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Chapters 1 & 2

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Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor the Mummy or the Mummy Returns

This story is set back in the timeline of The Mummy Returns so here's a basic rundown of the Harry Potter timeline in relation.
1922: Harry Potter is born to Lily and James Potter.
1923: Harry is a year old and his parents are murdered by Voldemort.
1927: Harry is five and goes to Egypt with his relatives.

"She can't take him" Petunia fumed, pointing a rude finger at the small child crouched in the corner "and he'll probably destroy the house if we leave him here."

"Marge won't take him either" Vernon's voice rumbled through the house "but I don't see why we can't just lock him outside."

"No" Petunia's face was fearful "the freaks might find out. We'll have to take him with us."

Vernon Dursley looked decidedly unhappy "fine, but only because this trip is important for the future of Grunnings Weapons or we would wait until Mrs. Figg could take him. The freak can keep our Dudley amused and help carry the bags."

Harry continued to crouch in his corner, knowing that his aunt and uncle liked him to stay out of the way and the corner was better than the cupboard under the stairs any day. Harry cringed as his uncle glared at him one last time before leaving the room, how he wished his parents had never died in a car crash. Or perhaps he should have done like his aunt and uncle said and died with them.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Five year old Harry Potter looked around himself, amazed that he was actually on a trip to Egypt with his relatives. Sure they were being even crueler to him than usual, but the new sights around him more than made up for that. At least during the boat ride to Alexandria and the train ride to Cairo afterwards he hadn't had to deal with his relatives much as they had bought him the cheapest tickets available for both, Vernon grumbling all the while about the waste of good company money. Harry shuddered as he briefly remembered his uncle dragging him off to the loo before they boarded the boat, smacking him a few times to make sure he remembered to behave. Now Harry was struggling under the weight of Dudley's suitcase, trying not to loose his own ratty bag as he strained to keep up with his aunt and uncle as he followed them to the waiting car outside the train depot.

"Allow me to take that, little one" the kind voice of the driver came right before Harry was relieved of his burden "you should not be carrying the bags."

Harry stammered a polite thank you, quailing under the dark looks of his relatives as his uncle jabbed a meaty finer towards the open car door. Harry could tell that his uncle would prefer to have him walk or be shoved into the trunk with the luggage rather than sitting in the car with them. The resulting car ride was very uncomfortable for Harry, his uncle's gaze promising punishment when there were no witnesses, so he was both relieved and filled with trepidation as they arrived at the hostel they would be rooming at.

Over the next few days the Dursley's mainly ignored Harry except to command him to do something or to absentmindedly punish him for some imagined wrong. They also left him behind when they went out, giving Harry time to sneak around Cairo while his uncle dealt with business and his aunt and cousin shopped. It awed Harry to see all the different people around him and he was currently sitting in the corner of their room where he slept, planning what he wanted to do the next day. Perhaps he would go to the market place and watch the dancers or-

"Dad" Dudley's young and shrill voice echoed through the room "my sweets are gone! I think the freak ate them!"

"Boy" Vernon was livid "how dare you eat Dudley's precious sweets! Do you know how much it costs to get them!?"

"B-b-but" Harry stammered as his uncle advanced upon him, trying to say that he hadn't done it.

A crack sounded through the room as meaty flesh met the tender flesh of a child and the lights began to flicker and leap wildly in the room until a second crack echoing the first was heard, a gas lamp had exploded. Vernon's face purpled in anger as he glanced between Harry and the broken lamp, but there was also fear in the portly man's beady eyes. Before Harry knew it he was being crammed into one of the small cabinets along the wall that were used for storage. The last thing he heard before the sounds of his relatives going out for the evening was something heavy being shoved against the wooden cabinet door with a harsh scraping noise, it was meant to make sure he stayed in there and couldn't get out. Tears stung Harry's bright green eyes, but Harry knew better than to let them fall as he sought the sweet release of sleep.

"Get out of there boy, we're going on a trip."

