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Chapter 15

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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"H-hi Dad" Megan said nevously, clutching onto Frank's hand so hard he thought it was going to break.
"And where have you been then?" He slurred.
"Nowhere? Don't fucking lie to me bitch. I know you've been somewhere. You haven't been in this Goddamned motherfucking house have you?"
"N-no dad"
"Oh, I see. Been fucking your boyfriend now? He is your boyfriend right? Or just a fuck buddy?" Megans father spat, gesturing to Frank.
"Oh, come on Megan. We all know what you get up to. Why do you think your mother died? Hey, because you were a whore! You embarrassed her, you did nothing but make her life hell"
"That's enough!" Frank cried.
"Oh is it now? What are you gonna fucking do about it boy?" Megans dad said, advancing on Frank and punching him in the jaw. Megan shrieked
"Frank!" She cried and ran over to her now wounded boyfriend. Before she got over to him however her dad grabbed onto her hair, pulling her back.
"Oh no you don't missy. You fucking stay right here" He said, then walked back over to Frank and went to punch him.
This time though, Frank was expecting it and punched Megans dad in the temple.
"Ah!" He shouted, then turned back to megan "You're fucking getting it tonight. Bringing in your fuck buddy and all!"
"She's not coming back tonight, fucktard" Frank spat.
"Frank, don't. Please don't Frank" Megan was crying now.
"What do you mean you're not coming back?" Her dad said, then punched her in the stomach with such force it sent her flying back into the wall, doubling over, couching and spluttering.
"MIDGE!" Frank screamed and ran over to where Megan was hunched over, clutching her stomach. Her now too skinny frame not protecting her enough as she coughed up blood. "Y'see" Megans father started "Y'see, if you don't come tonight. You're gonna get it so much worse. And you know it will be Megan. You know it'll be atleast 20 times worse."
"SHE'S NOT COMING BACK!" Frank yelled "What kind of father does this to their child!? What kind of sick fuck would hurt someone they're supposed to love?!"
"I do" Megans dad growled in repsonse "And don't fucking talk to me like that boy" He said, slapping Franks face.
"Frank please. J-just let it go" Megan pleaded.
"No Megan. I'm not going to let him get away with this. I love you too much."
"Oh, love eh? Well isn't that just dandy. Fucking and in love? Hm, aren't you two lucky." He said as he punched Megan in the mouth and pushed her down to the floor, then started kicking her.
Frank picked up Megans suitcase and swung it around her dad's head, causing him to fall over. Frank then took this as a chance to kick him. So he kicked him in the head multiple times until he was sure that he was unconcious. Frank grabbed Megans suitcase and lifted her up off thefloor.
"You okay?" He asked.
"Mm, my ribs hurt"
"I'm sure. Come on, lets get you home."

They walked out of the door, slowly, as Megan was limping slightly and clutching her ribs.

They got to Frank's house 37 minutes later as it took a bit longer for them to walk with their injuries.
"Want an ice pack?" Frank asked
"Yes please"
Frank sat Megan down on the couch and went to get her an ice pack from the freezer.

Megan lay on the sofa, ice pack on her ribs and Frank rubbing her shoulders. They were watching some awful kids programme on TV.
"I love you Frank" Megan said after 10 minutes.
"I love you too" Frank replied, leaning down and giving Megan an upside down kiss on the lips as he was sitting at her head.
"Mm, thank you so much"
"Anytime, anytime."
Megan smiled, she didn't know how she of all people could end up with the most amazing, caring, loving boyfriend that most girls, and guys, could only dream of.

At 12 o'clock they decided to go over to Gerard and Mikey's to see how Candy was doing.

When they reached their house they walked in, as the door was unlocked, and went to the door of Gerard's room. Upon opening it, they found a very funny sight.
Candy was ontop of Gerard, the two of them making out.

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