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chapter 9: Awakening

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She has been awakened!

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Begin Chapter

Enter Xiaolin temple

We find our young Monk reserching in the Great hall. Raimundo as always is impatient, he groans, "Whats the point of searching for something that isn't here?!", he asks annoyingly.
"Just because we haven't found it doesn't mean it's not here!", Kimiko answers.
"Please, would you two stop arguing and just help?", Omi asks. "Why should we? We're never going to find it! We might as just quite while we're ahead."
Raimundo answers as he throws a book on the floor. The book opens and the find a really old and unfamiliar scripture.
Kimiko grabs the book, "well what do you know? It is here.". "I knew that.", Raimundo says in a sheepish way.

They all huddle up and begin to read the scripture.

"houf hodith hfdoihf hdidfh
for this you got revenge.
fhkdifh fhor hfodir dfhodihfr hdifhod
bfiuhr hfodihr doihr
fhoir fhodirh rhodiht hdot
yet you were not satisfied.

Yohfier hfihr hjfi in the abyss,
nothing but darkness I see.
hjfif jhfiher hjdirhir
my loved one deeply.

In darkness I have slept,
longing for light.
hrur hffhid hiur eihr dihrr oidrhr
it always being night.
For too long I have waited,
nkf nfirf j dohjrer
This I have anticipated,
hfuhf hrfihr jhfhfi fiurhr

kfjhfhry gkgh revenge jfif hrusk hjsihdr. Darkness consumed the Empress of the dhoirh. dfjhfskd sealed thfieurth hrtiht hrtoieth world to be sealed with her.
fhidfshf ihfoihs hfhdi jdijois. this causing darkness to swell up inside clouding all the mind. personality heoir dudhoir jsoirhr hdihiwor hsoirher making the Great Vendettadrake. fhidf hdrsihif hdskirh
ndfikfh hikdhr hjodsih lkhdfes ihflsl dhodsihf oihdflkd oihdfhhf oihdfhf. jhfoerh fdlsihf hfosr. hdoiurh ifhoier. hdiyier. "

As if they couldn't understand this old writing enough, most of the words were unreadable and more then half of the page was missing!

"Nice, we are right back were we started!", Raimundo says angrily as he begins to storm out of the hall.
Raimundo bumps into Master Fung standing in the door way. "Why in such a hurry, Raimundo?", he asks.
"Master Fung, why do we keep on searching for something that isn't here?!", he asks bluntly.
"By what I've seen you HAVE found something.", he answers. And herds him to the rest of the Monks.
"Kimiko, if you please.", he extends his hand gesturing to hand over the book. She hands it over.
Master Fung examines the torn worn out page. The Monks wait for Master Fung to say something.

Master Fung turns the book to see the cover, "The Book of the Seals", he reads aloud, "Raimundo you know you aren't supposed to touch the books on the top shelf."
Tha Monks glare at Raimundo. "Hey, I thought maybe, you know, we could find something in those ancient books up there.", he says sheepishly.
"You were right, Ramindo.", Master Fung states, "This book has not been read in over 1000 years. I myself had not ever touched this book. But because of Raimundos
unwillingness to follow the rules, we have found a hug piece of the puzzle!" Raimundo was insulted but at the same time flattered.
"But there is hardly anything to it, Master Fung.", Kimiko says as she points to the torn and worn-out page. "Oh, but there is very much to it!", he states as he makes the book and closes it.
"I shall take this to the Elder Monks. We shall try to figure out the text. You have all done well.", he says as he walks out the hall.

The Monks all stare at Raimundo. "What?", he asks, "If it wasn't for me would still be researching for the damn thing!". The Monks sigh and begin to walk to their dormitories.
Raimundo quickly follows, "Hey, Guys! Wait up!".

"Did you really think Master Fung and the Elder Monks can make sense of what is left of that torn page?", Omi asks. "I dunno, partner. We just have to cross our fingers and hope they can get
at least a little bit more information.", Clay answers. "Well, now what do we do? Just wait?", Raimundo asks. "Master Fung said we could do whatever we wanted after we found something, remember?",
she answers as she reaches for her PDA.