Harry was abruptly jerked out of sleep as he was roughly hauled from the cabinet to tumble into the weak sunlight filtering into the main room. No one said anything else and so Harry remained silent as his aunt shoved his ratty rucksack into his arms, giving him an unidentifiable look as she did. After that Harry obediently followed his relatives as they walked until they came to the train depot where they boarded a train, Vernon shoving Harry under the seat while muttering gleefully on not having to pay for a ticket for the freak. Harry didn't know how long the train ride went before they began to stop, but throughout the ride Dudley took great delight in jostling him and kicking him constantly.

"Off the train boy" Vernon hissed to Harry at the third or fourth stop when everyone else had exited the car "and bring your bag."

Stiffly Harry followed his uncle, clutching his rucksack to him as they walked away from the direction everyone else had gone.

"Start walking!"

With fearful eyes Harry noticed his uncle motioning towards the desert and he tried to back away, but Vernon shoved him forward so that he stumbled and nearly fell.

"Go on" Vernon growled, letting Harry see the gun in his hand and the wild look in his eyes "start walking and don't come back or I'll kill you. They'll never find your body in the desert. I've had enough of your freakishness and won't allow you to contaminate my son anymore."

Fearfully Harry decided to walk into the desert as he had been told, it would probably be better than getting shot at and he could always double back later. Unfortunately for Harry he didn't anticipate how quickly the sun would get to him and how the shifting sands would erase his path behind him. So Harry had no other recourse than to continue to stumble tiredly through the hazy, boiling air of the desert. He had somehow made it through the night before and had discovered a hard piece of bread and canteen of water in his bag as he had pulled on his only other pair of clothes for added warmth as the temperature had dropped.

Slowly Harry raised an aching arm to put the nearly empty canteen to his parched lips, not realizing that he was falling until sand filled his mouth instead of water. The precious water spilled from the canteen and evaporated into nothing. For the longest time Harry lay still before heeding the insistent command in his mind to keep walking. He managed a few more stumbling steps before falling again. Laboriously Harry turned his head to gaze up at the burning sky, his voice cracking as it whispered painfully through his parched lips.

"Help me."

Harry's eyes closed and it seemed as if the very air itself wrapped around him before he disappeared.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Ardeth Bey reined in his stallion in a flurry of sand, an object foreign to the rolling lines of the desert having caught his eye. Keeping a hand to the blade at his side, the Medjai urged his horse on slowly until the shape resolved itself enough to be identified. It was a child. Moving faster now Ardeth slid off his mount and knelt in the unforgiving sand to look over the limp form.

"You still breathe young one" Ardeth's low voice held surprise as he spoke aloud "we best get you to the encampment then."

Easily Ardeth lifted the child up with him onto his horse and with a quick phrase in the desert language they were off, racing across the shifting dunes towards shelter. They were heading towards the Medjai training encampment that was hidden from sight, its stones of sand blending in perfectly with the desert around it. It was a fortress few knew of and that was the way the Medjai preferred things. They themselves were like the desert, deadly and always moving. They were the warriors of God and it seemed that God wished for the life of this child to be protected for the boy to have made his way so deep into the desert and still be alive.

For days Ardeth watched carefully over the child the desert had attempted to claim, rubbing salve onto the blistering skin and coaxing the child to drink. At last the efforts paid off and the child, who said his name was Harry, began to have longer and longer periods of lucidness. It angered Ardeth greatly to discover that Harry had been driven out to die by the hands of his own family, in the desert it was all too easy to lose a child and their life was considered extremely precious.

When Harry was well enough, Ardeth began to teach the child how to survive in the desert; Harry took these lessons to heart even more so than most desert children after having nearly lost his life to the shifting sand and burning sun. Harry also took fiercely to learning how to defend himself and fight back; he was clearly not going to allow himself to be pushed around any longer. The months continued to pass and Harry was still at the Medjai training encampment with Ardeth, neither seemingly having the urge to leave though Ardeth realized that it was time he said something to Harry.

"Harry" Ardeth called out.

Immediately Harry looked up from where he had been drilling with a hooked staff, fiercely attacking the makeshift wooden opponents they used for practice. Harry was the youngest boy in the encampment as Medjai training didn't usually begin until a child was eleven or twelve years old; even then most stayed to train with their tribe instead of at the encampment.

