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Jessica's Discovery

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Jessica settles in The Sanctuary, and discovers a secret about her father.

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I walked down the stairs with Acima, and we entered a large dining room filled with people.
As soon as they saw us all conversation stopped. "Why are they staring at me?" I asked as we walked to get some food. "Because they know who your mother is, she's helped a lot of people in here. Go get us a table, and I'll bring some food."
I turned and walked through the rows of tables, I saw Nigul sitting by himself and I realized that no one else was seated at his table. I sat down beside him, "Hello Nigul," I said smiling. He looked at me in surprise, than dropped his head. "Hello," he murmured, Acima came over with a tray of food, smiling when she saw me sitting with Nigul. "I'm glad there's other people that see his worth." She said as she sat down across from us.
"Tell me something,"I said, as we began to eat. "You keep referring to my mother, but I haven't heard anything about my father. Where is he? Is he working with you too?"
Acima and Nigul looked at each other uncomfortably, "Jessica," Acima began. "Your father is a very powerful demon now, he was the one who sold your soul. That night of the car crash, your mother told him she was taking you here. He got angry and crashed the car killing them both."
"Can I see my mother?" I asked, "can I talk to her?" Acima shook her head, "I can't answer that. The only person who can is Abdeel."

After eating I walked to Abdeel's office, the door was open and I knocked tentatively. "Come in Jessica," he said, "have a seat." I sat down, "you want to talk to your mother?" He asked, I nodded my head. "There is a lot of training you need to be able to talk to those who have crossed over the veil. I'm afraid you won't be able to do it yet." I nodded my head, "I understand" I said, than got up to leave. "Jessica," he said, "she's very proud of you." I smiled at him and left the office.
Acima had classes to teach, so I decided to take a walk in the gardens I had noticed.
I wandered through a maze, until I came to the middle. Nigul sat on a bench reading a book, I stopped and turned back so I wouldn't disturb him. "You don't have to leave," he said and I turned around to face him. "I didn't want to bother you," I said as I sat down on the bench next to him, "it won't bother me." He said, "I enjoy companionship, when I can get it." He looked down sadly, than changed the subject, "did you talk to Abdeel?" He asked, I nodded my head,"yes I did, but he said there was nothing I could do without training."
I looked at Nigul with tears in my eyes, "it just hurts, knowing that she's here in a way and I can't talk to her." Nigul gathered me in his arms, "it'll be fine," he said. I looked up at him, "do you think so?" Yes I do Jessica," he whispered, than we kissed.
Nigul pushed me away and jumped to his feet, "I'm sorry," he said in anguish, "that was a mistake." Than he ran into the maze, leaving me to wonder what I had done wrong.
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