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Chapters 5 & 6

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Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter nor the Mummy or the Mummy Returns

This story is set back in the timeline of The Mummy Returns so here's a basic rundown of the Harry Potter timeline in relation.
1922: Harry Potter is born to Lily and James Potter.
1923: Harry is a year old and his parents are murdered by Voldemort.
1927: Harry is five and goes to Egypt with his relatives.

Soon they were setting off across the desert in the dirigible, puttering softly through the waning sunlight. It was a beautiful sight, the red and golden hues painted against a rapidly darkening sky. Together Ardeth and Kedar settled themselves down upon the floor of the dirigible, leaning back against the side railing and pulling their cloaks around them in anticipation of the dropping temperature. Kedar had finally managed to escape Izzy and his outlandish tales of all the scraps he had gotten into, most so unrealistic that Kedar hadn't been able to resist asking if dream wounds manifested themselves in real life; the comment had gone over Izzy's head. For now, there wasn't much they could do at this point except wait patiently and rest for any upcoming confrontations.

"What is it that you saw earlier" Ardeth asked when he was sure the O'Connell's would not hear their conversation.

Softly Kedar related the intrigue he had seen Alex being consumed in and how he had been taken to see the creature "I went to follow into the compartment where Imhotep resides, but as I went to enter a vision of his presence seared through my mind and I jerked free of the sight. I could have pressed forward, but I feared being caught in his power and being unable to escape."

"You did right Kedar" Ardeth assured him "we do not want to lose one in order to rescue another, and I will especially not risk you."

Kedar and Ardeth spent a while longer talking before Kedar glanced at the worried couple standing together at the front of the dirigible. In thought Kedar reached into his cloak and pulled out the letter he had received a few days ago. Anhar hadn't been able to tell him anything of the letter, but had suggested he look into it further and see if there was anything he could learn from these people about using the Sight or whatever form of power they taught. Rising Kedar walked over to the couple and waited respectfully for them to take notice of him.

"What is it Kedar" Evy asked softly, tears in her voice.

Kedar passed the letter to her "another of the reasons we came to England was to speak to you and see if you could tell us anything about this letter. Harry Potter is the name I was known by before I came to the desert."

Evy pursued the letter, confusion furrowing her face "I myself cannot help you with this Kedar, but I think I know someone who might be able to. William is a colleague of mine, very interested in Egyptian curses and all forms of magic. We'll arrange a meeting once we get back to London, if you do not mind trusting him with this that is."

"Thank you" Kedar said, taking the letter back before reassuming his seat next to Ardeth as he tried to get some sleep.

Kedar managed to get some sleep before Ra's wing brushed against his face and woke him up. Nearby the soft murmur of voices caught his attention.

"If a man does not embrace his past, he has no future" Ardeth was telling Rick one of the truths the Medjai embraced.

"Look" Rick glanced up from checking over his gun "even if I was some sort of sacred Medjai what good does that do me now?"

"It is the missing piece of your heart" Ardeth informed Rick wisely "if you embrace it, if you accept it, you can do anything."

"Sounds great" Rick said untruthfully "listen, what can we expect from our old friend Imhotep."

Ardeth sighed but accepted the change in the conversation "his powers are returning quickly, by the time he reaches Ahm Shere even the Scorpion King won't be able to stop him."

Kedar was about to drift back into sleep, knowing that he needed to catch it while he could, when waves of power began to tease the edge of his awareness. Cracking his eyes open he watched as fog rolled in around them, swirling with power as the mist converged most strongly around Evelyn. Kedar felt himself being drawn into the mists as well and flowed with it as scenes of memories not his own flashed before his eyes.

"It is time to remind you of who you are-" the voice was the power behind the mist "and of who we are together. For our love is a true love, an eternal love, our souls mated...together as one...forever."

