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Monday & Adoption?

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Monday's coming the day I hate. (Avril Lavigne lyric ^^^...just kind of thought it fit!)

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A/N: Will you forgive me? Okay, so it took a little longer than I expected, but I got great reviews! Thank you so much! I got one bad review which disappointed me, but I took it as constructive-criticism and I will try to improve on the area's he or she pointed out. Thanks everyone for hanging in and I hope you enjoy!


Here it was. Monday. Tomorrow was the funeral and I was expected back at school today. Today was the day people would know about what happened, if they already didn't. Today was the day that I would have to face the world, knowing that when I come home from school today, my mom won't be smiling happily asking me about my day. George won't be sitting at the table complaining about a jelly stain on one of his files. Lizzie won't be kicking a soccer ball around the living room, and Edwin won't be sitting in front of the TV watching his cartoons. It was all different now.

We arrived to school on time, by mere seconds. After taking Marti to preschool and trying to beat the morning traffic to school. As Derek and I walked down the hall, people kept shooting us looks of sympathy. The word had obviously got out. People kept coming up to me and asking the same question over and over again all day. "Are you okay?" They would say. And with each time this question was asked, I would have the same reply "I'm fine."

The end of the day couldn't come soon enough even though I didn't want it to end. Because, if today ended, that meant tomorrow would come. That was the day I dreaded the most. The day of the funeral.

Derek met me at my locker after the final bell as usual. He was standing there with a sheepish smile looking at me. I couldn't help but smile, the only thing that had made me smile all day was his smile, and I was bewildered how he could smile on such a horrible day.

"Hey." He said waiting for me to get my stuff from my locker.
"Hi" I replied ever so quietly as I finished getting my books from my locker and shut it.
"You okay" He asked taking my backpack and my hand.
"That phrase feels like the only thing I have heard today," I said with a groan.
"But I am fine. I have just had a bad day." I continued looking up at him as we made out way through the busy school parking lot to Derek's car.
"Yeah, me too. But lets change the subject, to lets say the fact that you haven't kissed me since this morning" He said looking at me as we stood by his car.
"Hmm... your right" I said smiling. I leaned up and kissed him soft and long on the lips.
"That better?" I said smiling at him.
"What should we do for dinner?" I asked as we got into the car and started pulling out of the parking lot.
"I don't care. But I think you should cook it, I almost set the house on fire just by making bacon." He said laughing.
"All right, how about taco's, we haven't had them in a while. They were Edwin and Lizzie's favorite." I said smiling. I was proud I had said there name with no sadness. In fact I felt happiness when I said their names.

Derek looked at me realizing I had said their names with out a ounce of sadness, in fact I was smiling.
"Congratulations, you said there names smiling." he said as we pulled into Marti's preschool parking lot.
"I did didn't I? It felt good" I said smiling and unfastening my seat belt.
Derek just took my hand and smiling at me before we stepped out of the car.
We made our way into the preschool where we saw Marti by herself at a table.

Derek walked over to Marti, when the teacher started walking towards us. Derek wasn't good with teachers, never has been and never will be.
"Miss. MacDonald? I am presuming." The lady said as she held her hand out to mine and I took it.
"Yes" I said shaking her hand.
"I am Mrs. Eason, Marti's preschool teacher."
"Nice to meet you"
"You too, but I must talk to you." She said giving me a stern look that reminded me why I hated my preschool teacher.
"Alright" I said hesitantly as she motioned for me to sit down. I glanced over at Derek and he was sitting beside Marti obviously in a deep conversation.
"It's about Marti, She has been acting very odd today ,and has not be socializing with the other students. Is there something going on at home that could cause this?" she said drawing my attion back to her.
"Mrs. Eason," I began "Our family is going through a very hard time at this moment. Our parents and siblings were killed in a car accident on Friday and today is our first day back into the real world. I am sorry if her emotions have been a burden on your class today, but Marti is get letting out her feelings the only way she knows how. She doesn't like to talk about what has happened. None of us do." I said. I left out details about things but I figured she didn't need to know everything.

Mrs. Eason just gave me a sympathetic look, the same look I had gotten from every other blurry face today.
"I am very sorry for your loss, I give you my condolences." she said getting up from her chair.
"Thank you. Marti won't be in school tomorrow, because of the funeral but, she should be back on Wednesday." I replied also getting out of my seat as Derek walked over one hand intertwined with Marti's small hand the other waiting for me. I grabbed his and and we turned to walk out of the preschool.

Once in the car Derek grabbed my hand and gave me the look of 'we need to talk'.
I knew what it was going to be about, it was going to be about the conversation him and Marti had, while I was talking to Mrs. Eason. I nodded understanding and the rest of the ride home was silent.

That night we got Marti tucked in bed after her bath and tacos. At this point Derek and I made our way to his room to go to be our selves. Once we got under the covers Derek turned facing me.

"We need to talk" he said
"I figured, is this about Marti?" I said
"Yeah, the kids were picking on her today because she started crying in the middle of class, she didn't tell them why because she didn't want to. Then she got in trouble with her teacher because she wouldn't tell her teacher why she was crying, and the teacher gave her a bad conduct grade. And then she heard some kids talking about what would happen if your parents died, and they said that they would have to go leave with new evil 'replacement parents' who would hit and beat you if you talked. Now Marti thinks we are going to send her away to 'evil replacement parents' since her parents are dead." He said with a long sigh.

"What did you say?" I asked.
"I told her we would never do that. That we were going to keep her forever. But she didn't believe me. She said that we couldn't cause we weren't 'parents' and that you had to be married to be a 'parent'." He said stifling a laugh.
I laughed, the mind of a five year old always kept me laughing.
"Maybe, Tomorrow to make her feel better after the funeral we can go get adoption papers for her and officially adopt her. We are both eighteen there shouldn't be a problem." I said smiling
"Yeah, that would make her feel a lot better, and we officially get to be parents. Then one day we can have a kid of our own." He said smiling
"Hold up mister!" I said laughing
"We haven't even got out of High school yet and you are planning children. We have Marti and that is enough for right now. Maybe in a few years." I said laughing

"Alright I will hold you to that." He said smiling. He then kissed me slowly and long and we lay content in each others arms until we fell asleep.


A/N: Okay, so what did yall think? Good, Bad, Horrible, Great? Let me know.
And no offense to children who have been adopted pr adoptive parents about the 'evil replacement parents'. I was just trying my best to get in a five-year-old mind frame and I did not mean to offend anyone. And if I did I am very sorry.
I don't know when I will update again. Depends on how busy I get.
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