"come to think of it, I do remember him saying that yesterday.", Clay says as he scratches his chin.
Raimundo grins happily, "WOOO HOOO! Yeah! We get to have some fun now!" He through himself on his bed and grabs his DS. He immediately begins to play and enter his own little world.
They all soon go their own separate ways. Kimiko goes on her laptop and begins to catch up on the latest gossip.
Omi heads outside to practice his Falcon strike, while Clay goes to cook some home style stake in the kitchen.

Exit Xiaolin Temple

Enter Out side of Chases house

Hannibal Bean has been waiting outside for over an hour now, "What's takin' her so long?!", he asks himself aloud. The Ying-yang bird decides to find himself a tree to perch himself on.
On his way to a tree they spot Wuya. "finally!", Hannibal points to Wuya. The ying-yang bird begins to fly towards her.
"I'm here.", Wuya says as she catches her breath. "And what, may I ask, took you so long?!", Hannibal asks. Wuya stands up straight, "It's not my fault. You'd be surprised how long it takes to get down
from that cliff!".

"Well, not that I'm here, What is so important that you had me lie to Chase?", she asks. Although she hates to admit it, she knows she can do nothing without Chases approval.
"It's time, Wuya. Vendettadrake has been awakened!", he says anxiously. Wuya looks confused, "Wasn't she ALREADY awakened?".
"You really don't know anything, do you?", Hannibal says as he smacks his four head. "I'm sorry I'm not as OLD as you, Hannibal!", sh says angrily, "Unlike you, when I was young I was busy trying to conquer the world by my own strength!
Don't by attaching myself to another and relying on their strength like a mere parasite!".

They begin to argue for a while when they finaly decide that it was going to get them nowhere.
"Are you sure that this plan won't back fire?", wuya asks. "Of course I'm sure! Other wise, why would I have awakened her?", he answers.
"You DO have a point but I still think that there is a chance that something might go wrong.", Wuya seems to be worried.
"I know this will work, just continue with the plan and be ready for when the day comes.", he says as he mounts on the ying-yang bird, "Soon ,Wuya , the world will be ours!",
with that begin said Hannibal was soon on his way to another hide out. Wuya is left alone.

Wuya is in deep thought. Can the plan really work? What I it back fires? What will happen to them? Will she devour them or condemn them to eternal darkness?
"IF this does not work... I will be doomed. Hannibal might be strong, but he is not strong enough. Without my powers I stand no chance against her.
I must make up my mind, whos side am I on?", she asks herself as she stares into the distance.

Exit outside of chases house

Enter Underworld

Julie slowly begins to open her eyes. He is awakened by the glowing light coming from her chest. The light seems as though it has a heart beat. She gasp, "Oh no.", she whispers.
The light gets stronger. A beam flies out of it! It quickly stops and the light disappears.
Soon flames burst from the ground and torches are lit. It's a whole underground city!

Jack wakes up startled and looks around, "What the-", he is speechless. He looks at Julie with such happiness, "You're ok!", he exclaims as he embraces her.
Julie hugs him back, "I told you I just needed to rest for a while.". It hits Jack, her wounds! He lets her go and begins to inspect her.
"What are doing?", Julie asks puzzled. "Your wounds! I can finally treat them properly.", he says as he begins to take out the ripped cloth.
He looks puzzled, "what the hell?".

Julie pulls her arm back. She stares at the floor. "Whats going on? Why are you completely healed?", he asks as he lifts her head.
She sighs sadly, "I'm not human, Jack.", she answers as she hold his hand. Jack is even more confused, "What?".
She stands up. "I don't get it! First we get attacked by who knows who, then you bring us here, you almost die on me,
and now, you're not human??!", Jack says as he stands up and pulls on his hair out of frustration. Julie begins to walk toward the city.
"Can you at least tell me where we are?!", Jack asks. Julie turns slowly, "We're in Doragon, city of the Dragons.".

End chapter
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