Kedar watched as Nefertiri and Anck-su-namun battled for the Pharoh's approval and pleasure. Back and forth they moved with fluid grace though Anck-su-namun possessed a defiant fierceness Nefertiri did not, their weapons clanging together with wordless insult. It was obvious that Nefertiri was her father's favored one, and for that, Anck-su-namun hated them both. The hatred deepened when Nefertiri became the guardian of the Bracelet of Anubis and she was to become the property of Seti, making her love for Imhotep forbidden.

"She is engulfed in a vision" Kedar spoke suddenly in the quiet that had descended upon the dirigible, his voice seemingly working of its own accord "just as her past is tied to our quest, so is she tied to the soul of Anck-su-namun and the magic wrought of Imhotep."

"Kedar?" Ardeth's voice was questioning and hoarse as the very air around them seemed to thicken and consume sound.

"I can see it. I can see them" Kedar's voice sounded flat and devoid of life as his consciousness was caught between the vision and the real world "this is the work of the creature. His powers are fully returned."

They all stood frozen, even Izzy who had no idea of what was going on, and Kedar continued to experience the vision that was consuming Evelyn. He saw the betrayal of Anck-su-namen with Imhotep as they killed the Pharaoh. It was at that point where Evelyn's emotions overcame the power of the vision, or perhaps the vision became too real for her and she briefly crossed through the boundaries of reality.

"No" Evelyn cried and lunged forward as if she could pass through the veil of time and save her father, the Pharaoh Seti.

Rick and Ardeth too managed to break free of the stillness that had overcome them and lunged forward after Evy, Rick actually going over the side of the dirigible to grab onto Evy. For a moment it seemed as if both would be lost, but Rick managed to grab onto a loosely flapping rope so that Ardeth and Jonathan could haul them back in. Kedar was pushing back against the magic that still assailed the air around them, dissipating the unnatural mist by following the instincts that were guiding him. Realizing how close they had come to loss the group sat down together with Evy and Rick cuddling close together for reassurance.

"Evy" Rick finally broke the silence that had descended upon the somber group "I know you haven't exactly been yourself lately with all these dreams and visions-"

"No" Evy sat up slightly to look her husband in the face "they're memories from my previous life. Honestly, I'm not losing my mind. It all makes perfect sense now."

"And that's the reason we found the Bracelet" Rick seemed skeptical even after all that had just transpired.

"Exactly" Evy said, satisfied with the explanation "I was its protector."

"Now do you believe my friend" Ardeth asked Rick "clearly you were destined to protect this woman."

"Right" Rick snorted, but Kedar could see the belief that was beginning to take hold in him "she's a reincarnated princess and I'm a warrior for god."

"And your son leads the way to Ahm Shere" Ardeth continued with the chain of fate "Three sides of the pyramid. This was all preordained thousands of years ago."

"And how does the story end" Evy asked softly, afraid to have her hopes raised or crushed.

"Only the journey is written" Ardeth said regretfully "not the destination."

"Convenient." Rick's sarcasm was back.

But Ardeth persisted in trying to make Rick realize his destiny "how else do you explain Evy's visions, that it is your son that wears the bracelet? How do you explain your mark?"

"Coincidence" the remark was typical of Rick.

Kedar finally spoke up from where he leaned against Ardeth, feeling secure in his father's arms "there is a fine line between coincidence and fate."

They fell into silence after that and Kedar drifted back into sleep, suddenly realizing that he was exhausted.

~~ ~~ ~*~

They arrived at Karnak the next day and managed to land without incident. No one shot at them and there was no one coming out to challenge them, yet they could clearly see the train Imhotep had traveled in below them.

"Jonathan, you stay here with Izzy" Rick took charge "Ardeth and I will check the train while Evy and Kedar look around Karnak."

The group split up and Kedar dutifully walked at Evy's side, gun at the ready as he glided effortlessly over the shifting sands. It appeared that the Creature and his entourage had already deserted Karnak, but Evy and Kedar continued to look around and were rewarded for their diligence.

"There" Kedar pointed to Evy and they ran over to the object that had caught his attention.

