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Mummies and Magic Carpets

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Chapters 3 & 4

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Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor the Mummy or the Mummy Returns

This story is set back in the timeline of The Mummy Returns so here's a basic rundown of the Harry Potter timeline in relation.
1922: Harry Potter is born to Lily and James Potter.
1923: Harry is a year old and his parents are murdered by Voldemort.
1927: Harry is five and goes to Egypt with his relatives.

When they pulled up to the museum there was no indication to show that anyone was inside yet they knew they were in the right place.

"All right Alex" Rick turned to his son "I have a big job for you. I want you to stay here and protect the car."

"I can do that" Jonathan chimed in.

"Protect the car" Alex seemed slightly insulted "Come on dad, just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm stupid."

"I know" Rick said fondly, ruffling Alex's hair.

"Dad" Alex complained, jerking his head away from the fatherly hand.

At that point Jonathan chose to make one of his usual, fear driven, inane remarks that had Rick suggesting he stay in the car as well. Naturally Jonathan took him up on the offer and Kedar couldn't help but roll his eyes as he climbed out over Alex to get out of the car. Alex began to protest that Kedar was allowed to go into the museum, but his father and Ardeth were already out of the car and heading towards the boot where the weapons were. In the boot of the car Rick flipped open the latches of his weapons case and lifted the lid with the smooth ease of long practice. Inside was a small arsenal of firearms that would be perfect in the upcoming situation where they were going to be clearly outnumbered.

"You want the shotgun" Rick asked Ardeth.

"No" Ardeth replied "I prefer the Thompson."

Shrugging Rick handed over the Thompson and chose the shot gun for himself as well as a few pistols. Kedar picked up the remaining pair of guns and decided that the set of throwing knives stuck in the lid of the case wouldn't be amiss either. So far the two men had neither encouraged nor discouraged his coming along with them and he realized that Ardeth was giving him the choice. Rick didn't look to sure about his inclusion, but couldn't very well make him stay behind. The three spent the next brief moment loading their weapons and testing their grips when Ardeth grew still and took an unnatural interesting in his gun.

"If I were to say to you I'm a stranger traveling from the east, seeking that which is lost-" Ardeth spoke questioningly, attention still seemingly upon the gun in his hands.

"Then I would reply that I am a stranger traveling from the west, it is I whom you seek. How..." Rick was puzzled.

"Then it is true" Ardeth was sounding slightly excited, motioning to a tattoo upon Rick's wrist "you have the sacred mark."

Kedar's eyes were drawn to the tattoo and realized it was quite similar to the one hidden upon his own person. He hadn't thought of his own tattoo in a long time. When he was about four his uncle had noticed it seemingly for the first time, ranting about how much of a freak he was for having such a thing upon his body and beat him, so he had wished it hidden. He had forgotten about it, had never thought to tell Ardeth about it. He would have to mention something about it later when there was more time and they weren't about to go into battle.

"What that?" Rick was dismissing the tattoo "That got slapped on me when I was in an orphanage in Cairo."

"That mark" Ardeth insisted "means you are a protector of man. A warrior of God, a Medjai."

"Sorry" Rick said, snapping the shotgun closed, though he did not sound all that remorseful "you got the wrong guy."

With that Rick turned and strode purposefully to one of the museum entrances, leaving Ardeth and Kedar to follow as they will. Kedar was suddenly beginning to wonder if there was more to his having been abandoned by his relatives in the desert than met the eye, could there have been some sort of divine intervention behind the whole thing? He would have to speak of the matter with one of the mage-priests of the tribe later, right now he had a task to do.

The halls of the British Museum were darker and more silent than in the day time, a fact that was not helped any when the trio considered their mission. Without warning minor mummies began to hiss and scream as a semblance of live was forced back into them from the power warping wildly unchecked through the air, their decayed and wrapped limbs reaching for the living humans passing by them. Whoever was causing this was untrained, the power barely leashed, and Kedar shivered as he, Rick, and Ardeth hurried on. Sometimes those who were untrained could cause more harm than those who knew what they were doing when they called upon power. Thankfully, the mummies they were encountering now were mere corpses still and not really anything to be concerned about.