"Yes Ardeth" Harry was standing next to him now, having leapt up from the training yard to the walkway.

Ardeth took a breath "you have learned enough to survive a trip through the desert and back to the towns. If you wish I would escort you to the Egyptian officials in Cairo so that justice can be brought down upon your family."

Harry bit his lip, a nervous gesture Ardeth had not seen the child use since he had begun training, before blurting out "I don't want to go. I want to stay here with you."

Ardeth gave a nearly unnoticeable smile "then if you would prefer I would adopt you into the tribes and mark you as my apprentice and child, as a Medjai and a warrior of God."

Before he could blink, Ardeth found himself with an armful of child and he tentatively hugged Harry back. He had no family of his own and was glad that Harry had decided to stay.

"Come then" Ardeth said to Harry "let us begin."

Proudly Harry sat in a meditative pose next to the small fire Ardeth had kindled within the room that served as a shrine for the Medjai. Next to Ardeth was a small bowl of ink that would be used to mark Harry as the son of a chieftain of the twelve Medjai tribes, more specifically the son of Ardeth Bey; the marks would be permanent once made. As well there was a new tunic and robe set that bore tribal marks identical to those that Ardeth wore to replace the plain ones Harry currently had. Expertly Ardeth tattooed the marks upon Harry's flesh before helping him with his new robes and renaming the child to show that his old life was left behind and he belonged to the Medjai now.

"Welcome to the tribes of the Medjai Kedar."

It was the year 1933, the Year of the Scorpion, and eleven year old Kedar sat easily upon his stallion, Sadiki, as the hot desert sun beat pleasingly upon his tangled shoulder length hair. His eyes were shaded by one tanned hand as he gazed out at the sky and the bird winging its way laboriously towards him. The incoming bird obviously wasn't Ardeth's Horus, and Ra was currently perched upon his shoulder. No, this bird was bigger and obviously was not used to the desert. The bird came closer and Kedar could clearly see that it was some sort of owl and that it carried a parchment with it.

Holding an arm out for the owl to land, Kedar stroked the bird before taking the parchment and staring at the name upon it. It had been about six years since the name scrawled there in green ink had held any meaning for him, he would have to show this to Ardeth before he opened the envelope. Kedar kneed Sadiki forward, balancing the owl upon his arm as he kept the unfamiliar bird away from Ra who was looking as if he had just spotted a meal; the owl would need to do some recuperating before it could fly again.

After nearly an hour of riding Ra launched himself into the air, knowing that home was near. Kedar himself had to suppress a grin, his companion was just as eager as himself to reach the training compound of the Medjai. It was the only true home he knew and he hoped that Ardeth would be there when he came back, he had missed his father over the past week the Medjai chieftain had been gone. It had been within this compound that he had found healing from his relative's abandonment and murder attempt, where he had learned survival, and where he had learned to fight. From within the compound the screech of another falcon was heard and within moments Horus had joined Ra in the air. Kedar felt a faint bit of hope rise, either Ardeth was home or he had sent a message to him. Kedar continued to ride forward towards the compound and found the heavy wooden gates swinging open for him, Ardeth waiting on the other side.

"Father" Kedar cried out happily, returning the welcoming salute Ardeth gave him as he slid off of Sadiki.

"Greetings Kedar" Ardeth replied as he gathered the boy into a hug "the Gods smile upon you."

Kedar pulled back "and upon you. An owl brought me this today."

Reading the words upon the outside of the parchment Kedar was holding added another burden upon Ardeth's heart.

"Open it" he finally said "and we shall see what it says."

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorv., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall,
Deputy Headmistress

"Is this for real" Kedar asked Ardeth questioningly.

"It seems to be" Ardeth answered slowly looking at the other pages with the letter "though I did not know such schools existed; I had believed that such talents were only passed from mentor to protégée. If you wish to go send back a reply, but I will also feel better if we talk to the O'Connell's about this. You had best speak with Anhar as well even though he no longer is your teacher."

