eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss
Nick names: Emz Emylo

Gender: female
Age: 17
Hair colour and length: Blonde to half way down her ribs wavy
Nationality: English
Eye colour: Brown
Figure: Tall(not as tall as Emma) hourglass figure
Face: tanned(not as tanned as Emma) medium nose and a smiley smile
Fav colour: Pink
Fav food: Pizza
Fav band: Gym class heroes
Fav clothes: pink t-shirt, baby blue jeans and pink trainers
Loves: Daniel Radcliff actor
Make up: pink eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss
Nick names:Chazza, shagski

Gender: female
Age: 17
Hair colour and length: Brown with black streaks shoulder length straight
Nationality: Italian
Eye colour: brown
Figure: petit (smaller than kitty) slim, not flat but not hourglass.
Face: Tanned (more than Emma) small nose, medium mouth, medium eyes
Fav colour: Black/pink
Fav food:pasta
Fav band: MCR she is also obsessed with mcr but I little bit less than kitty
Fav clothes: Black skinny jeans, white strappy top and small black kitty heels
Loves: Mikey James Way bassist of mcr
Make up: black eyeliner and mascara, lip gloss
Nick names: Remz Minnie

Gender: female
Age: 17
Hair colour and length: Dark Brown half way down her ribs curly
Nationality: Indian
Eye colour: brown
Figure: Quite Tall(not as tall as Emma or Charlie ) not hourglass but nearly
Face: Small nose, medium mouth, medium eyes
Fav colour: Blue
Fav food: cheese pasta
Fav band: Lostprophets
Fav clothes: black drainpipes, pretty pink top, black pumps
Loves: Ian Watkins lead singer of Lostprophets
Nick names: Amsy, Ammus, Dragon Ninja, Daffy Flower Ranger, Mushy, Moony, Gay, Tranny, Stanley.....
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