"Rick" Evy yelled as she grabbed at the cloth hanging upon a wooden post with the chain shackle still attached.

Rick and Ardeth came running with guns at the ready, fearing Evy and Kedar had been ambushed only to pull up short when they saw no harm had befallen the two.

"Alex's tie" Evy held the article out in explanation "and it looks as if he's left us a little sandcastle."

"It is the Temple of Pheli" Kedar noted "and it is very detailed. Either they left him alone for a good while or they want us to follow them. I do not think the Creature would overlook something so blatant. He is baiting us, much like the charmer baits the snake into doom."

"Indeed" Ardeth was thoughtful "we shall have to be more than wary. I will send Horus to the Commanders and tell them of our destination and hope that it is our true course. Kedar, I wish for you to safeguard this."

Kedar looked at Ardeth in puzzlement, but was soon rewarded with being handed the Book of Amun Ra.

"It was left on the train" Ardeth informed Kedar "I do not think it would have been left behind, but for the body that had fallen upon it. The body hiding it had been consumed by the Creature and it is my belief that in the struggle he knocked the Book to the floor and fell upon it. What else happened for them to not search for it I do not know, but it is in our possession now. Guard it well."

"I will" Kedar vowed and walked with the rest back to the dirigible where he safely stowed the book in his rucksack, taking great care that none of the others saw; it wasn't that he didn't trust them, but the knowledge within the book could be deadly when one didn't know what they were dealing with.

From the Temple of Pheli they were directed to the Great Temple of Abu Simbel. All the while Horus and Ra continued to fly between Ardeth and Kedar to the Commanders, keeping each group informed of the movements of the other. From there their journey took them to flying the Blue Nile, everyone hoping that they would soon catch up with those they were pursuing or that their journey would be coming to an end soon. Then the relative peace was suddenly shattered.

"It's Imhotep" Kedar shouted as the wall of water bore down upon them, a face forming from the molecules.

The wall of water continued to bear down upon the dirigible and Izzy seemed to be in shock. The mouth of the Creature's watery face opened into a yawning cavern in which they would be drowned. Closer and closer it bore down upon them and the mouth was nearly able to close down upon them when Izzy hit the thrusters. With a roar of flames they sped free of the jaws that threatened to consume them, but they still were not free as Imhotep did not seem to be willing to give up quite yet.

"Horus" Ardeth yelled "fly!"

"Go Ra" Kedar commanded as well, both he and Ardeth hoping their feathered companions would make it safely free.

"Izzy, cut hard right" Rick suddenly started yelling, moving his arms in hard motions to indicate the direction "starboard! Starboard!"

At the last possible moment Izzy managed to turn the dirigible into a canyon way cut into the cliffs lining the Blue Nile and the wall of water being commanded by Imhotep swept past them, managing to drench them slightly.

"Is there something you forgot to mention, hmmm" Izzy seemed highly put out at the moment, and a bit shaken as well.

"Uh, people" Jonathan interrupted before anymore could be said.

Everyone looked up sharply at Jonathan only to find themselves looking past him to one of the most breathtaking sights ever. Before them lay a lush jungle on which sand surrounded every side. The jungle rose out of itself into tiered layers down which cascaded multiple waterfalls, a fine mist rising from each to coat the greenery in a wash of rainbow light. What really caught their attention though was the pyramid rising out of the very heart of the jungle, a piercing light winking from the top of it as if to welcome travelers who had lost their way. It was a beautiful, but oh so deadly, land. Perhaps more deadly than the desert itself for all the gentle glory the jungle in front of them held. The Oasis of Ahm Shere.

"Ahm Shere" Ardeth and Kedar breathed in wonder; it was a sight they had longed to see, but also one that they wished they had never been given the chance to seek.

Just as the group realized that they had at last reached their destination a roar sounded behind them, Imhotep and his wave of water was back. This time Izzy did not freeze, but fate seemed to be against then as the thrusters failed. There was no way they could out run the enchantment controlled by the Creature.