"So we are going to visit the O'Connells then" Kedar was excited, he had heard much about Rick and Evelyn from Ardeth.

"Yes" Ardeth's face grew grave "but not just because of this. The creature has been removed from his grave and those who seek to revive him head to London. In their possession they also hold the Book of the Dead and the Book of the Living. I know not how they gained both books, but the woman with the man acting as a Priest knows things no living person should."

Kedar's face was grave as he signed his reply as Kedar Harold Potter; it was strange to use anything more than Kedar, or perhaps even Kedar Bey, but Ardeth had recommended he use his birth name in connection with his now-given name and sent the owl back out later that evening. He had hesitated on whether to add his surname of Bey onto his signature, but had realized that it left a too obvious connection to a desert tribe and his people lived and died by their secrecy. This major task done, his mind turned to the next adventure at hand.

Kedar knew the story of the creature Imhotep and of the mummy's last rising. Imhotep had once been a High-priest of Egypt and had betrayed and murdered Pharoh Seti I for the forbidden love of Anck-su-namun. Imhotep had been sentenced to the Hom-Dai, in which he was buried alive with scarabs, and interred in Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead. Evy, a British librarian working in Egypt at the time, and Rick, an American saved from the hangman's noose by Evy because he knew the way to Hamunaptra, had discovered Imhotep's sarcophagus and Evy had unleashed the monster onto the world by reading from the Book of the Dead. Imhotep had then decided to use Evy to resurrect Anck-su-namun and Rick had come to the rescue, they had sent Imhotep back to his grave with the help of Evy's brother, Jonathan. Not long after the whole affair had been laid to rest, Evy and Rick had gotten married and had a son. Ardeth had, by then, once more taken up the position of sentinel to watch over Imhotep's resting place to see that he was not raised from the dead again.

And just as it was Ardeth's job to make sure the Creature remained in his grave, Kedar knew that one day it would become his responsibility, and it was his duty now to see that Imhotep was once again laid to rest before he could try and destroy the world again. Bowing his head, Kedar went to prepare himself for the journey to London that they would be undertaking. It was a place he had never wished to go to again even though he was excited to be meeting the O'Connell's; in fact Kedar had never thought to ever leave the desert that had become his home.

~~ ~~ ~*~

The trip to London seemed to take no time at all for the Medjai, though Ardeth did not seem to be all that pleased with the journey across the great waters. Kedar did not mind the trip, only the destination that would bring him all too close to his past, and he wished he was back basking in the heat of the desert. They also spent much of their time on the ship carefully avoiding being seen by some of the men that they were hunting. It had been a gift from the Gods that they had ended up being so near their quarry, but they could not attack yet as they did not know where the creature was or what their quarry sought in London. So it was to their great surprise to find that those they followed led them to the home of the O'Connell's.

On silent footsteps Ardeth and Kedar made their way into the O'Connell's residence and melted into the background, ready to act yet holding their hand until the time was right and they had gained more insight on the situation. They arrived just in time to hear Lock-Nah address Evelyn.

"Good evening" Lock-Nah's voice was smooth but deadly.

"What are you doing here" Evelyn O'Connell was wary, yet held her ground.

"I'm looking for the chest" Lock-Nah was acting as if it was the most obvious thing in the world "Give it to me now."

With a swift move filled with spirit Evelyn walked to a sword rack and pulled free one of the blades "Get out of my house."

"Whoa, mum, maybe not the best idea" the voice of a young boy caught Kedar's attention, drawing his eyes to the child who was standing next to the sought after chest.

"Alex stay back there" Evelyn commanded with a mother's authority.

At least two more men were in the room with them for they suddenly flanked Lock-Nah, spoiling for a fight. It appeared that they were they to do the dirty work for Lock-Nah who was now watching on in amusement, white teeth flashing predatorily out of his darkened face.

"Definitely not the best idea" Alex's voice held fear and yet a bit of hope as he added "I think it's time to yell for dad now."

But Lock-Nah had not yet had the final word "Now I will kill you and take it anyway."

