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Time to tell Marti the Cat

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I can't tell her Case, I just can't.

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Casey's POV

We stood there for a while..ignoring everything around us, that was until we heard the imitations of a cat.
"Meow...Meow" Marti said as she crawled on her hands and knees towards me and Derek.
Derek quickly turned around to whip away any left over tears so that Marti would not see. Marti looked up and me and Derek with a questioning face then smiled..
"I'M A KITTY!" She screamed quite loud... I just smiled and laughed at her while Derek picked her up and placed her on the counter with a sad serious look..
Marti sobered and looked at Derek then at me.. I put my hand on Derek's back and let him began telling Marti the hardest thing he would ever have to say.

"Whats wrong Smerek?"Marti asked with a tiny toothless smile..
"Smerek is sad Smarti" Derek replied.
"Is it about that grownup stuff that Casey was sad about?"She asked
"Yes, it is. But now we have to tell you why we are sad?" Derek said as I leaned against the counter by Marti.
"Ohhh!! WE CAN PLAY DOCTOR!!! I can fix you and Casey and make you not said anymore!!!!"Marti screamed,
I just smiled at her..To be so young and naive, i would gave anything for that.
"I am afraid doctors cant fix this sadness Marti." I said once I saw the look of 'help' from Derek.
Marti pouted and let Derek continue.
"Smarti, there has been an accident,-"Derek started but was quickly cut of by Marti.
"Oh-uh! Did you break Nora's favorite pretty glassy thing that holds flowers?"Marti asked giving Derek a stern look.
"-No Marti, It is a car accident that Nora,DAD,Edwin and Lizzie were in."Derek said trying to figure out how to say the next part to her.
"Marti, Remember when your pet goldfish died,and Nora told you how he will go up in Heaven." I said holding Derek's hand.
Marti made a sad face.."..Yeah..I miss that 'ol guy!"Marti said.
"Well, Nora,George,Edwin, and Lizzie had to go up to Heaven." I said chocking back my tears.
"When are they going to come back?" Marti asked us with her 'I am serious face"
"They can't come back Smarti, It will just be us now.. They have to stay up in Heaven now" Derek said
"Yes they can!! 'Cause Nora and Dad said they would be back Sunday!"Marti said starting to cry.
"No Marti, They got in a car accident on there way there and they had to go to heaven."I said feeling Derek squeeze my hand that was still holding his.
"Does that mean they died like my goldfish did?"Marti asked
"Yeah-" I croaked " They...died." I said and let out a sad sigh
"oh"was all that Marti said.

Marti jumped off the counter and ran out of the room and up the stairs to her room.
"I will go see if she's okay." Derek said giving me a quick kiss then walking out of the room.
I left the kitchen and found my rightful spot on the couch and sat there in silence lost in my thoughts.

How? How could they have left us. We can't take care of a five year old..we are only 17!
And how are we gonna pay for this whole Funeral? I think they got everything taken care of a long time ago
for us tho, because being lawyers they new to be well prepared.
Does this mean we will have to miss school to make sure Marti is taken care of.
No, Marti is in Kindergarten and in daycare we will still be able to go to school,
What about college..I have a scholarship and Derek has a hockey scholarship so we are set there.
What about the bills, for the house and what not..
...I need to contact their lawyers (A/n:..ha Lawyers,Having Lawyers..okay back to the story)

I was interrupted by my thought as Derek plopped down next to me and pulled me closer to him.
"You okay?" He asked.
"About okay as I will get, Where's Marti?"
"She fell asleep...again."He said
"You looked like you were in deep thought, what were you thinking about?" He asked me.
"Everything, Will we have enough money to keep the house..What about the money for the funeral are we still gonna be about to finish school and go to college."
I said but was soon cut off by Derek's Lips.
After the kiss ended he smiled at me. "Everything is going to be fine"he said.
I smiled and let out a sigh leaning into his chest hearing his rhythmic heart beat was calming, and soon I was asleep.


A/N: Okay, Short I knwo I am sorry but I had to make it short for an update because I am about to go out of town in the next 20 minutes and I wanted to quickly update befor we left! Sorry it's so short. Review then read on!
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