When they finally came upon a balcony overlooking the foyer of the museum the room was set up for the ritual that the curator, Hafez, had already begun. Torches outlined two walkways that met to spread out into a circle where Hafez was chanting from the Book of the Dead, the creature Imhotep in the center of it all. The chanting reached a crescendo and from within his amber like casing the creature stirred, his rotten and twisted joints bursting free with strength the withered and dehydrated limbs should not have possessed. Before their very eyes Imhotep began to regenerate slightly, gaining flesh over parts of his corpse that had suddenly taken on a slimy appearance. Twisting in his newly revived body and looking around at the fools supplicating themselves before him, Imhotep began to call out in Egyptian, speaking with Hafez before a woman stepped forward.

It was the woman Ardeth had spoken of, the one that knew things no living person should. Her next words gave them insight on how this could be so.

"I am Anck-su-namun reincarnated" she stated boldly, not fearing Imhotep.

"You know" Rick spoke suddenly as the events continued to unfold below them "a couple of years ago this would have seemed really strange to me."

Rick clapped Ardeth on one shoulder and began moving through the shadows towards the ground floor so that he could get to Evy, trusting that the Medjai would watch his back. Meanwhile the reincarnated Anck-su-namun had gestured towards the slab of wood Evelyn was lying on, tied up like a sacrifice. Evelyn was to be a gift to Imhotep, or rather her death was. The followers of Imhotep lifted Evy and carried her towards an indoor fire pit where she was to be cremated. In hopeless defiance Evy addressed Imhotep.

"You wait" she cried "I'll put you in your grave again!"

Hafez was smug "our thinking was not if we put you in your grave first."

"You bastard" Evy screamed as the platform she had been carried on was tilted towards the fire.

In a cliché heroic move, Rick jumped through the fire like a man possessed and landed on the slab, forcing it and it's bearers to the ground. In a swift move he had Evy thrown over his shoulder and was making a fast exit while everyone was still too stunned to do anything. Meanwhile Ardeth and Kedar took advantage of this shock and began providing cover fire for Rick. Unfortunately those below soon recovered and fire was returned, they were outgunned. Rick meanwhile had cut Evy's bonds and they had rejoined Ardeth and Kedar. Ardeth blew a few shots into Imhotep in hopes of at least slowing the creature down a bit while Rick aimed for the stacks of crates sitting around the outskirts of the room, symbols on them advertising of their high flammability. Seeing what was happening Ardeth followed Rick's lead, trapping the group below in a circle of flames.

"Kedar" Ardeth yelled "go to the car, tell them to be ready!"

Nodding Kedar shot off a few more bullets before beginning to run, freezing for a brief moment as he saw Imhotep lifting up a jar from a shelf and removing the lid so that a dust the color of the desert sand swirled into the air. Imhotep began to chant in an ancient tongue, yet Kedar found that he knew what was being said. It was the tongue of Sight, the language his mentor Anhar had taught him.

"Collect your bones. Gather your limbs. Shake the Earth from your flesh" Imhotep demanded of the dusty remains of his servants "your Master is here."

Kedar barely had time to hear Rick groan "Oh no, not these guys again" before he was running again towards the exit, the power in the room was swirling about him and making him feel lightheaded from its potency; Imhotep knew what he was doing.

Quickly Kedar burst free from the suffocating, tomb-like museum in which dark death hovered and skidded around the building to where the car was parked. As he rounded the side of the building it was just in time to hear the roar of Imhotep's servants as they prepared for the hunt and battle that was to come and Jonathan and Alex scrambled hurriedly out of the car.

"What are we going to do" Jonathan's voice was frightened and high-pitched "what are we going to do?"

"You're asking me" Alex was panicked as well "I'm only eight years old for Christ sake!"

"Start the car" Kedar called, still running towards Jonathan and Alex "we must get out of here quickly!"

"We can't" Alex yelled "we can't. He broke the key."

"We need something to drive" Jonathan danced around anxiously before taking off running.

In exasperation Alex and Kedar followed, quickly catching up to Jonathan who was standing triumphant in front of a red, double-decker bus.

