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*It's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish

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sorry this chapter kind of sucks...i wrote it right when i woke up, and i was still knid of out of it. Hmm... now that i think of it it is kinda a filler, but it is still a little bit important.

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Pain is erupting through my arm as I write this. But I like it. I am glad I used her key last night; I might do it again with my key. But why was Mikey staring at her key? I washed all the blood off it. I have to look at it closer when he is not around...

I rinsed off my plate under the cold water from the sink. Mikey shortly came over to rinse out his mug. I stepped aside and flopped on the living room couch. My mom hung up the phone and walked over to me.
"Well. Mikey said you guys went to The Olive Garden last night. What did you order?" she asked with a smile on her face.
"I got a steak," I mumbled.
"Good," she said unsurely. She stood from the couch and walked over the stairs.
"Helena, are you okay?" she called up.
"Yeah, I was just brushing my hair," Helena replied, sounding rushed. She must be lying.
My arm suddenly felt heavy and numb as if the blood stopped moving. The weight of my sleeve felt like I had 20 pounds on top of my arm. I slowly pushed it back, revealing all the cuts. That feels better.
My eyelids grew heavy and tired. I closed them, only to see bright colors from the sun. I put the pillow in front of my face. Darkness evolved around me, closing in on me from every inch. It blocked my breathing a little, but I could do like that.
What felt like two minutes later I heard a gasp, and someone quickly tugged at me sleeve. I slowly removed the pillow from my face. Helena was standing there, looking worried.
"Gerard," she whispered, "can you promise me that you won't cut?"
I looked at her in the eye. I didn't want to stop cutting. It is too late to stop now.
"Why?" I whispered back.
"Because, seeing you like this scares me. This is not some kind of a fashion statement, you know. It's more like a death wish." She pointed out. I looked at her with confusion. When did I ever say that?
"I never said that!" I snapped.
I quickly shifted my arm under the pillow when Mikey walked in, holding his PSP. He looked up from it briefly. "What's not a fashion statement?"
Helena looked at him up and down before replying. "Your shirt," she dissed, sounding like a preppy bitch. I smiled and looked over at Mikey.
"What?!" he said sounding surprised, looking at his prized Anthrax shirt. We were having a good time laughing until my arm grew numb again. I frowned, suddenly feeling the desperate need to cut.

hey sorry i wont be updating or typing for a while today i have to go a birthday party for a 5 year old. :(
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