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Chapter 17

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Again, arm in cast, spelling, hard to type.
i don't really like this chapter.
one more till finished XD

"Mmmhm" Frank yawned
"We gotta get to school in 35 minutes"
"Oh fucking crap" Frank slid out if bed, Megan following.

The walk to school was more like a power walk. And they had to get to Gerard's.

"Hey guys, you're late." Gerard tapped his foor jokingly as Frank and Megan stood at his door.
"Haha, sorry Gee, overslept."
"Mm. Should Candy come to school?" Gerard asked.
"Why not"
"CAND!" Gerard shouted up the stairs "c'mon."

"What took you so long?" Bob asked as the five of them walked through the school gates.
"Over slept." Megan yawned.

When 1st period came around Bob and Ray went off to music, Gerard to his extrea art class, the teachers decided he wasn't good at other subjects so they let him take extra art lessons, Candy decided to follow Gerard around for the day and Megan and Frank went off to science.

"Projects are due in tomorrow class." Mr Wright said as Megan and Frank walked through the door hand in hand "Ah, I see this project has got a little bit of romance formed" Mr Wright said as he noticed their hands intertwined.
"Yes sir." Frank replied as they walked over to their desk.

Break came round fast, Megan and Frank found Bob and Ray behind a tree kissing.
"Whoa there big boys! Didn't know you two were gay?" Frank laughed as Bob and Ray turned red.
"I'm bi" Bob protested.
"Gay" Ray mumbled, causing Megan to snort.
"Are you dating now then?" She asked.
"Mmhm" Bob said proudly.
"Yeup." Ray said.
"Cool" Frank said "Where's Gee and Candy?"
"No idea."

A few minutes later Candy and Gerard walked over to them, both wide eyes and bright pink.
"What's wrong with you guys?" Frank asked
"Mr Pellis saw us kissing" Gerard replied.
"Oh" Frank laughed. Mr Pellis was the kind of teacher who would never let things go.
"What's with everyone today?!" Megan exclaimed.
"What do you mean?" Candy asked
"First Bob and Ray, now you two." Megan laughed.
"What about Bob and Ray?" Gerard asked.
"We found them kissing" Frank laughed.
"OH MY FUCKING GOD! I didn't know you were gay!" Gerard howled.
"I'm bi" Bob protested for the second time.
"Gay" Ray mumbled again.
"Wow" Gerard commented "Didn't see that one coming. Well, I'm happy for you guys."
"Thanks" Ray and Bob said in unison.

The bell rang signalling 3rd period. They all said their goodbyes and Bob and Ray walked off holding hands, Gerard and Candy walked off holding hands and Megan and Frank holding hands.
"What is?" Frank asked.
"All of us."
"What d'you mean?"
"I mean, we're all dating one of us, me and you, Candy and Gee, Bob and Ray."
"Oh, haha. It is kinda."

When lunch came around Megan and Frank walked into the canteen to find Ray and Bob laughing about something and Gerard and Candy kissing again.
"I wander what you two would get up to if you were alone" Frank chuckled. "Midge, what do you want for lunch?"
"Just a sandwhich please." She replied and sat down on a chair next to Ray and Bob.
"What are you two laughing about?" She asked.
"We made out infront of Mr Pellis" Bob snorted.
"Ah, funny..." Megan replied.

Frank returned with her sandwhich and handed it over to her.
"Thanks" She mumbled.
"It'll be fine." Frank said, kissing the top of her head.
She ate her lunch slowly, hoping that the slower she ate it, the less she'd want or need to be sick. No such luck though, it still made her feel bloated.

She stood up and was about to go to the toilet when Frank grabbed her arm.
"Where are you going?" He asked, eyebrows raised.
"Toilet" Megan mumbled.
"No you're not."
"Please Frankie."
"No you can't!" The others sat and watched in confusion as Frank stopped Megan from going to the bathroom.
"Dude, why can't she go to the loo?" Bob asked.
"Don't Frank. Please." Megan begged.
"Okay baby. Sit down." Megan reluctantly sat and Frank pecked her on the lips.
"Hey! Where's my brother?!" Gerard exclaimed.
"I think he said he had detention." Ray said.

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