The water batted at them in taunt, Imhotep knew he had them, and the group grabbed onto anything they could for balance against the onslaught. Kedar fell hard to his one knee in the middle of the dirigible's deck, his hands planted firmly on the sand brushed wood and his head hung so his face was obscured by his hair. Slowly he began to chant in the tongue of Sight, words he had never before uttered, but instinctively knew. The wave of water hit again, this time going in for the kill, but Kedar's chanting kept steady over the cries of his companions. Over and over the dirigible was buffeted by the water, but those onboard did not lose their grip or come to harm. Something was holding them where they were, keeping them from being consumed by the water, and a glow surrounded them all. Over and over Kedar kept chanting though it was doubtful any but him heard the words even as his voice rose in crescendo. The pressure was immense, too intense, as the powers continued to battle and with a sudden wrench everything went black for those caught in the maelstrom aboard the dirigible.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"Kedar" the yell beat into his head, pulling his unwilling self awake "Kedar where are you?!"

Kedar was tempted to fall back into the warmth of the swirling lights that promised the secrets of the universe but never revealed anything, when he recognized the voice. It was Ardeth. And he sounded worried. He couldn't cause Ardeth worry, didn't want to cause Ardeth worry.

"Father" he croaked, pawing away at whatever was suffocating him "father!"

But Ardeth didn't seem to hear him as his father kept calling for him, despair and pain slowly deepening the Medjai's vice. With renewed strength Kedar pulled himself out from under the heavy shroud that had encased him to realize that he had been buried under the weight of the dirigibles deflated balloon.

"Father" he staggered to his feet and saw his father swing sharply towards him.

"Kedar" Ardeth nearly moaned in relief as he pulled the boy into a hug "I had thought that the Creature had claimed you."

"I'm alright" Kedar insisted "or will be in a moment once my head clears."

Gratefully Kedar took a long sip of the water he was offered along with some food. Even though the dirigible had tumbled end over end while consumed by the wave it didn't seem as if anything had been lost. Rick was currently busy gathering together everyone's individual packs and squabbling with Izzy about getting the dirigible airworthy again. While this was going on a cry came from above and Ardeth and Kedar felt relieved to see that Horus and Ra had made it safely back to them. Within moments Ardeth had sent Horus back into the air with a message for the Commanders, Ra electing to follow and leave his perch upon Kedar's shoulder. Kedar was disappointed, he had been taking the strength his feathered companion willingly offered through comfort and was feeling much better than he had been when he had crawled out from beneath the dirigible's balloon.

"Let's go" Rick suddenly called, leaving Izzy to figure out how to get the dirigible in the air again "we need to find higher ground to figure out what is going on here."

They hadn't been walking for long when shots rang from the distance.

"Horus" Ardeth cried as Kedar called out for Ra, both instinctively knowing their friends had been the cause for the shots.

For a long moment the two Medjai exchanged looks between themselves and the sky, but no cry was heard from either of their falcons. Neither falcon had come back to them either. They did not know if their companions lived or not, whether their messages were still being delivered to the Commanders or if the tribes would be left unaware.

"I must go" Ardeth announced suddenly, causing Rick to turn to him.

"Wait" Rick called, placing a hand upon Ardeth's arm.

"I must let the Commanders know where we are" Ardeth insisted.

"You can't go" Rick's tone held pleading.

"If the army of Anubis rises-" Ardeth began, only to be interrupted.

"I need you to help me find my son" Rick gestured towards the jungle, knowing that he would need the Medjai in the upcoming assault upon Imhotep's forces.

For a long moment Ardeth gazed seriously upon Rick's face before nodding and clasping the man's arm in a gesture of camaraderie "then first I shall help you."

"Thank you" Rick knew no words that could convey what he felt at Ardeth staying to help, knowing that he had made the man choose between two very important duties the Medjai had sworn himself to.

"I'll go father" Kedar spoke up suddenly, knowing that the Commanders still needed to be warned.

Ardeth turned to face him "Kedar?"

