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Friday gone now time for Marty

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DASEY! Casey and Derek are dating but something terrible happens in their family..will they be able to face it and get through it?GREAT story..or so i hope! I am really bad a at summaries but it is...

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He smiled across the class room at the beautiful girl who had just walked into the room to give his teacher a note.

She smiled back at him and locked eyes, until she was pulled out of her dream like trance by Mrs.Webb yelling

to get her attion.

Casey blushed from embarrassment while the kids in the class laughed at her ditzy moment.

Mrs Webb handed Casey a new note to take back to her teacher and ushered her out of the room.

Casey took one last smile at Derek Venturie, her boyfriend,her best friend, and unfortunately her new found step brother.

Derek winked back at her and watched her leave. he waited about 15 seconds after she left before he raised his hand to go to the bathroom.

"Take your books with you,school is getting out in about 30 seconds" his teacher replayed as he got up.

He quietly snuck up to the figure that had just left his classroom and wrapped his arms around her familiar waist from behind.

He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as she laughed.

"what are you doing?" she said laughed

" had to go to the bathroom.."He said taking her free hand in his own and walking beside her.

"Then why do you have your books with you?" she said with her 'ha I won' smirk.

"Hey, that's my smirk," he said as he kissed the Corner of her mouth which took the smirk off her face.

"the reason I have my books is because the bell should be ringing in about... 3...2...1"

The bell rang right when he got to one ,as he smirked at her.

"Wow, very impressive Mr.Venturie." she said with a laugh as the hallways started filling with egar teenagers ready for their busy weekends.

They walked hand in hand to Casey's 7Th hour teacher who had sent her with the note. They gave her the note and Casey gathers the books from her desk

and they walked out of the classroom and to Casey's locker.

Derek leaned against the locker beside Casey watching her put what she needed in her backpack and what she didn't in her locker while he fiddled with his car keys.

"So did Dad and Nora leave for their second honeymoon this morning?" he asked as she shut her locker door and made she it was safe and locked.

"Yeah." she said as she desperately tried to fill her very full backpack.

Derek cocked and eyebrow and laughed at her irritation that her backpack was giving her he helped her zip it up after a few force full tries the zipper

decided to obliged and zipped up.

"What all do you have in there?"He asked as he took the backpack and carried it for her as they walked outside and towards his car at the far end of the parking lot.

"um,books..what else?" she said laughing

"Did they load you with homework for the weekend?" he said resituating the backpack that was hanging over one shoulder.

"No, none actually i just brought them home so i can study in case we have a pop quiz on Monday in any of my classes." she replied

in a matter of fact way.

Derek just shook his head and laughed at her until she gave him a little push on the side.

"its not funny." she said trying to hold back her laugh

"Sure,"he said laughing "So do we have to Marty up from Daycare today then?" he said after he stopped laughing.

"Yeah right after we leave here" Casey replied as Derek put there backpacks into his trunk and opened her door for her.

"be for she got in she gave him a kiss that he deep end which lasted for a few minutes.

Casey smiled at him and got into the car.

Derek closed her door and smiled as he walked around to his car door while saying bye to a few of

his hockey buddies who were passing by on there way to their own cars.

Derek and Casey had come to terms with their feelings for each other about two months ago.

But, they did not put their relation ship out unto to open until about a month ago.

Everyone took it pretty well except Derek's dad..Nora was fine with it, she noticed

how happy Casey had been the past month and wasn't going to stop them now.

Derek's father on the other hand was not to happy about it.. He was slowly getting

over it but still gave them a weird look when he saw them holding hands or cuddling on the

couch watching a movie. Which was one of their favorite things to do.

They still had a good father/son relationship though so not that much was really effected by all this

except the smile that Derek had on his face now that replaced his signature smirk.

Or the way Casey was aglow always or the way she would light up every time he entered the room..

Everything was perfect..But little did everyone a terrible thing was about to happen to their family.


A/N: Okay, so that was horrible, but it wa hte first chapter I have ever wrote on anythign befor, I promes the following chapters are alot more literate and great. Sorry you even had to read that lol!
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