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The kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes

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Will mikey ever find out about gerard?? He is slowly catching on...

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My dream last night was the scariest dream I have ever had. I can't stop thinking about it, and the strangest part is how detailed it was. It's like a different from of a sign or a warning, disguising itself in my dream. It was almost like it had really happened. But what if this turns into the future? That is what I fear most.

I woke up to the sun shinning in my eyes. I smiled and leaned up, facing Gerard. He was still asleep, with his hand underneath the side of his face. He was smiling in his sleep.
"Gerard," I nudged him. My throat was still a little soar. I gently pushed the hair out of his face, and I saw his eyes flicker open.
"Hi," he said, leaning up. He cringed and looked at his arm. He held it low, on the opposite side of me, so I couldn't see it.
"What's wrong?" I asked with concern. His head quickly snapped in my direction.
"Nothing, hey, lets go get something to eat," he suggested nervously.
"Okay," I agreed, turning to the edge of the bed. I now stood up, waiting for Gerard to sand up too. He sighed, slowly standing up, avoiding use of his left hand. He pulled down the sleeves of his hoodie to the furthest they could go, and then quickly tossed the blankets on top of the sheets.
"Okay, let's go," he said joyfully, pulling me out of the room before I got a chance to ask. We bounced down the stairs and went into the kitchen. Mikey was sitting at the table, holding a hot chocolate. Gerard's mom, Donna, was standing in the living room, on the phone. I smiled at them. Mikey nodded and took another sip of his hot chocolate. Donna nodded and smiled back. I followed Gerard as he made his way to the fridge.
"Want cereal?" he asked, closing the fridge, showing no interest.
"Sure," I answered simply.
"Okay," he said, reaching for a box of coco puffs.

We both sat at the table in silence, awkwardly looking around. Mikey was the first to speak.
"Im sorry about last night, I guess I was being a little annoying," he apologized.
Gerard and I nodded. I noticed Mikey was looking at Gerard's hand. A tingle went through my stomach.
"Gee, why are you holding the spoon in your right arm?" Mikey pointed out. "You're left handed..." he trailed off. Gerard looked up.
"Uh, yeah. Hey that's weird," he agreed, shifting the spoon to his left. He cringed and laid it down gently on the placemat. "I am done." He announced, bringing his blow to the sink. I put my head down, pretending to be drawing circles in the milk. I looked at Mikey through the pieces of my thick black hair that covered my face every time I looked down. Mikey was looking at my car keys on the counter. Suddenly something snapped.
I pushed out my chair. Both Mikey and Gerard's attention was at me.
"I will be right back," I excused myself quickly. I skipped steps, sliding straight up to Gerard's bed. I went to the side he slept on and ripped off the covers.
His deep red blood stained the white sheets, smudging all over. Some was on the pillow, very faintly. I gasped. I thought he had stopped on his own, but then again, I never asked him. Tears started filling in my eyes. My hands were shaking. How could I explain this if Mikey suddenly came up here? I quickly threw the blanket back over. I walked over to my jacket and took out my notebook, flipping to a clean page.

Blood was all over the sheets. Gerard cut himself last night! But how did he slip past me? When I woke up from my nightmare he was right there! This is getting worse by the day. I m really scared of my dream; I have to tell him about it. Maybe that will make him stop. I really don't want to drag an adult into this; they just make it more stressful sometimes. But it seems like Mikey is catching on somehow.
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