"I'll go inform the Commanders" Kedar said, this time clarifying what he meant "I'll follow the direction Ra and Horus flew in. They are not far, I can sense them."

"It is too dangerous" Ardeth protested, unwilling to risk losing Kedar.

"The Commanders must be warned, and soon" Kedar insisted truthfully "they must be in place should the army of Anubis rise. I know the ways of the desert, you have taught me well, and the commanders will listen to me just as they would you."

"God go with you my son" Ardeth gave his permission, knowing that Kedar was correct in what he was saying "Allah will protect you."

Kedar disappeared into the undergrowth, the leaves rustling and slapping with razor edges against his flesh. Darkness had fully approached and Kedar pushed himself to go faster, he had a creeping feeling along his spine and was more than eager to leave the oasis. No matter how beautiful and enchanting Ahm Shere seemed to be there was something horrifyingly wrong with the place. Rustling came from around him, but Kedar refused to slow and examine his surroundings; he doubted the noises were being caused by the wind rushing through the leaves.

"Screee" a tiny, grotesque figure launched itself at him.

Instinct took over and Kedar ducked, unsheathing his sword with the softest scrape of metal as he rose back to full height. Almost instantly he was under full attack by creatures not much higher than his waist with sharply pointed, yet rotting teeth. Futilely Kedar hacked and slashed at the pygmies, but as soon as one appeared to be down another was taking its place. Getting fed up and knowing that he was being overwhelmed Kedar concentrated on making an opening in the ranks of the beasts closing in upon him and ran for it, sheathing his sword in favor for taking the occasional shot with his pistols. Running seemed to be his only option when dealing with these creatures.

The trees and undergrowth began to thin and the air became less humid and drier. Kedar fired a wild shot or two behind him and burst free into the desert, the hard packed earth beneath his feet transforming into the shifting sand he knew so well. A wild screech echoed behind him and Kedar turned, prepared to make another stand against the pygmies only to find they no longer followed. Instead a twisted look of anger contorted their already misshapen faces as they jumped up and down, shrieking at the edge of the oasis. They did not follow, they could not pass beyond the boundaries of the magic that ruled them. Relieved, Kedar smirked and turned his back onto the beasts as he started out across the desert. He needed to reach the Commanders and quickly. The dawning of the seventh day approached.

Gaining his bearings from the brightly shining stars overhead, Kedar began to run in the general direction of the last known position of the Commanders and the twelve tribes of the Medjai. The sand moved with a familiar motion beneath his feet and the chilling drop of the temperature was nothing strange to him; Kedar merely pulled his cloak from his bag and continued to press on determinedly with only a brief pause for rest and to orient himself. Thankfully the Gods seemed to have been guiding his path, for it did not take him long to come upon the tracks marking where thousands of horses had plowed through the sands and he followed the clear prints through the still night.

Just as Kedar was thinking he would have to stop and rest for a bit before continuing on he saw the flickering of torchlight's and campfires in the distance. Moving to the rise of a nearby sand dune Kedar gazed out across the darkened sea of the desert towards the lights. It was a beautiful sight to behold the camping site of the twelve tribes of the Medjai and Kedar imagined that he could already feel the warmth of the interspersed fires upon him. With renewed strength Kedar continued on until he came upon one of the outriders that stood guard at the flanks of the tribes.

"Allah bless you" Kedar called out in greeting, keeping his arms away from his sides to show that he meant no harm.

"Kedar, is that you" the other Medjai questioned, peering intently through the dark "where is Ardeth? The Commanders expected words ages ago and were worried when Ra showed up without anything."

Kedar shook his head sadly "we were afraid the message had not made it. Father is accompanying the O'Connells still; he will join us as soon as Alex is safe. I must get to the Commanders quickly though."

Gratefully Kedar accepted the proffered hand and allowed himself to be pulled up into the saddle behind the outrider. With a cry the horse was reeled about and they galloped swiftly through the camp, awakening many of the Medjai who were dozing lightly in the saddle and bringing them to alert. But Kedar didn't have time to worry about that, there was not much left of the night and he had to speak with the Commanders.

