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The Sancutary

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Jessica arrives at The Sanctuary, the only place she is safe from the devil

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We went back to the house I shared with Maggie and sat at the table in my kitchen. "Okay now tell me, who or what are you?" I said to Acima, she looked at Nigul than at me. "We are part of a group, that deals with the supernatural. Your mother, is one of the many people that have crossed over the veil, that help us." I looked at her with skepticism, "Supernatural, you mean like things that go bump in the night? I'm sorry but that's hard for me to swallow." Nigul stood up, "I figured you would have a hard time believing this," he said, speaking for the first time. He removed the hat he had been wearing, I gasped when I saw the small horns on his head. I jumped up knocking my chair over. "What the hell are you trying to pull?" I said glaring at Acima, "you say you're trying to save my soul, than bring a demon here?"
Acima stared at Nigul who put the hat back on, "Nigul is a special case," she explained. "He is a demon that renounced the devil, this doesn't happen often. In fact he's taking a big chance even being here, the devil has a huge bounty out on him. But because you're Kathleen's daughter he decided to take the risk." Nigul gazed at the table, "I don't blame you for not trusting me," he said, "but your mother was the one who saved me, for that I owe her everything."
Acima got up and put her hand on my arm, "we have to leave," she said. "You must come with us to a safe place." I nodded my head and went to my bedroom, I packed a few things and we left my house.
Nigul got in the drivers seat of the car and I laughed, "I didn't know demons drove," Acima looked back at me. "Nigul is no longer a demon, he's as human as you are", I nodded my head than closed my eyes drifting off to sleep.

I woke up abruptly, I was no longer in the car. I looked around, I was in some sort of large room. I heard a noise behind me and turned, the devil was standing there. "The God Squad got to you before I could," he said, "but I'll win in the end, I always do. This isn't over Jessica, your soul will be mine."
I gasped and closed my eyes, when I reopened them I was back in the car. Acima was staring at me, "you had a vision didn't you?" She asked me with concern, I nodded my head. "How long have you had them? When did they start coming to you?"
"When I was five, right after my parents died in a car crash." Acima looked concerned, "what's wrong?" I asked, "The longer the devil has been in contact with someone, the harder is to break the hold he has on their soul. But we will, I promise you that."

Finally we reached a large building, encased behind large gates. "This is The Sanctuary," Acima said to me, "here you will be safe. But you must never leave these grounds. Do you understand?" I nodded my head as we drove down the long driveway. Nigul stopped the car in front of the building and got out, opening my door for me. "You go on with Acima," he said quietly, "I'll get your bag and bring it in."
I smiled at him, "thank you Nigul, for everything." He smiled back and nodded his head not saying anything.
Acima led me inside, I looked around and saw a tall man standing in front of a closed door, "this is Abdeel," Acima said leading me towards him. "He's the one who runs The Sanctuary and gives us our assignments. He's the big boss," she laughed, "well the big boss on earth." Abdeel smiled cordially at me, taking my hand "Welcome to The Sanctuary, Jessica, I hope you feel right at home here." He turned and looked at Acima, "show her where she'll be sleeping please." Than he turned and walked away.
Acima took my hand on we walked up a flight of stairs, we walked down a long hallway, passing rooms with people. "What are they doing?" I asked as we stopped in front of the last room in the hallway, "some of them are new souls," Acima explained as she unlocked and opened the door. "Some will receive training like Nigul and I did, and some will become human."
We walked into a spacious bedroom, "this is your home sweet home." She said, "I'll leave you to get settled, Nigul should be here soon with your things." she smiled at me and left the room.

I sat down on the chair next to the window, not really seeing the scenery. I wondered about Maggie, I should've left her a note. She'd worry about me.
I turned at a knock at the door, Nigul stood there with my bag. " Where do you want this?" He asked, not really looking at me. I stood up and took the bag from him, "thank you." I said smiling, he smiled back, and turned to leave. "Nigul," I said he turned back around, "I'm sorry for acting like I didn't trust you before." He smiled sadly, "it's ok, it comes with the territory." Than he turned and left me standing at the doorway alone."
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