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I'm Sorry, You must have the wrong family

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It can't be true, can it?

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A questioning face appeared on Casey as she heard this. Seeing the look on her face Derek raised his arms
in question.

"what" he mouthed.
Casey quickly motioned him to get on the other phone in the kitchen. Derek ran and picked it up and listened in.
"What is it?"Casey asked Officer John.
"Well Miss, There has been a accident, I am sorry to tell you but there were four passengers in the car and the
accident was fatal, no one survived."

Everything when silent, the only noise you herd were officers talking in the background where Officer John was at.
"I am sorry sir, But I think you have the wrong house, you see..m-my parents and siblings are on there way to
Hawaii for my parents second honeymoon." Casey said trying to convince herself and Officer John that he
had the wrong house and the wrong family.

This could never happen to them...never.

"I'm sorry Miss, But the driver lost control of the steering and the car flipped over continuously and landed in a ditch"
Officer John said with a bit of sadness.
Casey dropped the phone and sunk to the floor on her knees.
"miss?..Miss?" Officer John called.
"Thank you Sir" Derek's voice said over the phone and quickly hung it up.

He ran into the next room to find Casey on the floor in a fetal position hugging herself as she cried.
"Its not true..Its not..Its not true"Casey said over again as Derek pulled her into his arms on the floor
where he was now sitting.
"Shh.." Was all Derek could say, he was in a loss of words, but Derek Ventrui was never one to cry.

He felt as though he was about to though, but he had to be strong for Casey, she couldn't handle him
crying too.He would have his moments when he is alone where he could let it never in front of Casey.
"A-And w-what ab-about M-Marti?," Casey asked between sobs.
"We are too young to take care of a child, I mean, we are only High school Seniors.."She said crying harder
thinking of having to tell Marti

...Marti..Derek hadn't even thought of telling her.. He couldn't bear seeing Marti in pain..How was he
to tell his baby sister,The little light of his life, his smartie..that she will never see her father or Edwin or Nora or Lizzie again...ever..
just thinking about him made him choke..he couldn't take it.
He could only slowly rock Casey..after about ten minutes of sitting there with a few "shhs.." and "we'll be okay's"

The heard the pitter-patter of two little small feet coming down the stairs..
Marti walked in and looked at the m curiously and they both jolted up..They didn't need her to see them like this..
Casey rushed into the kitchen to clean up her face so Marti wouldn't see..but it was too late..

"Smerek, Whats wrong with Smasy?"Martie Asked as she walked over to Derek...
Smasey was a nickname that Marti had come up with when she found out that Derek and Casey were dating..and ever since then it has kinda stuck.
"She's sad." was simply what Derek Said.
"But why is Smasy sad?" The little bubbly Marti asked"
"It's grown up stuff.."Was all he could tell her.. He couldn't break her heart..not right now..He would tell her later..yeah,later.
"Okay"The little girl in his arms said with a shrug and ran up the stairs to color.

After Marti ran up the stairs Derek made his way into the kitchen to find a tear-stained Casey sitting on the counter with a napkin in her hands."hey," he said in a quite whisper,almost too low to hear..
"You okay?"He asked as he stoop in front of her.
"Derek, I just found out my family is dead, I am NOT okay." She said in the saddest voice he had ever heard her speak.
"Me and Marti are still here Case, Everything will be alright, its hard now..It will get better.."
"Derek.Our parents..Lizzie,Edwin...Their DEAD..We just found out our family is gone and you haven't shown a once of pain of emotion.." Casey said now looking him straight in the eye.

Derek looked down then back up at his girlfriend."Case, I have to be strong..Of course, I am hurting like you're hurting..but I won't show it..not in front of you or Marti.. I won't I HAVE to be strong" He said keeping eye contact.

Casey took her eyes off of his for a second then back up at his."Speaking of Marti, What did you tell her?" She asked..sounding more like the motherly Casey he new..then the new Casey, the sad Casey he has just discovered.
"Nothing, She asked why you were sad and I told her it was grown-up issues and she just shrugged and ran upstairs to color.."HE said.
"You didn't tell her? Derek..we cant just not tell her..she has to know."She said lifting his now falling face that was trying to look at the floor back up to her face.
"I can't break her heart Case, I just can't..How do you tell a six year old that her family is dead, everything she has ever known,she will never see again.. all she has is her lame-ass brother..and her wonderful step-sister." He said now tears forming in his eyes he was forcing back..he would not break down in front of Casey..he couldn't it was far to soon.

Casey swallowed hard at the sadness in his voice.."We tell her that she has us, and that one day she WILL see her again and you tell her that the best brother in the world is gonna be taking care of her along with the help of her step sister. You let her know we are going anywhere,You tell her that Nora and George loved her SO much and only wish the best for her and for her to be forever happy. You tell her everything will be okay...Derek, your not a lame-ass brother, you are the best thing that little girl has ever had.. You are her knight in
shinning armor, her best friend, Her dress up are everything to that little girl and don't ever think less of your self" She said letting tears stream down her face freely.

Derek just stood there looking Casey in the eyes for a second then pulled her down of the counter into the biggest most deepest and sincerest hug they had ever shared.
Derek leaned his head down and kissed Casey..they stayed for for a little while..just swaying back in fourth in each others arms
as Derek finally let the tears he had been holding back..flow silently down his face.


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