"Allah bless you" Harry quickly slid off of the back of the horse he was on and bowed to the Commanders.

"Allah bless you, Kedar" the Commanders returned the greeting "glad we are to see you safe. We were just about to send Ra out after you; Horus is too badly wounded to fly. Ra had to lead us to him. Where is Ardeth Bey?"

As if hearing his name, Ra flew up and alighted on Kedar's shoulder. Briefly Kedar spared a grin for the falcon and took to stroking his companion as he related his news to the Commanders. In mere hours the army of Anubis would be rising as the Scorpion King was freed from his prison and they had to be ready to counteract the evil. The Commanders took in his news with a grave air wrapped about them and fell into planning as Kedar gratefully took the chance to consume the food brought forth for him. It was during this time that only man present in the meeting that was not a Commander spoke.

"Have you seen anything, young Kedar" the wizened Mage-priest, Anhar, asked "have the Gods gifted you with Sight of anything occurring within the lands of Amh Shere? I can see nothing, yet I have not walked within the Oasis as you have."

"No" Kedar had to regretfully inform the Mage-priest, his teacher in the ways of Sight "the lands are veiled from Sight by a mist shrouded in that which would steal the soul."

The Commanders did not allow it to dishearten them that neither Anhar nor Kedar could use Sight to aid them in the planning of this battle. The gifts of Sight came from the Gods alone, and if they chose not to interfere in this battle between the Medjai and the Servant of Anubis, then it was up to the leaders of men to guide this fight. It was to be a test of the sacred trust of the Medjai and they would rise to the occasion with the might of their belief to sustain them.

"We will confront the army of Anubis here" a map had been unrolled upon the sands and the Commanders and Kedar were gathered around it to plan "we will then be at the edge of the army's resting place and hopefully be able to keep them from spreading throughout the desert."

The Commanders looked at Kedar and he wished he could show the nervousness he felt. The Commanders had come to this decision together, but they looked to Kedar for approval as Ardeth wasn't there and wished to know if there were any changes he would make to their strategy.

"That is good" Kedar said, his voice surprisingly sure for all the nervousness he felt "along this line we will stretch our forces as far as we can without straining the ranks. It would be suicide to allow Anubis's army to get around us and come at us from both sides. Allah bless us in our task and guide our swords."

For a moment the Commanders bowed their head as if in prayer as daybreak overcame them before they broke council and mounted their horses. Sadiki was brought forward for Kedar and he took a moment to stroke the stallion's nose before hauling himself into the saddle, Ra settling on his shoulder and Ardeth's horse pawing impatiently beside him. With a cry, Kedar and the Commanders led the tribes forward to where they would engage in fierce battle with the hordes of hell. Ardeth still had not joined them by the time the sun began to rise over the desert sands, and Kedar wondered if his father was safe, or if the cursed Oasis had claimed yet another soul.

With duty weighing heavily upon his shoulders, Kedar took his place at the head of the Medjai warriors in Ardeth's stead; a dark stain tainted with evil was spreading across the golden sand, consuming it. From the black sand and ash the Army of Anubis would arise, and they would be hard pressed to contain it. Kedar could only hope that Allah was watching over them and that the O'Connells would have luck in Ahm Shere. Up until that point Rick had only been concerned about rescuing his son, but his destiny would not let him escape and it would be up to him to send the army back to Anubis; the Medjai could only hope to keep the army from the rest of the world until then.

"So it begins" Kedar said softly, his voice lowered with emotion only Ra could hear.

Ahead of him the black sands rose in an undulating wave that rose and fell, a noxious dust forming over the surface before boiling up into the growling, jackal headed warriors of the dark god. Knowing what must be done, Kedar began galloping down across the front line with his curved scimitar held high, making sure the Medjai were ready and hoping to bolster their courage before he came to a stop beside the Commanders and Anhar. None of them bothered to tell Kedar that it was too dangerous or that he should not be there, instead they gave Kedar nods that were filled with pride to let him know that they would stand by his side and follow his lead in Ardeth's absence. If they died here this day it would be the will of God and it would be for their honor, they were not about to give their world over to darkness without a fight.

