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The concert

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They come out of the concert and amsy finds a phone.

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Chapter 1 :The concert

Kitty's pov
Shit that was soo fucking good! One of my friends Emma yelled as we came out of the concert.
I NO!!! Mikey is soo HOT!! Remi another friend yelled.
We were all really hyper after the concert was amazing I love my chemical romance soo much! I was so HAPPY when me and my 4 best friends Emma, Charlie, Remi and Amsy won 5 tickets to see the concert. The question to win the tickets was so easy it was a bit like that question on kerrang at the moment:
What is the name of the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars?
1. Jared Leto
2. Brad Pitt
I mean come on who would say that the lead singer is called Brad Pitt? If you have then be ashamed (lol).
Ok I have been blabbering soz back to the story. So when we got the tickets we had a massive sleepover and celebrated all night as if it were someone's birthday. We also had a sleepover last night and are having another one tonight. We where all talking about the concert still seeing them all playing as though there lives depended on it. We talked for another 10mins just standing out side of the concert hall. Then suddenly Amsy yelled in my ear.
I jumped and yelled FUCK at the same time.
Bloody hell do you have to yell so loud? I asked
I held my ears I was going to get I migraine if she didn't shut up
Shut up
Yes or I will kick your ass
I AM GOING TO PEE PEOPLE she yelled at us
Fine GOOOO!!!
She walked off her curly dark hair swinging from side to side as she went. While amsy was at the loo me and Remi talked about how cool it would be to meet Mcr.
I would kill to meet them I told Remi as we stood there.
Omg how long does she take, we heard Charlie say we looked around, I am freezing my but off here!! We all laughed and soon heard amsy coming back.
Finally, Charlie said with a sigh.
She ran up to us grinning.
What are you so happy? I asked
Yeah did they give out free toilet paper or something, Emma said sniggering
Shut it, she said pointing at Emma and glaring.
When I was coming back from the bathroom I got lost and as I tried to find my way out I stepped on something, and guess what it was?
Urm a cheese burger? Remi said smiling
I wish, amsy said in a whisper that we all herd. We laughed and kept guessing
A pie? Charlie asked with a look of concentration on her face amsy shook her head and turned to Emma.
Urm your head?
Yes emma I stepped on my head. Amsy said sarcastically she then turned to me.
I don't know
Come kit kat every one else has guessed. Amsy pouted
Fine urm I looked at her to find a clue and I spotted one in her pocket. There was the top of a black mobile (phone) that I new for a fact wasn't amsy's.
I no a mobile. I shouted
Everyone jumped and amsy looked at me with wide eyes.
How did you no that? She asked still looking a bit startled by the fact that I got the answer right. I grinned and pointed to her pocket.
OHHHH Bugger stupid pocket.
She took the phone and we all looked at it.
I wonder who's it is? Remi asked looking around
Yeah. Said Charlie also looking at the empty street
What's that? I said
What's what? Emma asked looking confused.
That I said pointing at the back of the phone?
HUH, amsy said staring at me.
I grabbed the phone and turned it over on the back it said.

Hobbit this is not your phone it is my phone so don't use it because its not your phone so fuck off.

It also had a name on it I squinted and read


Who's Bloodredreject I said looking around.
What did you just say bluedeadeject Charlie asked with a frown on her face.
NO bloodredreject?
Why did you say that? she asked
Look I shoved the phone into her hand as she quickly read the back out loud.
Who is hobbit?
We all looked at each other.
No idea, we all said at the same time. I laughed.
Come on guys we better go home. I said still laughing
We all walked towards my car and stepped in and drove off to my flat.
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