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Burnt Bacon & Cleaning Sprees

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Please, no more cooking.

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I got a few PM's from some readers about how I confused them a little bit when Casey was getting ready for breakfast, but then they had dinner! Lmao. I am so very sorry, I wrote that story very late at night and I totally blanked, my fault and I am sorry I confused you all. So on with the long awaited new chapter!


I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon burning and Marti wining down stairs. I sighed and stretched across the bed trying to wake myself up from my little rest I got last night. I climbed out of bed and threw on my clothes. Just some jeans I was wearing yesterday that were flew across the room on Derek's computer chair, and one of Derek's T-shirts that was hanging in his closet. I loved how it smelt like him. I walked out of the room and down the stairs and sighed when I saw how messy the living room was, looked like Marti had been up for hours. I instinctively picked up a few cups off the coffee table and brought them into the kitchen where I found Derek and Marti. Derek was at the stove unsuccessfully trying to cook breakfast; he was only burning it to a crisp. While Marti was wining about how kitties don't like burnt food.

"Good Morning" I said to them as I walked up to Derek and gave him a kiss.

"Good night" Derek said with a wink and I just rolled my eyes.

"Nu-uh Smerek its not even night time yet, your supposed to say 'good morning'!" Marti said correcting him.

Derek sighed "Good Morning Casey" he said and gave me another kiss. I laughed and took the spatchula out of his hands.

"Hey! I am trying to cook you a delicious breakfast here!" he said with a fake look of hurt on his face. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You're only gonna burn down the house Derek. Look what you have done to the poor bacon, it's been masqueraded!!" I said laughing while pointing down to the pot where the bacon was so black you could barely make it out from the bottom of the black pan. The only way you could tell is the little red spark looking things coming off of them.

Derek blew on the sparks trying to make them go out but that only made it worse, one of the bacon strips caught on fire.

"DEREK!" I screamed looking for anything to put out the fire before it spread.

Derek got a cup of the counter and filled it with water then dumped it all over the pan causing the fire to go out with a sizzle.

I couldn't help but laugh now, it felt so good to laugh a true laugh. Soon Derek started laughing too as we sank down from our leaning form on the cabinet to sitting on the floor. By the time we quit laughing, we were both in tears.

"Next time, we either go out to breakfast, or I cook!" I said trying to catch my breath form laughing. Derek smiled and clasped his hands around my face, slowly caressing it, as he pulled me into a slow sensuous kiss.

"EW!" was the sound that broke our kiss; we broke apart and looked under the table to Marti's sitting form with a disgusted look on her face.

After we went out to Breakfast it was already noon, and time for Marti's nap.

"No! Kitties don't take naps!" She insisted.

"Yes Marti, kitties sleep all the time." I said as I tried to get her to lie down.

"Nora never made me take a nap!" Marti yelled. Hearing that name made me loose my breath and fresh tears come into my eyes, I immediately ran out of the room and into the bathroom to cry, I didn't want Marti to see me.

Derek went into Marti's room and finally got her to lay down for a nap, after that he came looking for me and it wasn't long till he found me.

"You okay?" He said sitting down beside me on the bathroom floor and taking me into his arms.

"no" was all I could say, I had been doing good for the past few days, but hearing Marti say my moms name reopened the barley healed wound.

"Shh" Derek said as I began to go into hysterical sobs against his chest.

"It's gonna be okay Casey, were going to get through this." He said trying to calm me.

After about ten minutes of talking and trying to calm me down we were able to reemerge from the bathroom and walk down stairs. We began to clean the living room and anything else we could clean and Derek was actually helping me clean.

Cleaning was the only thing, besides Derek that could calm me down. Now I was on a rampage, this whole house HAD to be cleaned, I wasn't gonna rest until it was.

Marti woke up about three o'clock and began cleaning her room when we asked her. The hours flew by and the house was getting cleaner and cleaner. We had sat down and ate dinner at 6:00 p.m. after we were done I took Marti up to give her a bath and she playing the bath tub for about an hour and a half. After her bath it was time to get her to sleep, which I let Derek do.

While Derek was putting Marti to bed I jumped in the shower letting the warm water wash away everything. For now at least. I had just turned the water off and was wrapping a towel around me when Derek waltzed on in.

"Uh, Derek, Want to try to knock?" I asked him pointing to my barley towel covered figure. Which was dripping wet and cold.

Derek walked over to me and kissed me long and hard on my lips.

"You're beautiful" he whispered against my ear.

I smiled at him and pushed him out the door laughing. I was soon dressed and was headed for Derek's room where I found him already in bed and half asleep.

I climbed into my rightful side on his bed and snuggled my self into him as he wrapped his arm around me.

"Good night beautiful" he said against my head and leaned down and kissed me.

"Tomorrow is going to be a long hard day." I said against his chest as I was tracing circles with my fingertips.

"Yeah, but will make it through" he said running his hand through me hair.

I smiled at him and kissed him again.

"Good night"

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