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Gerard is super-nice (which I'm guessing he seriously is) to Lexi, and she overreacts because of it. Ray randomly appears in this one. And yes, Lexi acts stupid in the beginning. Enjoy! :)

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Sickness brings health.

- Lexi

"Ugh," I mumbled, trying to sit up. I realized, with great misery, I was sitting in a puddle of Coke.

"You, are you alright?" someone was yelling, which made my ears pound. Everything was fuzzy, couldn't people just shut up? Then, I realized with great awe, that person was Gerard. He was asking me if I was all right.

This struck me as kind of funny, that someone as famous as him would ask unfamous me such a question. I must have looked pretty funny, too, and that was it. I exploded into hysterical fits of laughter.

"Call the hospital!" Gerard joked, which caused me to laugh even harder. Yvonne was helping me into a chair, more like tugging, since I wasn't doing anything. "Okay, you all right...uh, what's your name?"

This better not be a dream. "Lexi," I replied with as much coolness as I could get together.

"Okay, then, are you all right Lexi?" he asked, smiling. Ray was leaned over the drums, talking to Bob. Mikey was watching me and Gerard, and at the moment, I really didn't care what Frank was doing (very sorry, Frank).

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said, hoping my face wasn't bright red like a tomato. Yvonne was scowling at me.

"She's fine!" Gerard boomed into the microphone, and then they launched into a new song. Although I'd been dying for this concert for a long time, I wasn't into it any more. I mean, who would be if they new Gerard Way knew you?

After the concert, Gerard made a point of telling me thanks for saving him from the Coke. I was wondering if he was trying to be nice or humorous. I was also wondering if I should start freaking out because he's famous, or should I be all cool and act like he's normal because he liked to be treated that way? "Since you're my heroine of the day," Gerard was saying, "I'm going to sign a poster for you, okay?"

I nodded stiffly. Famous people had so much power, it seemed. Like the power to shave their head. He signed it, on a good looking poster of the band and signing his name big on the bottom. He also included a (Author's Note: this is not really Gerard Way's e-mail. I have no idea what it is!) and then grinned at me. "You can e-mail me if you want to send me some free Coke."

"Make it diet and send some Mentos," Ray said as he walked by, and I snorted.

Gerard smiled at me. "Good bye, Lexi." He headed into a room, and I turned back the way I'd come to find Yvonne, who looked royally pissed.

"I'm never taking you to a concert again, Lexi. Stupid, stupid, stupid! How could I have bought you a Coke?" she scolded herself. I just stared at the poster, and then grinned up at her. "Why are you grinning?" I shoved the picture into her face, and she just rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Lexi."

I smiled the entire ride home.


"He knows my name!" I shrieked at school on the following Monday. Okay, I was acting a bit like an immature ten year old then a senior but...whatever, I was enjoying myself. I was also happy that Yvonne bought me a Coke, although she wasn't. Olivia wasn't even speaking to me, but Robbie listened (with a bored expression).

At one point, Olivia fired, "So you're glad I didn't come so you could slip on some Coke?"

Being the jerk I am, I nodded. "If I hadn't slipped, Gerard wouldn't have noticed me!"

Olivia's face flashed with hurt, but she covered it up so quickly I wasn't sure if I had seen it. She turned away and pushed her lunch tray a few inches in front of her, then let her hands swing by her sides. I'm like a big, cold, wall of marble, because I didn't really care that she was pained that I hadn't wanted her there. Robbie watched this transaction but didn't mention anything. He was smart not to get involved.

There goes one way to be hated.

1. Tell your best friend you don't want her to come to a concert with you.
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