"I think not" Ardeth suddenly spoke, moving with a proud grace to Evelyn's side as swords were pulled.

Kedar was already moving so that he was nearer to Alex when Evelyn turned her attention to Ardeth. It was not the brightest thing to do when faced with an enemy.

"Ardeth" she asked "what are you doing here."

"Perhaps explanations are best kept for later" there was no humor in Ardeth's voice, only seriousness as he faced his opponent.

"Ardeth Bey" Lock-Nah greeted sardonically.

"Lock-Nah" Ardeth returned, unconcerned.

With a cry Lock-Nah signaled the start of the fight and Ardeth threw his cloak off and drew his sword in one smooth move, whipping forwards to attack Lock-Nah's companions as Evelyn cart-wheeled backwards to gain room to fight. The move proved to be a good one as Evelyn's foot smashed into the face of her opponent. Ardeth was busily engaged with two opponents as Kedar stepped forward to guard his father's back from the third attacker. Up, down, thrust, and back. The fight was a dance to Kedar and Ardeth as their swords flashed and scraped through the air. In the background Alex could be heard calling to his mom who was fighting with a fierce skill that surprised most of those in the room. Meanwhile Ardeth and Kedar kept on alert as Lock-Nah had yet to make his move, he merely watched on smiling.

Suddenly Lock-Nah spoke as Ardeth deflected a particularly skilled double attack "not bad, for a Medjai."

Kedar felt himself get defensive at hearing those words, and lost his concentration for a moment. That was all it took for his opponents sword handle to smash into his face and drive him into the wall where he tried to blink away the swirling sand that consumed his vision. Kedar managed to stumble to his feet just as he heard Alex yell as the chest he had been guarding was wrest from him by one of Lock-Nah's men. Kedar began to move towards Alex to help the child.

With a cry Ardeth disabled the last of his opponents and Lock-Nah chose to get involved so that Ardeth couldn't rescue the obviously valuable chest.

"What's in the chest" Ardeth yelled.

Evelyn glanced over, still fighting "the Bracelet of Anubis."

Lock-Nah swung his sword in a complicated swirl, aiming for Ardeth's head. Just in time Ardeth managed to duck and came up with his sword to block the next blow only to receive a few punches to the face that he quickly returned.

"They must not get the Bracelet" Ardeth gasped during a brief lull in the fight "get it and get out of here."

Lock-Nah was overpowering Ardeth and Kedar ran forward to help, only to be torn in his mission when a crash came from his side as Alex toppled a shelf onto one of the men trying to retrieve their sword. Evelyn grabbed the chest only for another man to come out of nowhere and strike a blow across her face. Kedar turned to help but a pain in the back of his head sent him sprawling.

"Mum look out" Alex cried.

"Evelyn" Ardeth's distraction allowed Lock-Nah to slash him across the arm and deal him a blow to the face that sent him to the floor.

"Mum" Alex cried out as his mother was being abducted.

Ardeth got to his feet, ignoring the pain he was in only to have to dodge as Lock-Nah sent a wicked looking throwing blade at him. With a satisfied sweep Lock-Nah donned the cloak he had shed earlier and walked smugly from the room.

"Father" Kedar stumbled over to the older Medjai, still trying to clear his head.

"We must follow them" Ardeth swung an arm round Kedar to help support the boy "they must not be allowed to raise the creature and use-"

"What about my mum" Alex was both scared and angry.

"We will get your mother back young Alex" Ardeth promised "but we must hurry."

Together the trio made their way outside towards the sweeping driveway of the house, Kedar leaning lightly on his father for support. Outside they could hear gunshots echoing rapidly through the night and followed the sound to see two cars pulling away, one man firing rapidly at two figures crouched in the dark.

"Dad! Dad" Alex called out breathlessly as he ran forward to be pulled into his father's arms.

"O'Connell" Ardeth greeted one of the men only to be suddenly grabbed by the throat and shoved roughly against a stone column.

Kedar's hand went instinctively to his sword, but he backed down at the look Ardeth gave him.

"What the hell are you doing here" the man, Rick O'Connell, was demanding of Ardeth "no, scratch that, I don't care. Who the hell are those guys and where are they taking my wife?"