Determinedness settled over Kedar as he raised his blade, crying out fiercely, the Medjai warriors echoing him from behind. Across from them the army of Anubis also raised their blades, growling obscenely. As one the two armies charged each other, each of them holding the common goal of death in their eyes, yelling for courage before they clashed in a desperate melee. Blades clashed and hacked, swords were sent hurtling through the air, as the Medjai attempted to take the heads of the Jackals without getting too close. Horses fell from beneath their riders with horrifying whinnies and the unfortunate rider had to roll aside quickly to avoid the cursed blades of Anubis's dark army. Yet even though the Medjai were outnumbered they did not let the scent of blood and sight of death make them falter, did not allow themselves to show weakness as they continued to take heads. To falter, to wound the creatures anywhere else, to not take their heads and kill them right away meant their own deaths.

With one last swing at the Jackal looming over him, Kedar decapitated the last of the dark army. The Medjai stood victorious and their glad yells echoed around him. Yet Kedar stood in the midst of it all, breathing heavily, not yet celebrating as a heavy darkness pressed upon his awareness. Without warning he began to run through the cheering Medjai, silencing the cries as he passed and the tribes fell in to run behind him until he topped the rise of a dune. Running with unnatural swiftness across the sand was the largest and most unholy army anyone had ever seen since ancient times. The force they had just defeated had been an advance legion. The never ending sea of Anubis' army was bearing down upon them and there was no hope of defeating the approaching horde.

"God help us" one of the Commanders breathed into the hazy air only to be echoed by Kedar's equally breathless "Gods help us all."

Kedar could not help verbally invoking the power of the ancient Gods of Egypt to help them in the battle ahead. At Ardeth's feet he had been taught of Allah and the protection he afforded the Children of the Desert, but it had been Anhar who had taught him of the ancient Gods from whence he gained his Sight. Kedar also knew that even as every Medjai sent their prayers up to Allah, some also sent prayers to the Egyptain pantheon that once gave birth to their race.

Kedar looked at the Medjai ranged behind him, saw the encouraging support of the Commanders, and raising his sword gave cry "'Till death!"

Behind him the cry was echoed and the sounds of swords scraping free of sheathes to be raised to the sky filled the air. The army of Anubis continued to advance and the Medjai lowered their blades until they were parallel to the sands. Their breathing came faster as the army of Anubis thundered across the sand. Death was intimate. They stood their ground, waiting until the Jackal's were right on top of them. Muscles tensed to swing their curved blades in one last stand. Anubis' army was too close, was going to crush them. A burst of power rushed through the heavy air and the dark army seemed to incinerate back into the black sand they came from, washing over the Medjai forces before disappearing entirely as if the army had never been. Slowly in disbelief the Medjai warriors rose from the crouches they had throw themselves into before raising both hands into the sky, throwing back their heads, and letting out primal cries of relief and victory.

A roar from behind them made their relief short lived and had the remaining Medjai turning in time to see a black cloud rise up over Ahm Shere and form the struggling face of the Scorpion King before the Oasis began to consume itself in an implosion of dark power.

"Father" Kedar whispered.

In silence the Medjai continued to watch, there was nothing that could be said, nothing that could be done. Ahm Shere was nearly gone. And then, at the last possible second, Kedar caught sight of the dirigible rising out of the shockwave produced by the destruction of Ahm Shere. Kedar could only hope Ardeth was in the dirigible and that the O'Connells had made it out safely as well.

"Fly Ra" Kedar commanded his falcon, who had stayed with him throughout the battle "find father!"