"Oh no" Kedar groaned as he saw Jonathan coming up with a set of key the absent driver must have stashed.

"Get on kids" Jonathan had already started the bus.

With another groan Kedar followed Alex onto the bus and took up position at the rear to watch their backs, cursing in at least three different languages.. Anything would have been better than a damn double-decker bus, but they needed to get back to Ardeth, Rick, and Evelyn quickly and time was running out. So it was just as the trio from inside the museum had just about reached the empty car that Jonathan pulled up in the bus and honked to catch their attention.

"Alex" Evy called, running to her son.

"Kedar" Ardeth sounded just as worried after not seeing his son waiting at the car.

"Father" Kedar briefly hugged the other Medjai before continuing to mutter obscenities in Egyptian, English, the language of Sight, and what Ardeth thought was French about stupid Englanders and their harebrained ideas.

"What's the matter with my car" Rick could suddenly be heard yelling.

"Well" Jonathan futilely tried to cover his ass "I was forced to find an alternative means of transportation."

"A double-decker bus?!"

"It was his idea" Jonathan tried to blame Alex.

"Was not" Alex sounded highly affronted in the way only a child could.

"Was too."

"Was not."

"Just drive" Rick commanded suddenly, halting the squabble between his brother-in-law and son.

Jonathan hit the gas and they began to pull away from the museum as the servants of Imhotep burst through the stone wall right next to the museum doors. With unnatural speed they ran after the bus, running up over Rick's car and crushing it in the process.

"No" Rick cried on a moan "no, not my car. Oh I hate mummies."

"Glad to see me now" Ardeth asked on a whim.

Rick gave him a look and grabbed his gun tighter as he prepared to climb to the second story of the bus "just like old times, huh?"

Ardeth gave a tight smile in return and took up position at the back of the bus, aiming at the mummies running with supernatural speed behind them. With a well placed shot Ardeth blew part of a leg off of one of the mummies, spinning it and sending it briefly to the ground. Its two companions seemed to be more deft at avoiding being shot and leapt to lope along the walls of the buildings lining the street the bus was careening down. Shot after shot was fired and one of the mummies suddenly disappeared, whether it was down or not they didn't know. Yet in the time it had taken to incapacitate that mummy that far the two flanking them had leapt for the second story of the bus. Rick managed to blast off the lower half of one, but the other one landed with a thump upon the roof.

"To Rick" Ardeth instructed Kedar as he finished off the legless mummy "I'll stay down here."

Kedar scampered up the steps to the second level of the bus, reloading his gun as he went. The pistols weren't nearly as effective as the shotgun or the Thompson, but they could still provide enough damage to be helpful. Kedar poked his head over the top of the ladder just in time to have to duck as one of the seats from the observation deck of the bus came hurtling at his head. The seat had come hurtling at him when Rick was thrown into it by the mummy, his gun skittering from his hand. Futilely Rick scrabbled for his gun only to be grasped by the ankles and hauled back towards his attacker. Giving up on the gun, Rick twisted his body so that he was facing the mummy and poked his fingers into the empty eye sockets. The mummy roared in pain and anger and Kedar took the advantage and drew a long dagger, decapitating the decaying corpse. The body continued to flail and Kedar kept hacking at it until it disintegrated back into the dust it had come from.

Rick took care of the head, swinging his gun like a bat and yelling "and it's outta here!"

Kedar looked at Rick strangely, shaking his head at the eccentricities of the Englander as he ducked an attack from yet another mummy. Kedar wondered where in hell they were still coming from.

"Duck Kedar" Rick suddenly yelled and Kedar complied without question, flattening his body to the floor of the bus.

Darkness surrounded them as they went through the tunnel though Kedar could feel the ceiling of the tunnel whip over is head, the bus no longer had a roof.

"That could not have worked better than if we had planned it" Kedar commented once it was safe to stand again, the mummy was nothing more than a smear upon the outside wall of the tunnel now.

Tiredly Rick nodded "let's head down, it's all clear up here."

"Jonathan! Turn, turn, turn" Evy was yelling as they made their way down to the first level of the bus.