"My friend," Ardeth sighed "I am not sure, but wherever this man is, your wife will surely be."

Ardeth held up a picture of a man in Egyptian dress that was immediately snatched away by Alex.

"Hey, I know him" Alex exclaimed "he's the curator; he works at the British Museum."

"Are you sure" Ardeth asked seriously.

"You better believe it" Rick said with fond exasperation "he spends more time there than he does at home."

Rick grabbed Alex's arm and turned to hurry around the side of the house, the rest of the group following.

"Okay" Rick was saying "You're here. The bad guys are here. Evy's been kidnapped. Let me guess-"

"Yes" Ardeth interrupted "they've once again removed the creature from his grave."

"Not to point any fingers" Jonathan spoke up hesitantly "but isn't it your job to make sure that doesn't happen?"

Kedar glared at the man who dared imply that Ardeth had slacked in his duties.

"It was not his fault" he spoke up hotly, drawing the attention of the adults.

"Who the hell is this" Rick asked; there was no heat in his voice, merely curiosity.

"My son, Kedar" Ardeth replied, pride hidden deep within his voice "and he is correct. The woman who is with them, she knows things, things that no living person could possibly know. She knew exactly where the creature was buried. We were hoping she would lead us to the Bracelet. She obviously did and now they have it."

"I wouldn't get too nervous just yet" Alex declared, rolling up his sleeve to show off the Bracelet of Anubis.

"Is that gold" Jonathan asked, longing in his voice.

Alex ignored his uncle and continued on "when I stuck it on I saw the Pyramids of Giza then woosh straight across the desert to Karnak."

Kedar felt his heart sink, well had he been drilled in the legend of the Bracelet of Anubis and could tell from his father's face that the situation was dire indeed. Suddenly Kedar realized how inane his worry over the letter that had come to him was as he was faced this new development. Now things were not as simple as stopping the Creature from returning from his grave, they would also be faced with the servant of the Dark God Anubis. The Scorpion King; the servant of Anubis that had command of the deadliest army in the world, an army that would lay waste to everything in its path.

"By putting this on you have started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse" Ardeth's voice rushed out with rising intonation, his hands lightly touching the Bracelet as he briefly examined it; their job had just gotten that much harder.

"You, lighten up" Rick said to Ardeth before turning to Alex "you, big trouble."

For a moment Rick studied Jonathan before sighing and pointing "you, get in the car."

Not showing his nervousness Kedar also climbed into the car, trying to ignore the fact that a car crash had taken the lives of his biological parents. At least that was what he had been told by his relatives. But if that was so then why did he see flashes of a sickly green light every time he thought of his parent's deaths. He may have not had much contact with the outside world since becoming a Medjai, but his education on the world was not lacking and he knew that cars did not cause green lights when they wrecked. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Kedar focused on the conversation Ardeth was having with Rick O'Connell.

"I am sorry if I alarmed your son" Ardeth was saying "but you must understand that now that the Bracelet is on his wrist we only have seven days until the Scorpion King awakens."

"We" Rick O'Connell asked in disbelief "what we?"

Kedar could not believe the way this man was acting. Did he truly not know, truly not understand? Or was his worry over his wife clouding all else from his thoughts?

"If he is not killed he will raise the army of Anubis" Ardeth said this matter-of-factly, but Kedar knew his father well enough to sense the urgency behind the words.

The words hung heavily in the air of the car until Jonathan leaned forward "I take it that's not a good thing."

"Oh, he'll wipe out the world" Rick said nonchalantly, briefly glancing from the road.

"Ah, the old wipe out the world ploy" Jonathan said knowingly before leaning back and resting his head against the seat.

Ardeth continued on as if he had never been interrupted "the man that can kill the Scorpion King can send his army back to the Underworld or use it to destroy mankind and rule the Earth."

"So that's why they dug up Imhotep" Rick said in sudden understanding "because he's the only one tough enough to take out the Scorpion King."

"That is their plan" Ardeth said heavily, the weight of their task becoming more than apparent.
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