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A Lesson

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I know you're out there I can hear you breathing

Emily dragged Jake along by his wrist and he winced. "It was just a stupid envelope man!"
"That 'stupid envelope' was one of the most important things we had and you lost it!"
"It wasn't my fault... ok, maybe it was, but how was I supposed to know?!"
"You mean apart from the fact that I delivered it at 2am?! Now the Huntsclan is going to get there beore us!"
"What is this, the amazing race?"
Emily stopped and gave him a dirty look, she crossly mumbled 'Dragon Up' and flew away from him. Jake hurridly followed and yelled as she blew fire at him.
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Teaching you a lesson!"

Trixie and Spud were arguing over potatoes and carrots... Spud was for carrots. Don't ask me why.
"That's just so ironic Spud, you ARe a potato!"
"I don't thnk Ironic is the right word."
"Stop changin the subject!"
"Hey. isn't that Jake over there being roasted by another dragon."
"That's changing the... We're coming Jakey!!!!"

"Back off Emily!"
"No, you back off! From now on you've got nothing to do with this mission! And I will personally orgamise your termination!"
"That doesn't sound good," Jake muttered to himself and Emily narrowed her eyes.
"I have connections, remember, big ones!" She sent one last tongue of fire that singed his tail and vanished." Jake landed and transformed, wincing as he rubbed his backside.
"That didn't sound good Jakey," Trixie said as she and Spud ran up.
"I think you just gained a new enemy," Spud pointed out.
"Aww Man!"
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