Ardeth was yelling as he was flung to the floor, the mummy landing on top of him with a roar. Ardeth had lost his gun and the mummy was clawing at him. With a determined mien Evy snatched up the gun that Ardeth had lost during his fight with the mummy and blew it to pieces, just as the servant of Imhotep was about to go in for the kill. Moments later the bus was stopping safely upon a bridge and everyone was breathing sighs of relief. They had destroyed Imhotep's servants and none of them were seriously injured.

"Alright?" Rick asked Ardeth, giving the panting Medjai a hand up.

"This" Ardeth said with a grimace "was my first bus ride."

Rick gave a small chuckled and moved so that Kedar could sink down next to Ardeth "what about you Kedar?"

"It was not my first bus ride" Kedar grinned before becoming serious once again "but certainly the most eventful one."

Just then a disheveled looking Evy motioned Rick over with a crook of her finger "what would I do without you?"

Rick looked down into her eyes, arms wrapping around her waist "are all Librarians this much trouble?"

Their lips locked and Alex rolled his eyes "Geez, get a room."

Rick and Evy didn't appear to hear as they continued to kiss each other softly and Alex moved towards the bus doors to get away from the cloying atmosphere. Jonathan was still slumped down in the drivers seat while Kedar and Ardeth were talking quietly to each other, discussing what needed to be done next. No one noticed the car pulling up silently beside the bus, or the men sneaking up on Alex.

"No, let me go, stop!" Alex's yells alerted everyone to his kidnapping.

"Stop!" Rick yelled, breaking away from Evy as he ran after the now moving car.

Rick continued to run after the car, yelling, but the car was pulling ahead and the bridge was rising. In desperation Rick tried to jump the gap but barely managed to grab onto the other side, fingers scrabbling for purchase before he used his arms to haul his head above the edge of the road.

"Alex" he sobbed softly as he watched the car disappear, still dangling from the edge of the bridge.

By the time they got Rick down off the bridge Evy was bordering on tears and Rick moved behind her to wrap his arms protectively around his wife's waist. Rick and Evelyn were quiet, neither ready to speak and admit that what had just happened was real. Yet Ardeth knew that something needed to be said and he knew it would be enough of a consolation to put the needed fire back into the distraught couple.

"Please" Ardeth spoke "do not fear for your son my friends. They cannot hurt him for he wears the Bracelet of Anubis."

"Alex is wearing the Bracelet" Evy's voice held both hope and worry as her eyes grew wide.

Rick nodded, reassuring Evy that it was so "when he put it on he said he saw the Pyramids of Giza, he saw the Temple of Karnack-"

"Yes" Ardeth confirmed this "and when they reach Karnack the Bracelet will show him the next step of the journey."

Evy was determined now "if we don't get to Karnack before them we won't have any idea where to look for him next."

"It seems to me" Rick began slowly "that we need a magic carpet."

The hot, arid desert winds washed over them as the car rumbled down the road. They were finally back in Egypt and were heading towards Rick's magic carpet. They were hoping to be able to get ahead of Imhotep though it did not seem likely with the head start the creature had. Ardeth had sent Horus off the moment they had once again arrived on Egypt sands and he would soon part with the group to join up with the Medjai chieftains to lead them to Magic Carpet Airways. They were going to need the help of the tribes before this quest was over.

"Kedar" Ardeth interrupted the boy's thoughts "do you think you could search for Alex?"

Kedar nodded and reached into a pouch tied to his waist, pulling out a black stone shot through with silver "I can try."

They had found out a few years ago that Kedar could sometimes see things either past or present, as of yet he had not seen anything of the future. Fire and water had proven to be good conductors for Kedar's scrying, but by far the best had been the black stone he had found one day in the desert. Consciously Kedar slowed his breathing as he had been taught and focused on the stone, falling into it's depths as it seemed to embrace him. Slowly from the darkness emerged a silver light from which figures began to take shape.

"Hey" Alex exclaimed "the Book of the Dead!"

"What a bright little child" the reincarnated Anck-su-namun said "your mother must be missing you terribly; if you want to see her again, you better behave."

