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Ch.2 Lies
Yeah, I never really planned on continuing this, but when ryanrossISsove reviewed, I had to. 'Cause she is just that awesome. Also, to any of my other readers, I have a small bit of the next chapter of Dead on Arrival written, but I'm having writers block. Should I just update it, or do you want me to wait. Tell me when you review please. Anyway, I'll let you get to reading.

Jon sighed and stretched, looking out at the dark sky, the thunder still making him shiver slightly. He felt Brendon's arm tighten unconsciously around his waist and smiled. He lightly pulled out of Brendon's grip, pushing him lightly over to Ryan so that he didn't wake up. Jon made his way slowly out to his bunk, sitting down and looking out through the window. He took out his camera and took a few pictures of the dark sky, the rain falling down in a beautiful pattern. He shook slightly as another bought of lightning and thunder shook the bus. He sighed and placed the camera down, glancing back into the room.

Everyone was still asleep, and Jon moved forward on the bus. He checked again one last time, before moving into the bathroom. He closed the door quietly and listened to be sure no one was awake, then knelt beside the toilet. He was silent for another few minutes. He heard a faint rustling, but no other noise. He waited for another few minutes just to be sure, before sticking his fingers down to the back of his throat. It took a good few seconds before his gag reflexes finally kicked in, and he pulled his fingers out as the burning liquid flew up his throat. He vomited violently into the toilet. His body hadn't had food in a while, and the few liquids he had taken in weren't enough to produce much to throw up. It was compensating by producing bitter bile that mixed with the little bit of liquid and left his mouth and throat with a burning acidic feeling.

He looked down at the small amount of liquid in the toilet and shook his head, forcing his fingers back into his throat again. He held them there for what seemed like forever. Finally he felt his body push back, but it was only a dry heave. Deciding that he had nothing left to throw up, Jon stood contently. He washed his mouth out, flushed the toilet, and then cleaned his hands. He opened the door and his smile dropped when he saw Brendon standing in front of him. His eyes were wide, and he looked as though he might start crying. He threw his arms around Jon's waist and Jon shifted uncomfortably. "You're not okay." Brendon started to pull away, but Jon quickly pulled him back into the hug. Anything to keep Brendon from looking into his eyes.

"Maybe I just wasn't well again yet, and I should have just rested." The lies were almost becoming second nature to Jon by this point. "I shouldn't have pushed you." Brendon sounded like he was going to start crying any second now and Jon tightened his grip, rubbing Brendon's back. "It wasn't your fault at all Bren, I was the one who pushed the issue. It's okay. Let's go to sleep, hmm?" Brendon nodded and they walked back, pressed tightly to each other. They crawled carefully onto the bed, snuggling down into the covers. Jon went rigid as he heard the thunder again, but he relaxed when he felt Brendon tighten his arms around his waist and Ryan nuzzle into his back from behind.

When Jon woke up up, he could hear the others talking about him and he kept his eyes closed, listening silently. "I'm really worried. I mean, if he's still throwing up, then do you think there's something more serious wrong?" Spencer sighed lightly in the background, but it was Ryan who answered. "If it was a fever, then it would make sense, but he was fine when he woke up. Besides, when Spencer brought him back he wasn't running a temperature. Do you think it's something more serious?" Spencer cleared his throat and stopped moving in the background. "There's definately something he isn't telling us. What, I don't know." There was silence after that, and Jon decided that it was a good time to get up.

He made sure to shift a little bit before opening his eyes, adding to the appearance that he had just woken up. The rest of the day went by quickly, Jon avoiding the others around meal times, making small easy excuses. Once they reached the venue, they were all ready for the concert. In the dressing room, Jon had a red bull to help calm his nerves before the show. They went out, and Jon concentrated hard on his playing, only looking away from his bass briefly when Ryan made his way over to Jon's side of the stage. Ryan raised his eyebrow at Jon and shifted his eyes toward the crowd. Jon gave as much of a shrug as he could in the circumstances and Ryan walked back over to his' side of the stage.

Brendon was his usual self, siddling up close to Ryan during the next song. Jon could barely see them out of the corner of his eye, and Ryan said something away from the mic. Brendon returned to the middle and Jon assumed Ryan had said something about him, because Brendon made more trips than usual to his side for the rest of the concert. Once the concert was over, they all headed to the dressing room together. Brendon was chatting animatedly about some hot girl he had seen in the crowd, clinging to Spencer's arm. He did that almost every time, but he forgot about her as soon as they all got back to the bus. They changed quickly, and Jon stood at the back, away from the mirrors. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror despite his efforts, and looked away disgustedly.

"I'll meet you at the bus guys, I have to go to the bathroom." He made his way down the hall before they could answer and managed a wave at the crew member who was exiting the bathroom as he came to it. He entered the small bathroom, locking the door behind him. He leaned down over the toilet and repeated last nights process, the red bull from earlier forming a film-like substance over the toilet water. Jon stood quickly and flushed, stumbling backwards slightly as a dizzy spell hit him. He leaned heavily against the sink, taking deep breaths as he tried to regain his balance. He washed out his mouth and cleaned his hands off. He stepped into the hallway and stumbled a little. He forced his feet to walk straight back towards the dressing room, where he'd left his sidekick.

He entered the room and was suprised to see all the guys waiting for him. "I thought I was gonna meet you at the bus?" Jon forced his voice to keep steady for the entirety of the sentence. "We were, but we figured we could all head out together." Brendon smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. 'Besides, we were worried about you.' Brendon shook the thoughts away. Jon nodded and fumbled lightly as he picked up his phone. He couldn't grasp it properly and it slipped from his hands. He didn't have time to pick it up before his view was enveloped in black and he felt himself begin falling backwards.

When Jon woke up, he was lying in the bed in the back loft with something warm on his stomach. He shifted so he could sit up and leaned against the cool headboard. As he sat up the presence on his stomach sat up too and he found that the warmth came from the hot tears that were still running down Brendon's face. Brendon wasn't the type to cry over things, in fact, usually he would make a joke about them. Seeing Brendon in front of him crying broke Jon's heart and he reached forward for Brendon, tears gathering in his own eyes. Brendon grasped Jon's hands and pulled Jon to his chest. Jon allowed himself to cry for the second time in two days. "We were so worried when you just collapsed like that. The medics asked if there were any other symptoms, and we told them you'd been sick recently and were more emotional than usual. They said it was probably just over exhaustion."

Jon thought for a moment before agreeing silently. He had been more emotional lately. In the past two days, they'd seen him crying twice. Even his family hadn't seen him cry many more times than that. He heard the door open and felt the bed sink down slightly. He looked up from his place against Brendon's chest to see Ryan and Spencer looking at him silently. Their eyes were red and Jon could tell they were crying too. They threw their arms around him and he felt bad. 'Just a few more pounds, and then I can stop. Everything will be fine and they can stop worrying.' Jon thought to himself and fell into a light, fitful sleep.

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