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Chapter Thirty-Four.

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short again, just an explanation of who the gunman is...:)

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Chapter Thirty-Four

I was almost numb to the warmness spreading down the front of my legs as the person behind me continued to breath heavily and deliberately in my ear, threatening me without words. I whimpered automatically as I felt the cold metal that had been resting dangerously on my exposed neck, move until it was pressed into my cheek. The noise of the safety catch being pulled back rang through my ears chilling me and I shivered against the mysterious person's weight. They were so close that I could actually feel the vibrations of their breath, hear the twisted playfulness of their finger bouncing on the trigger, and smell the slight scent of their skin, the strong stench of my own urine fighting to overpower it.

But nevertheless, the delicate fragrance seeping from the person's skin wafted up into my nostrils and I tried to remember where I had smelt it before as the person took a breath as if in preparation to speak. The smell was so familiar.



"Gerard?" I croaked, almost whispered. My voice was sickeningly weak and childlike.

"Mikey?" the body behind me stiffened and I felt the metal against my cheek being lifted. I started crying again, heavily. I couldn't believe the relief I was feeling as I heard his voice. I thought I was about to die.

He sighed and I felt his hand slip into my own and squeeze tightly. "Come on Mikes." He said softly and started walking in a direction I couldn't make out through the darkness and my tears, pulling me behind him.

Bob was laying in a corner on a pile of old rags while Ray was rummaging around in a cupboard beneath a small wooden dresser. I was still trembling furiously as Gerard sat me down on an old sofa then went over to Bob. I watched absently as Ray pulled a box of candles out of the cupboard and set about lighting them like the many already littering the damp basement.

"Where are we?" I asked hoarsely.

"Just an old house." Gerard answered, feeling Bob's forehead and murmuring something to him that I couldn't hear.

"Why did Ray know to bring us here?" my voice was still incredibly shaky and I stared across at Ray who was sitting at a small wooden table, the legs badly eaten away by woodworm. Well, more like glaring at Ray, silently screaming at him for leaving me alone in the dark.

Gerard coughed, the way he usually does when he's nervous, and he ran his hand through his hair before turning back to me with a clearly fake smile spread across his face, "He's psychic!"

"You're so bad at lying Gerard." Ray shook his head in the candlelight and then turned his eyes to mine, locking with my glare. He shifted uneasily and then stared down at my sodden pants.

Watching him, I felt the anger growing, I dared him with my eyes to laugh. If he did, I knew I'd lurch across the room and rip his face off.

"So, what took you so long to get down here?" he asked, casually but his voice wavered a little, much to my satisfaction.

"Fuck you Ray!" I shouted, my throat aching, "You fucking left me up there! How the fuck was I supposed to know where we were going?" I continued as his face turned to a look of shock and guilt. Bob had woken up and I heard him groan a little in pain, I looked over to see Gee rushing to him -for what reason, I don't know; we didn't have any medical supplies to make him more comfortable, to ease the pain, he should've been in a hospital.

"And yes, I fucking pissed myself!" I pulled at the piss stained material, "because for some reason, my brother decided to hold a fucking gun to the back of my head!" I snarled, keeping on ranting, releasing all the built up anger. I paused to catch my breath and a thought occurred to me. I turned my head back to Gee.

"Where the fuck did you get a gun?" I wasn't shouting anymore, my voice was soft with confusion, "Why would you need a gun?"

"Just you know, after Bob almost got murdered and you got raped and Ray got kidnapped and I got drugged and..." he started sarcastically and I cut him off, not in the mood.

"Fuck you Gerard!"-Not the best argument, but I was tired.

We fell into an near silence; only the soft dripping of the moisture on the dark brick walls and our heavy angry breathing filled the air.

"And Frank got kidnapped." Ray added suddenly as if he had only just remembered, which he probably had.

"Fuck, yeah, that's right isn't it?" Gerard sighed and then screamed in frustration.

Ray and I jumped, Bob groaned, in surprise.

"Mikey, phone the number on the sheet." Ray stood from his seat at the table and walked over to an old box where he lifted Gee's cell from the top of it and handed it to me.

'Number?' I questioned mentally and then remembered. But I couldn't remember where I put the bit of paper. Frank's engagement ring was still on my finger but the paper....?

I rummaged through the back pockets of my pants and found nothing, the panic rising; that number was our only contact with Marley. "Fuck!" I cursed and then began looking through my front pockets, immediately feeling the paper.

My heart sank to the pit of my stomach.

"Fuck fuck fuck!" I moaned in frustration as I unfolded the still slightly damp paper to reveal the smudged number.

Ray was standing to the side of me, watching me expectantly. I handed him the paper and shrugged in apology, wanting to start crying again, "It was in my front pocket," I explained, ashamed of myself, my cheeks burning red in the gloom, "when, had my 'accident', the ink ran."

"Fuck!" Ray echoed my curse.

"What's this?" Gerard crossed the basement so he was sitting next to me on the old couch and took the paper from Ray.

"When they took Frank, they left his ring and that number attached to it." I said numbly, playing with the silver band around my finger without really thinking about it. "Then I got it damp and now..." I lifted my palms up in a defeated gesture, "no way of getting Frank back."

"No, that's fine, I'll just use-" I was watching Gee wondering what he could possibly say next to justify the use of the words 'that's fine' after I'd just explained the situation, but he didn't get to finish as the horrible noise of the house's door opening creaked through the basement, slightly muffled. He leapt to his feet and pulled the gun from his belt, holding his fingers to his lips.

"Ray, blow out all the candles and everyone be quiet." He ordered walking towards the stairs of the basement.

So, I've said it before, but it's getting more difficult to write so that's why I didn't update last night awkward smile. Anyhoo: sorry if there's mistakes etc. I kinda rushed writing this because I've just realised I have to go out. And thank you so much everyone that has supported this story, your comments are unbelievably helpful! Thank you!

Oh, and also, in the last chapter,I forgot to say that the guy I entrusted my password etc. with, is indeed a lazy sod!

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