"Lady" Alex was defiant "I don't behave for my parents, what makes me think I'll do it for you."

"Silence" Lock-Nah snapped, having already lost his temper with Alex long ago.

"Because your parents would not slip poisonous snakes into your bed" she pecked him on the cheek, ignoring everything else "while you were sleeping."

Alex gave Anck-su-namun a look of disgust, but did not back down as Hafez announced "Lord Imhotep wishes to meet the boy."

"Now we shall see how brave you are" Lock-Nah looked pleased as he shoved Alex along towards another car in the train.

Kedar went to follow them but as they journeyed into the new compartment a searing tingle rode through Kedar's mind and his metaphysical self was faced with a vision of the immensely powerful Imhotep. Roughly Kedar pulled himself free of the vision, entering back into the void before he could go any further. He was not ready to enter the realm where Imhotep's powers could overwhelm him, could trap him if he was discovered to be spying. It was not worth the risk and Alex would be fine until they reached Ahm Shere as long as the Bracelet was on his wrist. Gladly Kedar withdrew his consciousness from the black depths of the stone, blinking as his eyes began to water in the desert sunlight. For an instant there, when he was in the void, he had sworn that he hadn't been alone, there had been a...presence.

"What did you see Kedar" Ardeth asked after giving Kedar a moment to regain himself.

"I was unable to see anything" Kedar said in half truth, deciding it was best not to add to the O'Connell's worries "I was unable to pierce the power surrounding the creature. He has grown strong."

Kedar could easily see that Ardeth did not believe him, his father knew him too well to accept what he had just said as the truth, but the Medjai leader also knew when was the time to speak and when it was not time. Ardeth would ask later when it was just the two of them.

"At least you tried" Ardeth commented as they arrived in front of a weathered sign bearing the words Magic Carpet Airways "but I must go meet the Commanders and bring them here. They should not be too far away now."

Kedar nodded and followed after Rick and Evy who were approaching the enclosed compound that was their destination, Jonathan trailing behind. He wished to go with his father to greet the Commanders, but the O'Connell's also needed protection and he was still feeling slightly disoriented from his brush with Imhotep's power.

"This is the magic carpet" Evy was asking Rick with some trepidation, eyeing the rundown place.

"It'll be fine; he's a professional" Rick assured Evy before crying out a happy greeting "Izzy!"

The man that had just walked out through the doors of the Magic Carpet Airway compound started before running back through the gates, slamming them shut and locking them behind him.

"Hey" Rick cried out in disbelief.

"He definitely remembers you" Evy observed wirily.

"He's a little shy" Rick said "Jonathan, get our bags."

"My hands are full" Jonathan said lethargically, holding onto the Scepter of Osiris.

"Now" Rick commanded, deftly plucking the scepter free of his brother-in-laws grasp.

"I'll take care of this" Rick continued, pulling a gun with his other hand and shooting the lock.

"Honey" Evy said dryly "you're not a subtle man."

Rick gave her a what can I do gesture before kicking the door open "we don't have time for subtle."

Inside Izzy was running around, grabbing up papers and shooting frightened looks over his shoulder at Rick with his patchless eye.

"Izzy" Rick demanded "come here."

"No, no, no" it was a muttered mantra to Izzy.

"Doesn't look happy to see you" Evy commented, fishing for details on what her husband had done to scare this man so.

Rick looked self-assured "never turned me down yet."

As if he had heard Izzy began to speak to Rick "Whatever it is, whatever you need, I don't care. Forget it O'Connell. Every time I hook up with you I get shot. Last time I got shot in the ass. I'm in mourning for my ass. Remember that bank job in Marakesh?"

"Bank job?" Evy's tone held warning as she turned to face Rick.

"It's not like it sounds" Rick said, holding his hands out in a placating gesture.

"Ah, it's exactly how it sounds" Izzy asserted "I'm flying high, hiding in the sun. The white boy here flags me down. So I fly in low for the pickup and the next thing you know I get shot. I'm lying in the middle of the road with my spleen hanging out and I see him waltzing up with some belly dancer girl."

