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Lipstick and Water FIghts

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No Marti no make up. You did NOT just spray me?

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I awoke to the sound of the doorbell ringing from down stairs as I slowly opened my sleepy eyes to take in my surroundings. I was in Derek's room but had no memory of getting there; he must have carried me up after I fell asleep. I heard voices from downstairs a male voice which I was very familiar with, Derek, and a shrill voice of a teenager, a voice I also new very well.

I slowly got out of bed checking my appearance in the mirror by the closet.

I look like crap....

I made my way down stairs to see Emily smiling happily as Derek walked out of the room giving me a quick smile.

"Hey Em!" I said with my 'Happy Voice' that I tend to use in bad situations.

"Hey! Case, OH MY GOD! You will never believe who just asked me out.... David from the football team, he just asked me out! Isn't that wonderful?!?!" She said slightly jumping up and down.

"That's great." I said giving her the best smile I could manage to pull out of me.

"What's wrong? You don't like him do you! I knew something was wrong with him why did I agree to go out with him. It's not like I even liked him I mean sure he is the caption and all but still I hate those jock people!" Emily said talking so fast her words were running together as she babbled on getting harder and harder to hear.

"No Em, I am just going through I hard time right now, and I don't really want to talk about it right now, but I am happy for you and David is a great guy you two will look cute together. I am sorry to ask you this but can you come back later. Now's just not a good time." I said feeling bad that I had to shoo my best friend out of my house.

"All right, I will talk to you Monday at school I guess?" Emily said walking out the door.

"Yeah, Bye" I replied as she closed the door behind her.

I felt an arm wrap around me as a soft kiss connected with my shoulder.

"You hungry?" Derek asked me in my ear.

"Yeah, I am. Where's Marti?" I asked as I turned around to face him.

"She's in her room getting ready to go out to eat." He said.

"All right, let me go hop in the shower and try to make my self look presentable and then we can leave. Ok?" I said smiling at him, his arms still wrapped around me.

"Mind if I join you?" he asked suggestively, wriggling his eyebrows. I playfully smacked his arm as he gave me his 'hurt' look. I rolled my eyes.

"Not right now, Marti's home..." I said and gave him a kiss. I then freed myself from his arms and made my way up the stairs.

I passed Marti in the hallway holding a stick of my lipstick as she carefully applied it with the same lip movement as I do when I apply lipstick. She learned well she didn't do half bad. I walked up to her with a Kleenex and wiped away what she had just applied.

She gave me a scornful look and pouted a true 'Venturi pout'.

"What cha do that for! I did good! I bet I could even bet you in a compitionton if I had to!" Marti said. I laughed.

"You did well, and I bet you could beat me in a competition Marti, but you're a little too young to be wearing make-up in public. Only for pretend can you wear it." I said too her trying to wipe away the last of many layers of lipstick she had applied to her lips.

"NO FAIR! I'M TELLING SMERK!" She shouted as she ran down the hall and into Derek's room. I could already hear her shouting from down the hall.


I walked in the room to see Derek slightly wincing from the young girls shrill screaming.

I laughed at the look on his face as he tried to calm Marti down.

"Smarti, you are too young to be wearing make-up out you can only wear it in the house." He said picking her up and setting her down on his bed.

"Well then, I am staying hear and eating so I can wear my pretty lipstick!" she shouted, a little less shrill this time. Derek sighed and looked over at me.

"Want to stay here and eat?" he asked a look plea in his eyes as he pointed his head in the direction of Marti. I shrugged "Sure" I said.

Derek picked Marti up off the bed, but she soon fled from his arms to go back into the hallway to re-apply her lipstick. Derek shut the door and locked it as she left the room.

He turned back to face my sitting form on his bed as he smiled suggestively once again at me.

"No, Derek!" I said laughed as he sat beside me planting soft kisses down my neck

"The doors locked" He replied his warm breath on my ear sending shivers down my spine.

"Derek, we can't we need to go cook dinner and Marti is right next door." I said reluctantly not wanting to make him stop. He sighed against my skin.

"All right, but now you owe me double time since that's the second time today you have turned me down." He said smiling at me as he unlocked and opened his door. Taking my hand in his and leading me out of his room and down the hallway to the staircase.

We walked into the kitchen and started rummaging in the cabinets trying to find something to cook.

"How about Pasta?" Derek asked. Derek was a great pasta chef; he wouldn't let anyone know that he cooked, and that he was good at it. We had once had the house to ourselves for a night and he made the house all dim with candles every where making the house looked very romantic and he cooked pasta for me. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted, and of course after dinner he rushed me up to his room for long passionate hours of love making.

Thinking of this memory made me smile.

"Sure, pasta sounds great!" I said with a wink letting him know what I meant.

He smiled as he remembered that very night also. It was both of our first time and the most unforgettable time at that.

After we ate our delicious dinner we went up stairs to get Marti ready for bed.

"I don't want to go to bed!!!!" Marti yelled as she reluctantly brushed her teeth.

"Marti, it's late and we have had a long hard day. Its time for you to go to sleep." Derek said using a stern voice that he didn't usually use with Marti.

"Fine." She said then rinsed her mouth out. Derek picked her up and carried her down the hall to her bedroom, me close behind.

"Good night Smarti." He said giving her a kiss on the check

"Night Smerek!" Marti said smiling.

"Good night Marti, get some rest." I said and leaned down to kiss her check also.

"Night Casey. Don't let the bed bugs bite!" She said as Derek and I walked out of the room. He slowly closed the door behind us.

"Guess we need to go clean up huh?' he said taking my hand in his as we slowly walked down the hallway towards the stair case.

"Yup" I said as we made our way down the stair case and into the kitchen.

I picked up the dishes off the table as Derek started rinsing them off. After I had carried all the dishes in there, I came and joined him at the sink to help wash.

After a few minutes of silence, he as obviously in deep thought. I wondered what about but I was not in the mood for thinking of something that would bring down the good mood I was in. So I took the squirter out, him not even noticing. I turned the water up high on cold and counted of in my head 3...2...1...

I sprayed him all over his chest and head. He gasped being thrust out of his deep thoughts by the artic cold water hitting him.

"Oh no you did not!" he said laughing and jerked the sprayer out of my hands and covered me with water, there wasn't a dry speck cloth on me....And I was wearing a white T-Shirt.

"Hmm... me like!" Derek said turning the water off with one had, but never loosing eye contact with me. Once the water was off he took me in his arms and kissed me. Both of us soaked to the bone and freezing.

He dragged me up into his room me reluctantly trying to say 'no' and being the responsible one, but all of my responsibility and morals was lost when his door was shut locked and I was on the bed.


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