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The Devil and Jessica

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A young woman realizes that she will have to fulfill her parent's deal with the devil

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"What frightens you?" The old gypsy woman asked me, "do you dread death, do you fear losing your soul? Beware of of the devil, he lurks all around you," she dropped my hand.
Scared I backed out of the tent quickly, the carnival that had seemed fun a few minutes ago, now seemed dark and forbidding.

I pushed my way through the crowds, looking for my friends. It seemed like everywhere I turned someone was staring me. I began to run, and without looking back I knew something or someone was chasing me. I ran faster and it ran faster, I looked for a friendly face, someone anyone who could help me. There was none.

My heart began to pound as I reached a dead end, I turned and saw my pursuer. It was a attractive man, dressed in black, "your soul is mine," he said. "Don't fight it, embrace your fate." Whimpering with fear, I pressed myself against the wall. He stalked toward me, malevolent glee at finally achieving his goal, etched on his face.
He reached a hand toward me, I closed my eyes and screamed.

"April wake up," a hand shook my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked into the worried faces of my friends. "What happened?" I asked as they helped me stand. "You passed out," my friend Maggie said, "we were going into the gypsy's tent and you just keeled over."
My whole body shook as I remembered the vision I had, the one I had been having since childhood. "I'm fine," I said, even though I wasn't. My friends all went into the gypsy's tent, except for Maggie who remained outside with me. "It was that dream again wasn't it?" She asked me as we sat outside, waiting for the others.
I nodded my head, "I'm scared," I whispered, "they used to come only when I slept. Now they come all the time, without warning." I got up and began to pace, "I think I'm going crazy, I really do." I began to cry, Maggie jumped up and hugged me, "you're not going crazy," she said, "don't even think that."
She stopped as my friends came out of the gypsy's tent, "come on guys we're going to ride the roller coaster," one of my friends called. Maggie looked at me, "are you going to be alright?" She asked,
"I'll be fine," I said, "go on without me, I'm going to go home." Maggie caught my arm, "do you want me to go with you?" She asked, the concern still obvious on her face. I shook my head and walked away, I suddenly felt like I needed to be alone.

I was walking through the crowds, toward the entrance when I saw something that made me stop short. A painting of a man on one of the trailers, I began to shake with fear again as I stared at the painting's face. It was the man of my visions, I turned needing to escape, gasping with fright I stopped and stared at the face I dreaded the most.
"Hello Jessica," the man said, somehow it didn't surprise me that he knew my name. "Who are you?" I asked as I backed away from him, the man laughed and advanced. "I am your destiny Jessica," he said, "you are mine and I've come to take you away."
I shook my head and looked for a escape, the man looked amused, "you can't escape me Jessica" he said, "your soul is mine, given to me by your parents, before your birth."
My parents had died when I was five, that's when the visions had begun. "No," I said, my parents would never do that." The man laughed again, "you parents were my followers," he said. "They wanted a child badly, they agreed to give me your soul in return for having you." He reached his hand toward me, "I'm a busy man Jessica, come with me now."
He grabbed my arm, than screamed as something wet hit him, he vanished in a cloud of smoke, still shrieking as if he had been burned by fire. I turned and saw a man and woman, the woman was holding a squirt gun. "Holy water," she said as they came up to me. "Good way to keep the devil away,"
"Who are you?" I asked suspiciously, "I'm Acima," the woman said, "this is Nigul. We've come to save your soul." I started to back up, "look I don't know what this is all about, but I just want to get out of here."
"Your mother is sorry that she gave your soul to the devil," Acima said, halting my flight. "This is her way of correcting things," I turned and looked at her, "my mother is dead, she's been dead for thirteen years." Acima nodded her head, "I know, but she is lets say a consultant for my boss. We are the only ones who can help you Jessica, you have to let us."
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