It took a while, but finally Ra was winging his way back to Kedar, a note from Ardeth attached to one leg. Kedar exchanged a relieved, yet tired, grin with the Commanders and prepared to start out across the desert. The Commanders would be leading the tribes back to their homes, but Kedar was to meet up with his father and the O'Connells back at the Magic Carpet Airways in a few days and thus would be heading in the opposite direction. He knew that he could always flag down the dirigible for a ride, or send Ra, but the young Medjai intended to keep his feet on solid ground for a while longer and enjoy the steady gallop of his stallion. Kedar also had one last thing to take care of before his mission could be considered over.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"It should be safe here" Kedar said to Ra as he sealed the tiny chamber behind him "at least for a while. As long as it is in existence there is danger, but it would risk too much to destroy the Book of Amun Ra."

Bowing his head solemnly, Kedar turned the key in a hidden lock on the wall before pressing his hands firmly against the stone. For a moment a glow surrounded his hands and spread to the wall. Kedar himself did not know exactly what he was doing, but let his instincts guide him. When the glow faded Kedar could see the protective hieroglyphs that had been etched into the stone by his Sight, they were to be a warning backed by the power of the Egyptian Gods for any who managed to get that far. It was yet another thing he had learned from Anhar once the Mage-priest had discovered that Ardeth's adopted son held the Sight of the Gods. Turning, Kedar followed Ra out of the labyrinth like catacombs hidden under the Temple of Amun, setting up booby traps and resealing entrances behind them. Even though he, Ra, and Ardeth would be the one that knew the Book of Amun Ra was now hidden here, not even the Commanders knew, he was not taking any chances that getting to the book would be easy. At last he set the final trap and made his way back out into the bright sunlight of the desert, piling sand and stone back over the opening he had just exited from.

"Come Ra" Kedar said as he mounted up "we must meet with father and the O'Connells, then we will see what is to be done about that letter I received."

~~ ~~ ~*~

"Kedar" Evelyn was waving as they came into sight "Ardeth, Rick, he's here."

Greetings were exchanged all around and each group exchanged tales of what they had faced once the group had split up. Kedar sat mostly silent through the multi-person account he was receiving on what had occurred in Ahm Shere while he was battling the army of Anubis, leaning comfortably against his father; it was something he and Ardeth would later share with the Commanders and pass down through their history. He was also shown the diamond Jonathan had plucked off the top of the Temple, Izzy and Jonathan were still squabbling over cuts. Ardeth and Kedar couldn't help but exchange glances, who knew what ramifications were to be had from the last piece of Ahm Shere. What really got his attention though was the Book of the Dead and the key that Alex brought forth.

"It survived the destruction of Ahm Shere" Kedar could tell from his father's voice that Ardeth was not sure whether this was a good thing or not.

"We were hoping you would have an idea on what to do with it" Rick spoke up, shooting Evy a look that warned her to be quiet; it was quite clear she didn't want to give up the book.

Kedar and Ardeth exchanged glances. There was only one place that they trusted to be secure enough to hide the book at, but it was already being used and they knew better than to place the two books so closely together. They also believed that the Book of Amun Ra was more important to keep hidden. While the Book of the Dead could be used to restore life to the departed, the Book of Amun Ra took life away and could be used in darker rituals involved with soul stealing.

"Kedar shall be charged with its protection" Ardeth decided "it would be best to hide it, place it back within the sands, but we cannot be sure that it would not be found again."

Reluctantly Evy handed the Book of the Dead over to Kedar along with the key that opened it. Kedar swiftly slipped the book into his rucksack and rested his hands upon the bag in a protective gesture, repeating what he had done at the Temple of Amun Ra before turning back to Evy.

"I can tell you want to study the book" he told her "but by now you should know that there are some things that are best left be."

Sighing, Evy was forced to agree, especially with the looks she was receiving from Rick.

"I guess that's it then" she stood up, brushing sand from her clothes "we're done here. Imhotep is back in his grave, hopefully for good. All that is left to do is to get in touch with William about Kedar's letter, and for that we have to be back in England.
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