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Chapter 16

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Sorry about the wait; on holiday
my arms in a cast, so there might be loads of spelling mistakes.

Megan cleared her throat. The look on their faces was priceless, eyes wide, mouths slightly open, and lips swollen
Frank cracked up laughing and rolled down the steps that led to Gerards basement.
"Oh man..." He weezed. "That was funny."
Gerard and Candy's faces both turned bright red and Candy rolled off Gerard straightening her, well his, t-shirt back out.

"Um.. Er... Hi guys" Gerard stuttered nervously cuasing Frank to laugh even harder.
"See what I told you Candy?" Megan giggled "Told ya he'd love you."
Candy just replied with a nervous laugh as her cheeks burned red.

The youngest woke up from all the laughter that was coming from downstairs.
Groaning, Michael James Way rolled out of bed putting on his glasses so he could see and grabbing the closest t-shirt he could find.

Stumbling down the stairs then into Gerard's room he was met with a very red Gerard and Candy, Frank rolling around on the floor laughing while Megan stood there, hand over mouth trying hard not to laugh.

"Dude, seriously" Mikey's older brother started "that top's going to be fucking famous one day" It was the Anthrax t-shirt Mikey wore practically every day.
"Don't change the subject Gee" Frank laughed.
"What subject was this?" Mikey yawned.
"Frank and I walked in on Candy and your brother canoodling" Megan giggled.
"Canoodling?!" Candy exclaimed "What the fuck is that supposed to mean!"
"Oh, like you've never used that word."
"No actually, I don't think I have.." Gerard said and Candy, Frank and Mikey agreed.
"Fucking hell! Live a little guys!"
"I think they're living enough" Frank cracked uo.
"And what's that supposed to mean?" Candy said, placing her hands on her hips.
"Haha, yoou know what I mean! Come on! If me and Midge had walked in a few minutes later you two would be fucking. You were practically already having sex with clothes on!" Frank explained, then burst out laughing.
Mikey's eyes went wide "EWEWEW! MENTAL IMAGES! AHH!" Mikey sqwaked, covering his eyes with his hands. "Fucking shit Frank, why did you have to say that when his brother is in the same room! EWWW!"
"Haha, sorry Mikes. But that's what they were getting at."
"Okay guys, that's enough!" Gerard shouted.
"Sorry.." Frank mumbled, trying to keep a straight face "But it's just so Goddamned funny."
"No it's not" Candy shrieked.
"Um, yes it is" Megan laughed.

"Well hello thar" Frank said in a posh accent as him and Bob bounded through Gerard's door.
"Oh my fucking God.." Gerard groaned to Candy "They're never gonna get over this are they?"
"NOPE!" Frank laughed. "Well anyway, Ray and Bobbers, out little Gee here and Candy were practically screwing with clothes on. HAHA!"
Gerard dived ontop of Frank, causing Frank to scream.
"Haha! You just screamed like a girl!" Megan laughed.
"Shut the fuck up." Frank pouted.
"I'm sorry. I love you."
"Okay, I love you too" He grinned.
"Awh, ain't that so cute" Gerard cooed then lightly punched Frank on the cheek.
"Ow! What was that for?!"
"You pussy, that didn't fucking hurt!"
"I know, but whatever.. Get off me now." Gerard, who was stradling Frank, rolled off him and sat back down on the bed and started laughing at the rest of them sitting on the floor.
"What the hell are you laughing at?" Bob asked.
"Bob you blob." Gerard snorted "I am laughing because, you six are all sitting on the floor and I got the whole bed to myself!" He exclaimed as he lay down and stretched his legs and arms as far as they would go, taking up the whole bed.
"What the fuck Gerard!" Mikey asked.
"I don't know, I'm just really happy I guess."
"Well I guess that's a good thing then."
"yes it is" Gerard beamed. "Anywho.. what are all of you still doing on the floor?" He asked, sitting up and patting the spare bed space next to him.
No one took notice of the empty space and jumped on Gerard.
"Whoa there kiddies, one at a time!" He laughed, trying to breathe at the same time due to the bundle ontop of him.

The day passed by pretty uneventfully apart from Gerard being stupid and ending up with peas stuck up his nose.

"Frank, you're not just with me for sex are you?" Megan asked as she lay in Frank's bed, his arms around her waist and her head nuzzled into the crook of his neck.
"Of course not Megan! Why?"
"That's what every other guy wanted."
"Midge, I'd wait forever."
"You would?"
"I would. I love you. I'd do anything and everything for you."
"I love you Frankie. So so much" Frank kissed Megans forehead before falling asleep.

Once Megan noticed Frank's breath even out, signalling that he was asleep, she crept downstairs and into the kitchen.
Grabbing chocolate bars, biscuits and other junk food. Just as she was stuffing a chocolate bar in her mouth Frank walked into the kitchen.
"Megan, you should probably know that I'm a light sleeper, even the smallest of movements can wake me."
Megan chocked on her mars bar.
"What are you doing? I thought you were going to get better," He said with dissapointment in his tone.
"Oh God, Frank. I'm sorry. I just needed to be- I don't know. I just gotta"
"Be sick? that's not how to get better."
"I know, but I feel disgusting." She started to cry.
"Because you've pretty much been starving yourself for so long you're gonna feel wierd with food in you. But you've gotta get used to it." Frank said, moving closer to Megan to wrap his arms around her.
"Mmhm" Megan sniffed.
"Now, you gonna put this crap back and come to bed?" Frank asked, wiping her tears.
"Yeah" She sniffed.

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