"Belly dancer girl" Evy's eyebrows were raised at Rick "Izzy, I think you and I should talk."

"As long as I don't get shot" Izzy said.

"Quit your whining" Rick snapped "you're going to get paid this time."

"O'Connell, you look around here any" Izzy asked in disbelief "What the hell do I need money for? What the hell am I going to spend it on?"

"I'm going to keep this short" Rick was beginning to loose his temper "My little boy is out there. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him back."

Izzy's eyes were hungrily following the scepter in Rick's hand as the man gestured to emphasize his point "O'Connell, you give me that gold stick there and you can shave my head, wax my legs, and use me for a surf board."

"Didn't we do that in Tripoli" Rick seemed to be trying to remember as he handed over the scepter before motioning to Izzy's face "How did you lose your eye?"

"Oh, I didn't" Izzy said offhandedly, eye still firmly glued to the scepter in his hand "I just thought it made me look more dashing."

Rick shook his head in exasperation and ripped off the eye patch roughly "come on, get to work."

Kedar lost interest in the conversation going on between the adults at that point, there really was nothing for him to do, but then the lightest beat of hooves could be felt rumbling through the desert ground. Perking up, Kedar quickly began to move to greet the approaching Medjai Chieftains and reached them just in time to take the reins of Ardeth's stallion as his father dismounted. Respectfully Kedar bowed in greeting and received similar gestures in return. Ardeth had already filled them in on what was happening and Kedar did not have much to add beyond the fact that they had secured some means of aerial travel in which to quickly follow Imhotep with. After exchanging a few more brief words Ardeth and Kedar took their leave and began to walk towards the O'Connell's to fill them in.

The two Medjai's drew close to the O'Connell's in time to hear Izzy mutter "I knew it, I'm going to get shot."

Kedar suppressed a smirk directed towards Izzy as Ardeth spoke "These are the commanders of the twelve tribes of the Medjai. Horus."

At hearing his name, Horus took flight from where he perched upon one of the Chieftains gloved fists and flew gracefully towards Ardeth. It was a joy to watch Horus in even such a short flight, the golden sun glinting off of the falcon's sleek feathers as the bird uttered a soft cry. Ra, who had already perched himself upon Kedar's shoulder, echoed the cry and Kedar reached up to lovingly stroke his friends soft plumage.

"Pet birds" Jonathan nodded in a knowing fashion.

"They are our best and most trusted friends" Ardeth said, referring to both Horus and Ra "they will let the commanders know of our progress so that they may follow."

Together Ardeth and Kedar turned to salute the waiting Commanders, giving them permission to head out across the desert. Reverently the Medjai Commanders returned the gestures and galloped away in a cloud of sand dust, Kedar and Ardeth both feeling the urge to mount up and follow. To feel the sun beat down upon their dark heads as they moved as one with their horses, the sand and wind kicking up around them-

"If the army of Anubis arises, they will do all they can to stop it" Ardeth told the O'Connells before the group turned to walk after Izzy towards their plane.

As they followed Izzy, Rick and Evy began to squabble, picking up from where they had left off when the commanders had arrived.

"A belly dancer girl" Evy was huffy "right now I'm not sure I like you one bit."

Without warning Rick swept Evy into his arms before she could go on, kissing her soundly before pulling away and setting her back onto her feet "no, you love me."

Evy's mouth opened to say something more, but everyone had just caught sight of the dirigible Izzy was leading them too.

"Izzy" Rick stated, pulling and cocking one of his guns "you were right, you're going to get shot."

Izzy quickly held up his hands and protested about how the dirigible was faster than it looked and was better than a plane. In a moment Rick had calmed down and allowed Evy to talk him into putting the gun away before they boarded the dirigible. They didn't have the time for Izzy to decide to refuse them.

"Why can't you people ever keep your feet on the ground" Ardeth groaned, boarding the dirigible behind Kedar; he was really beginning to wish he had stayed to lead the Medjai tribes instead of deeming it more important to aide the O'Connells. Kedar on the other hand was suddenly looking forward to this new experience, from the dirigible he would be able to see the world as Ra did.
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